Daily Drop: Ted the Cat

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It looks like it's front legs are breaking. ADORABLE!

BEST drop ever , Hee Hee

While I really liked this vid, but I think it would have been funny if Kathleen appeared and slapped Gram or Paul for trying to crowbar the kitty and that would be show in slow-mo

I think I have a new favorite. That was great, in many different ways.

Agreed =D although I hope for similar reasons....

I've never watched a cat drop in slow motion and that was rather fascinating to watch. I have 5 cats, but they're quick as lightning to drop down so no chance to study them lol

So I wasn't the only one who thought of that crowbar joke.

This is my new favorite episode.

Awesome fake-out.

Now for a follow up, make the daily drop be "Cat Treats" and have Ted trying to nom them/catch them in slow motion. Or, even better, two cats one treat.

Best drop to date.


Ya almost got me!

OT: That is one fluffy cat. I really liked the way the fur bends and flops as the kitty hit the ground (safely of course)! I'll admit I was a bit worried when then I saw the "FAILURE" stamp and the ensuing crowbar, but you clever bastards got me good.

A good drop, if I say so myself.

That was fascinating. But painful. But fascinating. But painful. But fascinating. But....

At least half the bend was just an illusion caused by the fur, though. I hope.

As soon as I saw "FAILURE" I was all like, "Oh, shi----"

That was hilarious!

Somehow I was imagining "Failure" would come up.
And then it did, and I thought, "further drop, fair enough"
And then the opening bars of Yessssssss.... Absolutely cracked up. Well played, my good sir.
This and TV have been two of the most hilarious DD episodes so far.

Best drop so far. Genuinely amazing to see how the cats legs actually absorb the shock. No wonder they can get around so easily. Also beautiful to watch the movement of the fur.

Haha before the video even started I thought it would be hilarious if they did the crowbar routine as a joke.

When they did, it was triumphant.

that crowbar bit made me LOL

That was less of a drop and more of a step. I demand a remake with dropping on all fours from a higher distance.

Like I used to do with MY cat.

Except I held it upside down so it would swing around in mid-air and still land on all fours. Pretty damn cool.

You're a twat..

I did the same thing :'(

We're twats >.<

"No animals were harmed in the making of this video."

Sure, but one was subject to some outright silliness.

Looks like the Cats into Cash plan is picking up steam!

I would have liked to have seen a full drop though. That is to say, here the cat was held in scooped arms and jumped of it's own volition.

Its a kitty!

Cats are cool.

I thought they were going to show CROWBAR IS READY and then cut to a shot of the cat looking something like this:


I thought you were going to crowbar a stuffed animal kitty, but you didn't. Very funny! And it was cool to see the recoil throughout the cat's body.

Obligatory cheezburger comment -> fl00f :D

D'awwww, I loved the crowbar attempt I knew what would happen but still hilarious. A really cool drop to see, I've always wondered what a cat jumping/falling would look like in slow motion.

Maybe you should do a whole series on dropping small animals. Think about it. :)

that was AWESOME. :)


Seems like my cat is having his fifteen minutes of internet fame... I am his 'owner', feeder and janitor. I will do my best to answer any Ted-related queries!

Starting with:

Scarim Coral:
Ted is such a fluffy cat! Just wondering what collar is he wearing? I notice that round grey thing sticking out from the collar in the first drop.

Good eye - they were supposed to be tiny goggles, but he didn't like them on his face. After the first drop I just took them off.

Quiet Stranger:
Can someone tell me what kind of cat Ted is? I want a cat like that

Whoever guessed Burmese was pretty close - he is a complete mutt, but his mum looked like a classic Birman. He resembles her a lot; fortunately, his attitude is much better.

When the crowbar sign came up I was expecting them to swap a smash for them scratching Ted with the pointy end of the crowbar and the cat just squirming and purring. Would have been cool, I think.

He wasn't interested in standing still, or something like that might have happened. Instead, he wanted to investigate the fascinating basement he was in, and eventually hide himself behind large dusty objects. He carried that off like a pro. I'll see what I can do about getting some footage of him being a total suck-up.

OT: This is the first time I've seen the footage since it was filmed, and it's fascinating! Who knew that cat had so much skin...

that was interesting seeing what the legs did but the parkour jump off that high speed camera show on discovery is still the weirdest

Yes Alex, you really did have me going for a moment there! :D
Paul's face as he angrily calls for the crowbar is always hilarious.

Loved it, guys. Especially the way you used the fluffiest cat you could find so we could see all that slo-mo fur cascading down.
Excellent stuff.

Oh Alex, you are such a tease.

There is a lot more flex in those front paws then I expected.

If my arms would bend like that i don't think they would be flexing back in position afterwards.
If you look at a cat skeleton they seem to have their wrist pretty high up their 'forearms' maybe this allows it to bend so much.

Ted the astronaut is better.

Drop a crowbar next.

it actually looks painful

Ted is such a pussy. (hehehehehe) My cat is used to jumping down from high places and is ready to forgive me for anything before I even give her treats. She'd be able to handle it like a MAN. Cat... MAN-CAT.

That was surprisingly awesome, it's crazy the amount of impact they take in and act like it's nothing.

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