Jimquisition: How Sony Can Make it Up To You

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Tomba! I had a demo of that a fooking loved it.

I want it on Psp.


otherwise, great show, even the self deprication worked well.

Actually gave it another try! And... sorry dude, I know you mean well.
Plus you stole my red tie black suit combo. Not that Slenderman wasn't there first.

I just don't see anything to like in this series with the ONE exception of the music. Choice of music is prime.

Worst video yet. First two were decent, this one not. Only good part was his point about firmware updates.

Oh, the dig at holier-than-thou posters from this board; well played.

Three strikes, you're outta there.

Sorry Jim, but you're just not interesting. At least when you were a ranting madman you were watchable in the way that a train wreck is watchable, but the last two episodes have just been boring, bland, run of the mill, average. Points I've been hearing for weeks being rehashed in five minutes.

To the Escapist editors, I await the return of Lisa Foiles with baited breath, but at least this show isn't hosted by a gibbering moron anymore. I will not be partaking further, but good luck to those who do.

You don't think jabs at sony are entertaining or original, yet you will gladly sit down and watch a blonde rattle off lists that have been made a hundred times? I see no sense in this logic.

Jim, while you don't make me laugh, I really don't think that's what you set out to do, aside from that jab at the escapists who hate you in the first five minutes. That was brilliant.

OMGS YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I have been BEGGING for Tomba 1 and 2 for years to come on the psn or a psp remake or something!!!! but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears D=. Hopefully sony listens lol.

Great episode, and thank you for reminding me about medievil, had forgotten all about that gem.

Ok, first off: the jab at the posters here. Awesome. Haven't had a chuckle like that in a while.

Second: Only briefly heard of Tomba. Sounds interesting. And I agree with the firmware BS.

Third: Less MS Paint with dicks. This makes it sooo much better.

Fourth: Glad to see a steady improvement. Here's hoping the trend continues next week.

Pah this FREE entertainment isn't enough for me! Work harder! /sarcasm
Seriously keep it up jim, lovin the vids

This episode was marginally better than the last two. Plus 1.

Yes Jim, marginally better. I actually watched the whole thing, anyway, which is the first.


yet you will gladly sit down and watch a blonde rattle off lists that have been made a hundred times? I see no sense in this logic.

Jims tits are not entertaining.

True fact.

I'd be happy if they put Tomba! in the playstation store. I loved that game. I think they may have made a sequel to it too, but it's been a while. XD

... Not to be rude, but what was the purpose of the episode again? Less frequent firmware, I can understand; not every PS3 user has a cable-connection, and wireless takes so long. But aside from that one point, I don't see how the two classic games (which certainly aren't going to be interesting for every single PSN user) has anything to do with Sony's current ordeal. Wouldn't something practical and universal like "custom online avatars allowed for everybody" be at least sensible?

Big points just for making an episode without pictures of cocks flashing on screen every minute like subliminal advertising for gay porn. I hope that you continue this trend in the future.

I really don't have much of an issue with firmware updates. They're not that bad just once every couple months. I suppose I really don't mind wasting a few minutes, after all I do enjoy playing video games.

This is the first I've heard of the two games that you mentioned (I never really gamed much on the PS1, I was more of an N64 player at the time.) SO I'll have to take your word that they kick a bit of arse. Also, the Playstation Plus membership means that we can get a couple free games, so that's pretty neat.

After reading several of his articles on Destructoid I've had much more respect for Jim, after watching this video I'm hooked. There's a lot of ranting on the Escapist, but ranting about games you like is a great recipe for getting lots of happy viewers.

Hell Sony had me interested when they said they were offering free games and a PSN+ subscription, I guess I'm just a cheap date.

I still don't find him very funny, but this video was an improvement on the last two, so I guess that is good.

It's load better than the other two, but still not great, and I think these are the reasons why:

1) He's on the screen. Of the other popular videos on this site, the only ones with people actually in, are the ones where the people are bubbly, not to mention pretty, girls. The episode where Yahtzee unveiled himself was disappointing, and luckily he didn't include that in his videos since. Similarly, MovieBob's Escapist videos are more accessible than his Overthinker series, because of the animation, and lack of, well, MovieBob

2) The British camp thing doesn't work well with the image. A dictator style podium, simple but bold back drop, and the aggressive name don't match the personality. People could forgive the fact that the name doesn't match the content if the content was really good regardless.

3) A lot of this stuff has been said before. Everyone on this site has a niche, such as scathing criticism, reviews on movies, lectures on gaming concept, a list show, a comic strip, a "lets play" style show featuring only unskippable scenes, a reality tv show with porn stars, a bizarrely out of place show that drops stuff... and all (or most) of those guys cover topics like the ones addressed here, in their written columns. A video of it seems rather moot and unoriginal, no matter what your approach or individual take on events are.

4) The paintshop effects and use of memes needs to change or improve. Sorry, it just contrasts too harshly with the fine tuned, and polished (although deceptively simple) efforts of the other contributors.

I guess this is too much like a youtube blog to be taken seriously, at least by me. The other contributors stand out, and give me something to look forward to every week, like a great television show. This is a bit like something I might stumble across on youtube, and while I may enjoy it, or agree with points made in it, I wouldn't book mark it.

tl;dr This show feels like it lacks professionalism in the production department, and won't be enjoyed, regardless of content, until this issue is addressed.


I ... uh

ah forget it

Sorry Jim, this was the last episode for me. I tried.

I don't know how the self-aggrandizing isn't thoroughly obviously false. I mean, I simply can't understand how *anyone* is taking that seriously. It's so blatant and out there.

It's but one of so many different kinds of comedy vehicles. If that's not your thing, alright; but to carry on as if it could actually be construed as genuine, or as if a person should have to objectively kick himself in the balls to make viewers feel like they're doing him a favor by watching his videos? Come on.

TE is in serious need of an enema. Might dislodge some sticks.

Reading some of the replies Jimquisition episodes is one of the highlights of my week. So many whiny, entitled, hypocritical people.

But anyway, good episode as always Jim!

The jab at the posters made me laugh quite a bit, well done!

I forgot about Medievil, and that would be awesome if they brought Tomba to the PSN, I'd play the hell out of that game if they did.

The problem I think he's having is that British humour doesn't translate well over to you fellows in the colonies. Hence why you get utter travesties like the US version of Red Dwarf >.<
To me it's fairly obvious the arrogance is a put on, it's definitely a joke to cover up insecurities. I do it all the time and I'm utterly wonderful :P

I think he's brilliant, keep it up dude!


That game was my fucking Favorite game on the PSX, it's a god damned Master Piece, and if you haven't played it, i pity you.

Do that Sony, listen to the nice man and Go DO THAT!

Except they already are:


We've just sent another round of first-party titles for clearance and emulation to fill in the gaps in the catalogue (yes, one of them is Tombi so stop asking!)

I don't even... I... What does it mean? heh.

Nice bit of self-deprecating counter-trolling in the beginning Jim.

I want to like this series, I really do. I feel like I'm supposed to somehow. But it still hasn't quite resonated with me. I wouldn't call it "bad", I'm still watching it after all, but I'm sorry to say I haven't seen anything especially "good" either. At any rate, keep it up. I'm sure there's a chord to be struck in there somewhere.

Jimquisition= Captain obvious, or more specifically, Captain Rehash.


I want Medieval 3 more than I want to become part of the mile high club... with Kiera Knightley... and Gemma Arterton... at the same time!

Good luck fitting all of you into the 1x1 that constitutes an airplane bathroom.

Surely if you were going to join the mile high club with them, it would be in the main body of the plane just to make everyone jealous?

OT: This was actually a good one from Jim (If that came across as surprise, that's because I was surprised, if that's not how it came across. . . then it should have been)

Tomba/i was an awesome game and one of the only titles I ever regretted selling, seeing that on the PSN would make me a happy chappy indeed.

The other 2 ideas didn't bother me too much, I tend to like FW updates as it means te possibility of new gadgets (Granted there haven't been any for a while but I can hope) and Medievil was a game that never quite did anything for me.

Thanks for choosing something topical this time.

As a result, I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Simply put, production could use a bit more work, but it was entertaining.

I don't know how anyone with a straight face could actually respond to firmware updates with "acquire some patience". Seriously? Okay so recently my brother and I popped in our copy of MAG into the PS3 to play a few games. It'd been a little while since I'd played so I'm sure there were some updates. Apparently the new game mode was one of them. Needless to say we had to wait 1 HOUR AND 30 MINUTES to play MAG. Do you know how RIDICULOUS that is?

When I bought my Xbox 360 I ended up rebuying Bioshock for it because installing Bioshock on the PS3 had literally taken an hour. When I got home I popped in Bioshock and was playing instantly. As others have said, nobody has the same connection speed but one of my biggest problems with the PS3 has to be the amount of time you watch a progress bar, something that mostly takes seconds on the Xbox 360 unless it's a huge chunk of data. It's not so much a matter of console preference as it is convenience to the person and I'm pretty sure it's damn annoying having to wait a fucking HOUR AND A HALF to play a game. Jus' sayin.

Give me tomba! and I will sell my 360. No joke.

Okay Jim, this one was much better. I will give this series a chance after all. Hope the fourth one continues like this one -- not the previous two.

Less atrocious ranting, audio was more clear, and video looked better*.
The calmer speaking helped a lot as well.

Doesn't hurt that you have me agreeing with you either! Especially the endless updates...

*At least in the high quality version, the video is sandboxed with black bars on all sides.
//Edit: only the HQ version apparently so this is probably not your fault.

I concur, it still was particularly funny or insightful, but I was able to watch the entire thing without shutting my browser in disgust. Work on some more highbrow jokes (less dicks and MS paint), improve the video quality, and keep the screaming rants to a minimum and this might actually become something that's worth watching.

Good work, you managed to pull this thing out of a nosedive before it got written off as worthless.

Ahh... the delay between when the video gets made and the video gets posted... I have to wonder if the identity theft protection and free games would've made this video irrelevant if he saw them coming when writing the script.

Most of the people praising this ep are just happy he mentioned 2 old games.

No-one seems to be mentioning the point that the system update thing was the CAUSE of this whole fiasco in the 1st place [You DO NOT fuck with people who want to install Linux on a PS3, those guys mean business].

It pains me to think that there are people who could do a far better show than this waiting on the side-lines while Jim flounders around rambling about subjects that have either been covered before on this very site or talking out of his arse about a serious subject that has affected MILLIONS of people.

The problem I think he's having is that British humour doesn't translate well over to you fellows in the colonies. Hence why you get utter travesties like the US version of Red Dwarf >.<
To me it's fairly obvious the arrogance is a put on, it's definitely a joke to cover up insecurities. I do it all the time and I'm utterly wonderful :P

I think he's brilliant, keep it up dude!

It's not British humour. I'm not only from Britain, but the same part of it as he is, and his points are just too off the mark for a lot of people. It doesn't have anything to do with the humour he's using.

This isn't Red Dwarf, nor is it Monty Python or The IT Crowd (or the insanely huge list of incredible UK comedies). On the plus side, I don't think it's trying to be any of those either.

If people like it, that's great. If people don't, they should be allowed to say so. After all, isn't that what a democracy is about.

far better than the first two, but I don't really see much of a point here, besides a 'firmware updates are annoying' and a christmas wishlist combination.

Hitman Dread:
Sony is going to have to work hard to build it's image up. This has gone beyond the playstation brand, and has gone to effect my ability to sell ANY Sony electronic device. This has been a disaster for Sony that even more older clients at my Rent-to-own store are aware, if misinformed about.

As it's true that Sony are going to have a hard time to rebuild their image, what people still need to remember is that people were jerks enough to breach it in the first place. So it's not entirely their fault. Also wasn't Xbox Live breached in 2007? Seems like they made it out ok.

OT: I'm surprised anyone still remembers MediEvil

Actually, I thought this episode was weaker than the last two. It could be because I was not interested in what you were talking about, but whatever. The quality of the show does seem to be improving however, and you can be genuinely funny at times. I am not yet a fan, but I will continue to watch the show to see what else you decide to act like a pompous arse about (and I mean that in the best way possible).

Also, I totally agree with you about Medievil 3. Let us hope Sony has a surprise for use when E3 rolls around...

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