Is E3 Worth It?

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The jimquisition... what a show
The jimquisition... here we go
I know your wishin... that we'd go awayyyyy
But the jimquisitions here... and its here... to... stayyyyyy

Not disagreeing wiith your point at all, just need an excuse to post this. Mel brooks is the man.

I think we found his new theme song.

I really love E3, there's just something about seeing a spectacular trailer for a game that you just were not expecting or watching a conferance live and seeing Gabe Newal walk out onto the Sony stage and anounce portal. Moments like that are just exciting and sure it makes me a gullable consummer to see gameplay demos and expect greatness but its just plain exciting for me. I can't speak about going to shows as I have never been but E3 is by far my favourite as it is where literaly all the big anouncements are made.

As for the "is it worth it?" question, im suprised to be agreeing with Jim Sterling here(sorry not a fan), that it is worth it maybe not for the industry but for the FANS of the industry. It very much IS a recharge in excitement about the medium we care about. I remember watching E3, when Halo 3 was announced, from home and i fealt GREAT to be a supporter of the medium. I didnt watch for the cool new announcements, i would end up finding out all about them anyway. I watched E3 because it was a time to sit down and go "I AM SO PROUD TO BE A GAMER!" and that makes it all worth it.

I pay attention to E3 when it is big and has something entertaining to say. 2007/2008... pretty much forgot E3 was happening the whole time it was. I guess it all depends on what the purpose is.

I'd say everyone made some very good points here.

The one bit I'd like to comment on is about the swag --- it's there to bid for getting your attention in the first place. Marketers (mostly) aren't actually trying to buy a good review with swag; they just want the reviewer to notice that their game is there and review it. Having a swanky $200 lighter in your pocket is a great reminder that "oh crap I should prolly review that game".

Why not go with something cheaper? Because "cheaper" is generally equated with "more forgettable". You're less likely to keep, let alone remember, the thousandth squishyball or lanyard or similar tchotchke you got from a game company.

That said, if it were me, I would've gone with a $50 lighter. -;)

Competition is healthy. I love the trashtalk. Nintendo's nostalgia gets me every time, I'm not ashamed of that one bit. I love that it's a huge party with boothbabes and lights and props and COMPETITION! I love that it's the place where everyone brings out their guns. I love that it's a fun time for everyone to see what's coming. I love the anticipation for each press conference, and the bevy of screens, impressions and trailers that come with it for us to speculate over. I love taking extended breaks during work so I can see that one. last. update on a liveblog for a conference; the one that'll maybe talk about Zelda or a new console or something I'm waiting for.

I love E3 and the idea of it. Jim is dead on. I only wish it were also open to the public but for that we'd need a venue twice as big, I wager.

If you don't give a shit then you can only be pleasantly surprised, and I've been burnt too often by disappointment to fall for it again. In which case, E3 is like some unholy anti-Mecca for me. It's all hype, all the time. I usually devote a video to going through all the hottest videos that come out of it and explaining why they're all going to suck. Why? Because someone has to. You can only disappoint the people so often before civilization collapses.

I used to believe you had a point there one time long ago Yahtzee but nowadays you've flushed your credibility down the toilet. Really, people nowadays are being far TOO negative that the last thing we need is to not get excited at E3 because too much negativity kills communities. Sorry, but I'm depressed enough as is that I don't need to make it worse and adopt to your mantra. I'll take the gamble of being disappointed by games I'm hyped up over than just live the sad life of someone who still thinks he can call himself a critic and expect it to fly like you. Surely you given to hype at one point in recent times Yahtzee. I refuse to believe you don't give a shit about anything before it's released.

As implied above, I try not to hope for anything. Which is depressing in the short term but in the long run I make a net gain. I guess I wish to see some explanation for what, exactly, you're supposed to use a touchscreen in a controller for when there's another, much bigger screen in the room.

That shows how little creativity you really have because I can think of plenty. Switching items on the fly quicker, using it as a communicator with an NPC in the game, just to name two examples. Really, this is supposed to be a game critic that made a few freeware Adventure games and yet he can't figure out a few ideas on making this work?

Then again, Ben's proven he can't work a Wiimote for shit so I shouldn't be surprised.

James Portnow:
People who buy games...

(Though If S-E decides to surpise us with a Thief announcement, I'll be pretty excited)

Wow, I sound like a jaded git. Didn't think I'd be taking that role ; )

Welcome to the club :D I feel that way quite often these days...

I'm glad to see Jim actually making some reasonable points, his videos keep off-putting me, but evidently he can make a point without making everyone forget it within 20 seconds. If he continues in his videos then he'll have gained a fan.

Am i the only one who's getting rather put off by Yahtzee? He seems to be acting more and more like a complete cynical prick(as opposed to being a cynical prick most of the time, but sometimes actually having a good opinion) each time he does something relating to the Escapist. Have the years of being payed to play video games getting to him, or has he become a parody of himself?

... What? This is no different than how Yahtzee usually is, he's made it ABUNDANTLY clear that he despises hype and finds many games to be bland.

I was sent to E3 in 2005, while I thought it would be cool to hang out with other developers and talk to the press, that was far from the opposite. Like 75% of the attendance were low level Gamestop(like) employees. It was quite annoying.

I found it was much funner to go to game developer conferences like GDC and the ECGC.

That's terrifying... aren't consumers the people you'd want to be in touch with, rather than the people trying to get them to buy games in the first place?

I remember I used to think E3 was the shiznit(I'm the only one who uses that term, I swear) but now it really is like hype and shallow gameplay has become much more prevalent. Maybe I sound like a cynical twat, but these are my honest feelings.

My goodness, Jim, you're one of the few people who know about Edge of Twilight. It's such a shame it doesn't seem it'll get made.

Nothing new for PC...

No. its not. Why pay money for things you will get to see and hear for free a week later? are you that impatient?

I like E3. I'm cynical and jades beyond my years but I enjoy E3 simply because they have the most exciting news of the year. I don't get carried away though, very few things get me truly excited. But I have to say the WiiU, the barrage of Zelda news (despite nothing on Skyward Sword), Forza 4 and Skyrim have got me excited, but not to the point where I won't get any sleep tonight.

And I was surprised to see that name drop of Edge Of Twilight at the end! That's the first time I've seen any piece of gaming journalism mention it in a very long time. I was pretty excited about that game too. It looked so different and refreshing that everything else out around the time, and they went and canceled it. I was really disappointed. I would love to see them bring that back from the brink.



I thank you for your opinion but its not an opinion that I share.

I would expect not, seeing as you didn't read it.

Whatever opinion you do have is unfounded by your own admission, at any rate.

I've seen other things he's done and didn't enjoy them. I don't take kindly to a contributor to the site insulting potential viewers because they don't like his content. Professionals are supposed to act professional. You like his stuff, thats fine. Not everyone else has to.

Doesn't Yahtzee do that regularly thou too?




I would expect not, seeing as you didn't read it.

Whatever opinion you do have is unfounded by your own admission, at any rate.

I've seen other things he's done and didn't enjoy them. I don't take kindly to a contributor to the site insulting potential viewers because they don't like his content. Professionals are supposed to act professional. You like his stuff, thats fine. Not everyone else has to.

Doesn't Yahtzee do that regularly thou too?

Yes I suppose that is true but where he does it on his own videos he gripes about people who constantly pester him with e-mails which I can understand and he doesn't use swearing and insults about people not liking him or his videos which Jim did on his own Twitter page which also should up on the Water Cooler for The Escapist.

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