Zero Punctuation: Hunted: The Demon's Forge

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If possible, please review the PC-version of Duke NukemForever. I've heard it's a lot better than the one on consoles.

I just thought it was hilarious that the second Yahtzee said the phrase "Trying to tempt you to surrendering to dark powers" an ad for Rift popped up.

I'm glad he tells people that his schedule isn't exactly forgiving. Good review though, I was considering gifting this to a friend before I saw this ^_^'

I still might, it'd be hilarious to see his reaction.

Weren't there any good things about this game...?

I do enjoy the senseless mockery of every little bad thing in a game as much as the next guy, but sometimes I do like to hear something good, otherwise I have no hope for the gaming industry.

Can't wait to hear what you have to say about DNF for real with "Swear Word Time Capsule" being in effect here. As much as I've had fun with the game, I know that you are going to rip this game to absolute shreads, even with the blank slate you're giving it. But I at least want a negative review from a guy that has realized that number/star scores are absolutely worthless. Every single review I've read that gave the game below a 6 sounded like it was written by a douchebag that wanted to look politically correct for his girlfriend so she won't whine. By contrast, most positive reviews sound as if they were written by fanboys who are a wee-bit too forgiving (Such as myself).

But Yahtzee's in-between the two. He gives every game a fair chance, regardless of what he felt beforehand, but he will not hold a single punch against it. Also, play the PC version. Please. Or the PS3 version if you want the console port that's somewhat stable.

Geuss i should've expected his Duke review wouldn't be this week. Didn't he say in another video that The Escapist buys all the games he reviews?

I already know that DNF is shit. Why should I wait for that?

Wow I'm glad I decided not to buy this game when it came out. It was between this and some books....glad I chose the books.

I think something might be wrong with me because even after watching this video, I still kinda wanna play this game! T_T

Maybe Im just not critial enough about what games I buy and/or play...

The game first came to my attention in a half-page, 4/10 review in the Official Xbox Magazine, so by the time I saw the title of the review I could have guessed it would be either bland, or stupid, or both.

From Yahtzee's impressions... bland it is!

Two things.
1. Called it! I'm on a role of knowing which games will be shit before they get released.
2. Yahtzee already reviewed Duke Nukem Forever (kinda). I'd say he's off the hook.

i knew he will not review DNF today. not enough time to do a review in a few days. this will come maybe next week.

good review but why didnt you do duke nuken forever?????? :3

Yeah, you'd think people would get a clue that you're not supposed to leave a "first" post by now.

I've played DNF. It's good. Not excellent, not spectacular, just good.

The characteristic humor is there, the gameplay's solid, and it's a whole bunch of mindless fun.

If you're playing Duke Nukem Forever and expecting Mass Effect...reshuffle your priorities.

Well that sucks, I thought this game would be awesome and well worth my money. That sucks.

but Yahtzee enjoyed Gears of War 2!
tho I guess he also really did not enjoy all the knock-off cover-based shooters that it has spawned in the past 3 years being boring and unvaried LOL

anyway...I heard from some other reviews that co-op made this game quite good. I wouldn't know for myself but I suppose that might warrant a trying out, but not by me oneself of course...altho this would have to happen before the fall game releases steal my attention

I have bought some really bad games in the name of living out re-imaginings of the classic DnD experience, and I doubt this will be the worst.

That aside, humorous video and I hope the AI isn't as bad as you say it is on the PC version.

Thank you Yahtzee.

I had seen ad after ad for this game, but I didn't care enough about it to look into what the game was about other than the name and the box art. I was still a little curious though, but thanks to you, I now know more about the game, and also that I probably would like it because none of that review sounded positive at all. So yeah, good stuff man.

I actually loved Hunted. The combat was great fun (the sniper-like archery was good times), searching for secrets was enjoyable, the voice work was very good, the character interaction amused me, and finding the dead bodies to reveal the lore was a great design element.

Overall, I just really loved Hunted. I had zero technical issues apart from some minor collision issues here and there and my AI partner always did exactly as asked, which was extremely impressive. Anyway, some chapters had bad environmental graphics I'll grant you, but overall the game delivered exactly what it promised, an old-school dungeon crawler.

So should try Hunted for yourself, you might be one of the 0.000001% who love it. Begin flaming now.

P.S.: my other favorite games for reference: Baldur's Gate II, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, FFVI, FFXII, Planescape Torment, Mass Effect, Anno 1404, CoD:MW2 for MP, Borderlands, Metro 2033, Civ IV, Morrowind, Oblivion, Deus Ex, The Last Remnant PC.

Whoop; won't be getting this game, either! Thanks Yahtzee! (I do take his opinion seriously. You all may throw the "you're missing some great games", but to me, that translates to "You're missing some okay games that you could be spending money on instead of real artistic things like SotC - which Yahtzee liked. So with that: I don't care if I'm missing your precious okay games~ =p )


P.S.: my other favorite games for reference: FFXII,

For a moment - I thought you said FFXIII. But since you didn't - CARRY ON.

REALLY? The combo/magic thing didn't made it good? damn.... I thought it had something... guess it's good I pick other games to play this month...

When I first saw this game I knew it was going to be a bland fantasy game.

Turns out I was right.

Better be kind on Duke Nukem Yahtzee, or Redner is presumably going to throw poop at you.

I don't think you needed to apologize to the twats who would expect you to review DNF like a couple days after it came out, especially since the DNF review would be a lot funnier if you hadn't acknowledged it beforehand. If you didn't review DNF next week, maybe you might owe us an explanation, but this week a quick note in the end credits might have sufficed.

Please don't do Duke Nukem Forever; at least not immediately next week.

Please do Duke 3D, and make the Duke fanboys WAIT another week. Make 'em realise that they paid for crap by demonstrating a game released forever ago did it better then, and is still better now.

Make 'em realise spending money on shit is part of the reason we have such a dull, sequel stuff market of space marine filled shooters, and sticking an asshole with a thin veneer of shallow character isn't good; its just demonstrating how disgustingly easy it is to actually be less bad.

Strange, Penny Arcade apparently loved it. Oh wait, you're Yahtzee.

Well, truth be told, I feel in this game trap, I expected it to be awesome, and then, WHAM! no exploration whatsoever and every single skill way too early...

Not even the two hot chicks are worth playing this...

I never heard of Hunted and now I know why, cover based shooting with an axe

Meh. It was was a fairly generic hack 'n' slash (I never did the cover-based BS, just ran in and did the, y'know...hacking and slashing) that didn't really add or take away anything from its genre.

I can see some of Yahtzee's gripes, but there are worse games he's reviewed that haven't gotten nearly this much of a beating...

Is it me or did he sound really bored while explaining how boring that game was? "Hunted: The Demon's Forge" is probably so god damn mediocre that even ranting about it is boring, apparently.

First "The Bard's Tale" (2004), now this. How could have Brian Fargo sunk this low? It's a travesty.

Not much of funny. It's like kick a dead dog. A budget and brown game using Unreal 3 isn't good... Duke Nukem Forever will be even worse since the others reviwes of the games are already Zero Punctuation like. It's more funny when Yahtzee review a game that people real care, like Deus Ex.

Two Angels:

Pretty much agreed, I had a lot of fun with it in solo play and think it will be pretty awesome for playing through with my Fiance.

Granted midway through the game you become pretty much unstoppable but sometimes it's fun to just mow things down. I'm going back for an Oldschool playthrough to see if that makes any differenc on the difficulty, I hear enemies get a 60% buff on health and damage and you get a -10% debuff on health.

People seriously need to loosen up, drink some beer and just enjoy something rather than try to pick it apart just because it isn't the same as something else.

Try playing it with one hit kills on and unlimited arrows, taking out everyone with rapid fire arrows (even bosses!) was an awesome feeling. It made getting the collection achievements a breeze which is what I wanted.

Yea Old School is a great time though I'm getting the most fun out of The Crucible, some of the user created maps are a blast in Co-Op.

One of my mates is coming over this weekend, we're gonna get a 24 and then hit The Crucible :) so its gonna be awesome and much better than RE5 went for us...we got tanked so the end of that night ended with an hour of us spamming "come on, come on" and "ok" for an hour, it drove my fiance nuts.

sounds like the Winter Plague might be claiming another victim.

I still couldn't believe it when I saw a copy of DNF just sitting there on the store shelf... I expected it to be more of a moment... shafts of light radiating from behind it.

Damn, brutal one this week. I can only imagine the game developers watching this and gnashing their teeth in impotent rage as he craps all over their work.

And Yahtzee HAS to do a Duke review. After that last gag one he's like morally obligated now.

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