E3 2011 Photo Gallery

E3 2011 Photo Gallery

This year's E3 spectacle was as awe-inspiring and bizarre as ever.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo hogged the most floor space, while smaller publishers fought for attention with strange and eye-catching displays. Booth babes were at an all-time low, but there is no reason to complain when you have a bounce house to enjoy. Both major halls of the L.A. Convention Center were packed with massive recreations of videogame characters and related iconic imagery, such as a massive metallic pod that housed the Aliens: Colonial Marines presentation.

Crowds came in droves to get their hands on a Wii U (a three-four hour wait) or to view the Modern Warefare 3 trailer at Activision's booth. Bethesda also pulled no punches, creating a giant dragon that was visible across the show floor.

We may not be able to bring you close enough to grab a promotional Deus Ex: Human Revolution inflatable, bionic arm, but you can still peek into the madness with our photo gallery:


One of these days, I'll go to E3. You'll see!

Very nice pictures that you guys got.
Also: Love the Minecraft head.!

looks fun

Holy crap, I thought PAX was intense. This looks ridiculous.

So this was E3?
Money well unspent. :)

Edit: Oh hey guy in the 24th Photo. Saw him perform at Gaslight Gathering and then crossed the street with him a few weeks later in Hollywood. He seems to be appearing everywhere in my life now.

Does anyone else find it the least bit disturbing that the most abundant displays in that gallery were all for FPS games or variations on the shooter genre? I mean yeah Sonic and Zelda had some representation but honestly, where's the whimsy and the fantastical? Maybe I'm just to stuck on my childhood games that didn't really seem to give a flying fart about realism simply because the graphics wouldn't allow them in the first place.

I've been saying it for years now, we need to bring back some of the old adventure franchises and not re-tool them into something like Nuts & Bolts. I'm tired of all this gritty fantasy, give me something that looks at the book of laws for reality and sets that book on fire with a molten egg fired from the backside of a bird or an exploding pineapple fired from a log bazooka.

The pandering! IT BURNS! But seriously, this is why PAX is way more interesting.

Pictures were pretty boring tbh, hopefully theres some more.

some of the pictures might have been a bit more interesting whit some coments. And i see the boot babes still are at work

Man that bunny has appeared in like every video game website's image/video montages of e3

There's something about women who are paid to be sexy that doesn't sit right with me and never will.

Call me old fashioned, but I guess it just shows how easily us dudes are exploited.


Liars! There's no bouncy castle photo's!

Fight for glory:

There's something about women who are paid to be sexy that doesn't sit right with me and never will.

Call me old fashioned, but I guess it just shows how easily us dudes are exploited.

True that, comrade,true that.

Also it appears that booth babes make up 60% of E3...Wat a waste.

Yeah, what's the point if there aren't any men there to gawk hopelessly at them?

Hoverhand detected in image 28.

Haven't got much more to say than I hope to be at E3 taking my own pictures one day.

I felt that this was such a good E3 show. I love video game conventions! I was online everyday streaming the live feed to my computer. If I wasn't at my desk with my headphones on watching it, I had it playing loudly around my apartment for me to listen to while I was doing other things. My roommate thought I was crazy! One day I will make it to E3. It's just too bad I'm in the Midwest...

What an awesome set of pics. I really wish I could have gone this year. It looks like it would have been a lot of fun.

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