The Escapist's Favorite Games of E3 2011

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It kind of annoys me that the only game I'm really looking forward to is ME3... :(

Well and maybe SW:TOR but that game was hardly featured at E3.

Mass Effect 3. All the way.

They listed Sesame Street, but no Assassin's Creed Revelations. I'm starting to think the Escapist Staff is loosing it.


No, I'm talking about both of them. Both Saint's Row games are buggy as hell. The freezing up issue is in particular reference to SR2. A simple google search will show you that I am indeed, not the only one who had this problem. Here, I'll help you out with that.

Huh, that's odd. I've played through both SR1 and 2 multiple times (on XBOX360) all the way to 100% completion, and they very rarely had issues on my system (I can remember only one time where SR2 froze, which given how many hours I put into those games is pretty good, IMO).

Of course, those two games I have installed on my drive rather than played from a disk. Could that be the difference? Are you playing from disk? Maybe try installing the game to your drive and see if that helps.

I've never heard of people having excessive freeze issues with those games. Not saying I don't believe you, it just seems weird for me to have no issues and other people to have it unplayable (one crash per 1.5 hours would be unplayable to me). I know people on PC had issues with SR2 (crappy port by a third party, here's to hoping Volition don't go down that route again), but this is really the first I've heard of issues on the XBOX with either game.

Could it be an overheating issue? Or low drive space on your system?

[EDIT: Apparently, clearing your memory cache fixes this problem for a lot of people. Give that a try. Hopefully that will help.]

It's possible either of those things were the problem. But it's also possible this was an issue before the patches. I bought this on release date, and when I last booted up the game, there was a hefty patch for it. My new issue is that it won't connect to my friend's game. No matter what we do, it says we have different versions of the game. Neither of us has DLC, so I'm not sure what this is about.

Thanks for the advice though. If I end up playing through it again, I'll try clearing the cache and installing it on the 360 HDD.

BTW - I think it speaks to the quality of the Multiplayer that I muscled through this freezing issue. I just knew I had to reboot every 1.5 hours, so I saved appropriately.

Asura's Wrath. The guy is what Akuma wants to be when he grows up.

I am personally excited for Battlefield 3, Bioshock: Infinite, Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur, Mass Effect 3, and Tomb Raider. Which is quite a few games, it'll be like (general amount upon releases) $360. So I better start throwing money into a 'game jar' to save up.

this needs to feature less games. Summarise guys, you basically just listed all the games Id even heard about

Too cool to mention Modern Warfare 3, Escapist? I am disappoint.

Before you say anything... sure, it's the "same game" every year but it does shooting so well it's all I ever need from it. Besides, does a sequel really need new stuff to be good? Take Mass Effect 2, or Heavy Rain for example. Both games only have minor tweaks since the last installment in the series (Mass Effect 2 differs from ME1, but in its core it's still the good ol' combat-dialogue-combat-dialogue routine) (Heavy Rain is basically Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit with a new story and graphical improvement, it's Indigo Prophecy in its core).

Really excited over ME3 and Skyrim, and Batman and Asura's Wrath are both looking interesting as well.

Also: no Far Cry 3? For shame, Escapist staff and associates. For shame.

Dragon's Dogma...oh wait that wasn't in the list. Still, Dragon's Dogma.

I steered myself away from watching E3 preview of games I know I'll be buying day 1 (Uncharted 3) because I don't want to be too hyped up about the game.

So, apart from that.. Mass Effect 3 stands out because battle system certainly looks more polished (which was the thing I wish ME2 had)

and Bioshock Infinite's artwork looks amazing. I've been sick of Military FPS and Halo for quite a while, so this makes me feel like I can get back into playing FPS again.

Bioshock takes the cake... and eats it as well.

CoD didnt even get a mention! HA!

Long Live Battlefield!

my highlights (watching on the internet as not all of us can fly half way around the world for a games show)

Assassin's Creed Revelations
Saint's Row the Third
Mass Effect 3
Uncharted (3 and the handheld jobbie)

I know sequels but everyone likes what they like, sometimes it's a bold new game, but sometimes if the story is that good, with well scripted characters, we're happy to play sequels so we can follow the story to it's gripping end.

Oh, Saints Row the Third ... you'd better run properly, or I'll never buy another Volition game ever again.

Having said that, I expect to play more of that game than any other during November/December.
(Yes, I'm buying Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, and a few more titles during that time)

So the Escapist's Favorite Games of E3 2011, is every big budget title at E3?
Make a top 5 I dare you.

We wanted everyone who covered the show to be able to contribute to the list, which is why it's as long as it is.

Dragon's Dogma...oh wait that wasn't in the list. Still, Dragon's Dogma.

Ehhhh, I dunno about that. I wasn't really impressed by what I saw of it. There were some good ideas in there, but the execution seemed uninspired.

Definately looking forward to Saint's Row The Third and Skyrim (and Catherine) .... Bioshock is starting to interest me more, but I'm still out after the meh fest that was Bioshock 2. Also looking forward to Demon Souls, but not sure if I will get it or not...

And, I don't give darn about BF3 - not my type of game at all

...Yep. I'm still bouncing with anticipation for Catherine. July 26th can't come soon enough. I can beat it just in time for the start of the new semester.

Looking forward to the new Nintendo releases. Mainly Skyward Sword and Luigi's Mansion 2. Lara Croft sure looks different now from the last Tomb Raider game I played (Legend).

A 'top pick' article 8 pages long? Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit weird?

˄ This ˄
If we go by this list, The Escapist loved everything the developers threw on the floor. This will be the most awesomest year evar :-)
Sarcasm aside, what was the "Favourite Club" entry credentials, obviously many of these games cannot be played yet beyond a demo and quite a few are just pre-rendered cinematics; so I am wondering how exactly this list was derived

If Mass Effect 3 brings back planet scanning, I'm bringing back cheating. That part of the game was about as appealing as a camping trip with the Donner Party.

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