Drinking Games: Mariokart DUI

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Mariokart DUI

Mariokart Wii is the game, and getting drunk ... is also the game.

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I can certainly get behind both ideas. Hopefully one day you do a game I own and the fun can be recreated.

That was a surprisingly awesome video! Honestly I didn't think i was going to like it at first, but now i need to find a bunch of friends and a case of beer...

Good first episode! I enjoy the commentator. You should definitely try Super Drunky Ball at some point.

Good game, though I prefer the Mario Drunk Driving rule where you start drinking your beer at the beginning of the race and can't put it down until you've finished.

I know what I'm doign this weekend with some friends

umm... horrible? i really didn't like it. just a bunch of people playing a videogame and drinking a bit. nothing special or extra amusing that makes a great video

They certainly weren't consuming enough for the amount of falls, don't even think they were drinking anything at all.

Get drunk and do the whole thing, but actually drunk, that includes editing and commentators.

That was a surprisingly awesome video! Honestly I didn't think i was going to like it at first, but now i need to find a bunch of friends and a case of beer...

Case? You need more then just a case if you're following those rules and on that map ;)

What the hell did I just watch?
Games + alcohol = new show?
I think I can get behind the idea, still, somewhat strange to see this on the Escapist.

OK, this is a terrible video. For the first time on Escapist I didn't even get to the end of the first episode of a series. OK I get the idea of the drinking game is good, and would probably be a lot of fun for a bunch of people playing the game.

Watching someone commentate on people playing a drinking game, with fairly obviously badly acted shots of "drunk" players, simply doesn't work at all.

I like this show. The idea behind it is hilarious, and the presentation of the show is well done. Very sports show-y. I'm a fan.

Play Video Games! (responsibly)

I enjoyed the commentator but everybody else was horrible.

´The colour doesn´t matter, don´t be a racist`

I lol´ed

Seems a good concept, perhaps some tighter editing and more gameshow elements (points/person counter maybe?) this could be really fun.


Surely you should have the PLAYERS drinking, y'know, while driving? That's where the fun comes in. Except for those prone to frequent rages... i.e. anyone playing Rainbow Road.

Hmm, not as funny as the debate video. Also I'd like to see a scan of their liver after each episode. I'm thinking after a full season it'd look like a prune! Although they're American so it's kinda the same as drinking Mountain Dew with a head.

I'm wondering if any of the team did a fee vs cost analysis on this too? I'm suspecting they're not getting paid much so the price of liquoring up a room of people probably outweighed the fee.

Pretty good opening episode, looks like I'll finally have something to watch on Thrusday's again since "Show about Gameshow" got the boot.

"The colour doesn´t matter, don´t be a racist"

Best damn line from the whole thing, I had a good laugh at that one. :D

The commentry was a nice touch!

I wouldnt mind seeing mor eof these as long as the drinking rules are creative.

At least it's beer and not shots of tequila or else someone would have thrown up by now.

´The colour doesn´t matter, don´t be a racist`

I lol´ed

Haha, same.

I'd be tempted to do this, if I drank alcohol. Alas, I don't, but I can still get a laugh out of watching others play drinking games.

Drink while gaming lots of fun watching people drink as they deffinly were not drunk while playing games rather dull.

Maybe doing a challenge mode might improve things and actaully drinking more than a few sips would help the show.If your going to doing something different dont pretend to do it just do it.

A long-time staple of mine is called Drunk Driving, and you can play it with any Mario Kart game.

Best played with 4-player racing. Everyone has either a full can or cup. The object of the game is to finish the race as well as your entire drink. 4th placers have to drink half a can or cup on top of their full drink, and hand it off to any spectators for their turn. No Rainbow Road, that's too easy. Every time a lightning gets dropped, all spectators have to drink.

Best played on short, fast maps.

Ehhh... it just seemed to lack any real life or spark to it, though that play of the day was pretty impressive.

It was ok, I like the concept but it was all too obvious that none of them were drunk, and I doubt that whatever was in the cups, if anything was in them at all, was alcoholic

Buzzed gaming is drunk gaming!

In all seriousness it wasn't a bad idea but I don't think it was implemented well. Or maybe I just hate drunk people.

And I thought my parties looked lame.

Good idea, probably need to work on execution. Watch some students drinking for pointers on doing so.

(and yes I'm taking offence at this because I consider myself an alcoholic)

Why is the Escapist suddenly encouraging people to get slammed?

Entertaining indeed, must try this with my mates, in the mean time I can't wait to see more of this series!

Good commentry, it made me feel like i was watching some sport event.

This would be an interesting concept, if they showed a split-screen view of the gamers and the game the whole time, as well as actually drinking lots of alcohol. It's not a drinking game otherwise.

Ehh.... I was apprehensive at first, but then...
...I turned out completely right to be.

Playing drinking games is fun.
Watching faked drinking games isn't.
Besides, it just wasn't very well executed I thought.
Doubt I'll be following this series any further...

Promising. And instructional. I will check this out next week as well.

>Rule 34

> ಠ_ಠ

OT: Overall; it seems like it has potential; however the pilot wasn't too impressive. Then again Apocalypse Lane really surprised me with it's pilot; so I'd say you'll see me back next week

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