Drinking Games: Mariokart DUI

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Watching my friends get plastered and play games badly is bad enough. Watching strangers do it with sports commentary is worse. I like the "games to drinking games" thing, but I think this would be much better suited as a written article.

It's...ok...but needs a LOT of work. This would be more of a Friday night live Ustream event as opposed to a weekly video series.

This would be better as an article with a drinking game for a game and that's it.

I might do this sometime but I doubt I'll ever watch these videos beyond the rules again.

What the hell is this? If this was just a regular video site like Vimeo or Youtube I wouldn't be bothered by this at all, it was sort of entertaining. But this is the concept of your entire show? What was the Escapist thinking when they picked this up? Really?

Not a bad concept. Seen the guys over at Witty Wizard do 2Player with a couple of drinks those were funny as hell.
This I lost interest in quickly, it needs something more. A witty and funny commentary would do wonders, not just someone keeping score.
Also, Rainbow road is just unhealthy, far to great a risk of alcohol-poisoning.

what did I just watched im feeling confused....
It reminds me of me and my friends playing FPS games while drunk...... 0.0

So, when you said "you take a drink" that meant just a sip, not the whole glass?
I watched it out of curiosity but since I don't drink I guess it's not really my kind of show. Hearing the rules was interesting I guess, but then I thought "so what, we're supposed to watch them play, sit at home and drink? Or are we just supposed to count the points?"
But now, we were supposed to watch them drink? Not too interesting for me. I'm curious if it's going to be the same kind of thing with a different game each time. I'll probably check the second video to get an idea of whether it's my kind of thing or not.

This was an excellent first episode to the series. You hit all of the high points that I'd hoped you would. You showed some drunken gameplay, some shots of people getting drunk and enjoying themselves (without behaving too foolishly) and you interspersed the fun with a witty drinking game tip segment. I couldn't ask for a better layout. Continue in this manner and this shall be a series without peer.

I can't see this one being a long term thing I'm afraid :( Also a nitpick, not a fan of the music

I have removed my words from this site.

The commentator did a great job but the actors were terrible.

What ho, what is this new channel?

At 2:30 in already drunk...

And i hope rule 34 was intentional

I got a minute in and stopped watching. Yeah, I wont be following this series.

For one, I found this video very entertaining.

Two, I'm not sure if this, as a concept of an entire show, is going to hold up. But I'm surely hoping that it will.

Overall, this is the best of the, um, latest installments of news shows to Escapist video repertory. *Coughjimquisitioncough*

EDIT: I just saw "No Right Answer". I'll take back that last statement. This is the second best of the new series'.

I don't enjoy watching people get "drunk", and I'm not sure I approve of The Escapist encouraging people to drink themselves stupid anyway. Leave this sort of thing to College Humor, please?

all I can say is, the warp zone on youtube did already did this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V3CbIsIJ3M&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

I liked the drinking game, but actually watching it, with those expressionless, boring "drunks" was no fun. This is important, so I'm gonna bold it. If you would instead have several drinking games in one episode, moving quickly between them, that would be really fun. This isn't.

This was fun! I didn't realize it was your first video, congrats and keep'm coming! Yayayayayay

Twas very entertaining, and I've done that drinking game with rainbow road before, and you get drunk rather quickly.

Not bad for the first video, I'm intrigued enough to watch the next one.

I want many, many (MANY!) more episodes of this show. Just to give me and my friends more ideas.
We always have a few beers (or like, 10+ per man) when having what we call "xbox time" but we didn't incorporate the drinking, into the gaming. We are gonna start that, from now on. Just thinking on how you can turn shooting games into a drinking game..

Yeah this was pretty damn terrible. Why would i watch a video of people drinking and playing video games when I can just get my friends and do it?

Meh, I like the idea, I'm just not sure it belongs on the Escapist.

I did not enjoy this at all. The idea of the drinking game seems amusing, but watching a bunch of strangers playing a drinking game is just boring.

The commentator did a decent job and he was pretty much all that was to the show, I do not even know why we were watching the players as they did not bring anything to the show, they were just... nothing.

The rule shot was a good idea, but the acting was terrible.

Sorry Drinking Games but you do not get much love from me.

I love the idea. I need a couple of new drinking-friendly games for gaming night.
As for the video, well... It might as well be an article for all I care. The video didn't really add anything special at all, mainly because of the stiff acting. You really should do this stuff with actual drinking or anything that would make it look like you're actually having fun.

I will be checking out this series, if only for the drinking game ideas. Hopefully there will be something more for me here too, as I do see potential.

It was probably fun to do, but to me watching it was just plain boring...

Well that was fun. But, drinking games during the day. Hmm. Fun concept, if a bit old. I'll check a few more, though, see how they go.

Great idea for a new series, will definitely follow. Was a bit surprised to find it on the escapist but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Reading the comments it seems you got a pretty mixed reception with an average "meh", however some people seem to have mistaken this for some kind of sitcom-esk show, rather than informative with a fun spin.

Also is one of the drinkers Seananners from the youtube? It probably isn't (been a while since I watched any of his stuff) but from memory he looks very similar.

As a single skit, yeah, I see that working. But A SERIES? Wow. I mean, wow.

That was pretty meh. Maybe if it focused more on the people, it would be funnier.

What did the 5 fingers say to the face?


Interesting concept, pretty bad execution.

There were a lot of things I liked in this. The sports commentator was fun and engaging and there were a couple of really funny moments (that Rule 34 sketch especially).

But I'm not going to be watching any more episodes. I think this has the potential to be entertaining but I don't like the idea of a show encouraging alcohol consumption in general and especially not on a website with so many younger visitors; regardless of any admonitions to 'drink responsibly'.

I was playing a L4D drinking game last night, I drank way too much.

Everytime you get pounced or boomed on you drink. Did three campaigns against some very serious competition. Can't say I recommend it.

A drinking game... with beer? Seriously?


Promising. And instructional. I will check this out next week as well.

I found the same thing. I look forward to seeing more and watching it evolve. I think they might need an episode or two before they really hit their stride, but this was a great start and I can't wait to see more.

Was this supposed to be interesting....

Well I don't have any reason to hate this as much as Jimquisition, but it certainly is just as horrible.

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