The Big Picture: Out of the Park

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Out of the Park

You shouldn't turn to South Park for life lessons.

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Hah! I knew the accent would be addressed.

Be proud of sounding like the scout. After all, he's got a hot mom.

Need an opinion here! Need an opinion here! Need an opinion here! Need an-*shot*

This was a great episode, and now I'm sad because everyone's going to start talking about The Simpsons instead.

"If you were from, where I was from, you'd be fucking dead!"

I love that accent, it's one of the few American accents I genuinely like.

two things
1. I am still shocked that people take lessons from South Park.(do these people take lessons from Family guy and any other cartoon?)
2. I enjoy your regional accent! I say do it more often.

I never did turn to South Park for life lessons... though I do detect hints of personal philosophy from the show. Like Bob said, though, it's completely subjective and depends on the topic at hand. You kind of have to be in the right mood to watch it.

Wait, that was Bob's real voice? I just assumed he was doing a bit.

Interesting episode as always, I too liked the episode "you're getting old", especially since the ending was such a big surprise and not at all what I would expect from an episode of South Park.

I for one think that Bob's real voice is AWESOME. (In fact, just watch it totally overshadow South Park as the topic of the comments.)

Scout is a spy! :p

This would have been nicer earlier if South Park wasn't about to finish its series.

More Brooklyn Bob! :p

And here I was thinking that we could get through the episode without "TV IS WEIRD".

I also think you sound more like one of those fast-talking, old timey actors than the scout.

I surprised that people are fascinated that thats his real voice. I reember seeing a vid on her with him walking through a street alley speaking with his Boston Accent, and hes let it slip more then once in his escape to the movies/the big picture show before.

Plus im pretty sure bob's told us he was from boston multiple times.

Huh, he's right, I don't recall any JFK comparisons, or even Mayor Quimby comparisons . . . although I may have just missed them under the Scout and New Jersey comments. Really, New Jersey?

As for myself, I grew up in NH, spent a year of high school in the Boston suburbs, and went to college in Western Mass. I don't associate the accent with a specific person so much as jokes about aggressive driving and confusing infrastructure (which no doubt results in the aggressive driving). A few times a year we'd drive down to the Boston Museum of Science (Wooooo Mugar Omni Theater!) and my sister and I were not allowed to talk in the car once we were inside the city limits so my dad could concentrate on the traffic. :D

Scout is a spy! :p

This would have been nicer earlier if South Park wasn't about to finish its series.

More Brooklyn Bob! :p

South Park is scheduled to continue at least through 2013.

Be proud of sounding like the scout. After all, he's got a hot mom.

I don't think bob likes the forbidden fruit :P

I'm so used to hearing your radio voice, that I always figured you were putting the other voice on.

I hear what he's saying about SP anyway. Hell, I'm guilty of regurgitating SP and other media myself, especially when I was a kid who was new to forums.

It's good to draw ideas from multiple sources though. Concerning Bob's racial views, his, "acknowledge the past and deal with the double standard" view really shook my "Ignore race completely" view, and I had some revision to do on the subject.

God, I can't stop thinking back to all those times I stood up for MGS2 and proclaimed it to be a masterpiece even though I didn't even understand why so many people felt that way about it. All the nonsense that came from it. The internet makes it easy to think that you have an enlightened outlook on life, even when you're making up fickle values on the spot without any rational reason.

Ahhhh, childhood.

Ummmm, I personally wouldn't take the views as a lesson, but more of another person's opinion. I hope there isn't anyone taking South Park seriously.

Y'know, for guys who don't really seem to have an over-arching world view (or at least, one they don't wish to share), Matt & Trey sure have been getting a lot more didactic in recent years. What was once consistently great comedy is, at least to me, becoming more hit-and-miss. For every "you're getting old" there's a "crack baby athletics association" (seriously, what the fuck was up with that episode? Kyle was acting completely out of character, and it distinctly felt as though they had no clue how to end it).

Then again, I probably am just getting old...

Moviebob, I'll be honest, despite the brilliance of your series. I don't think I'd be able to continue watching this series if you used your natural voice.

This would have been nicer earlier if South Park wasn't about to finish its series.

They actually have two and a half more seasons left, so I think you're jumping the gun a little.

I'm glad Bob addressed this issue, as it is something that really annoys me. Though these South Park polical types are few that really grind my gears (pop reference not intentional)

Also I kinda prefer the regional accent, I don't like it when people hide their real voice just to fit in within the media, but hey that's just me.

I don't so much take my views from south park, as I tend to watch it and think that it all seems so damn true. Often it seems that the things south park point out in society are the things I've seen for quite some time. I wasn't aware people actually take their views from south park. That...annoys me. Maybe I should make friends with the makers of south park seeming as I have so many views in commmon with them.

Also, I love the accent, but then again, I could see how it could be slightly harder to cut into little easily editable chunks of dialogue.

I found most episodes were common sense oriented attacking the over reactions of a particular group. I need more than Trey and Matt for source material for my views(HUMANCENTiPAD's take on click-to-accept agreements/contracts is one I've held for a while now though as with many people on this site who don't like the EULAs).

And who wants to be part of a group that changes political views on an episode to episode basis.

Canadian columnist Jaime J. Weinman observes that the most die-hard conservatives who identified themselves as "South Park Republicans" began turning away from the label when the show ridiculed Republicans in the season nine (2005) episode "Best Friends Forever".

Shows how deep their beliefs were doesn't it?

My personal favorite episode from this season at this point is "City Sushi". Political/Social views be damned, it's just a really funny episode.

I agree, Bob. South Park is pretty awesome. But just because they say things without any sort of unifying message doesn't mean they aren't 75-90% right about what they say. Like Jon Stewart before he got all politicized and drew actual news media attention.

That's because the jester is the freest voice in the court... or however that expression goes about comedians being able to say whatever they want about whoever they want with minimal fear of reprisal because they're funny. I think Mel Brooks said it... right around History of the World, Part 1, wherein he played a bad comedian getting sentenced to death by the Romans. *ramble, ramble...*

Also a little disappointed the accent was addressed. Who couldn't tell you were from Boston? I mean seriously? And here I thought it was a subtle example of the very "continanity" (which I assume is a portmanteau of continuity and insanity, rather than inanity) being addressed in the episode.

...or is the joke still going on? Sudden reversal of a notable but supposedly unpopular and still completely insignificant/irrelevant change with little more than a "whoops! didn't mean to do that" pseudo apology? and better yet letting people derive meaning and messages from something essentially meaningless and message free after talking about how we shouldn't do that (another message from South Park, incidentally, in The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs)? Bravo again, Bob... bravo. *slow clap*


Now that you mention it you should quote some Scout lines in your Game Overthinker episodes cause their are some definate similarities in the voice.

I'm so used to hearing your radio voice, that I always figured you were putting the other voice on.

Yeah, same. Went a bit "Eh?" Last week, but I could definitely get used to having JFK/Quimby/Scout telling me about movies =P

This would have been nicer earlier if South Park wasn't about to finish its series.

I wouldn't call a minimum of two seasons as "about to close the serie".
They already made clear that they are not going to getting chris rock style out of their contracts.

well that explains the accent then...

and I do believe you can find some political views in southpark, just not consistent ones...

I found South Park a bit hit or miss. (Mind you when they got a hit it was often a laugh-till-you-cry one).

It has been a while since I've watched an episode, but if it's current take on issues is anything like it's early form I'd say it suffers from a major case of attacking everything, but suggesting nothing.

It is not as if you can base an entire political philosophy on attacking and putting down absolutely everything but suggesting nothing in return....

Wait a second...

Thanks Bob. I was curious about that ever since your review of 'Shuttah Island'. I'd also understand why you would adopt a more general speaking voice for public audiences since every accent around carries some immutable stereotypes with it, a sad but true factor though some people enjoy hearing accents for uniqueness (my city's main radio talk show host is that way at least partly due to his Scottish accent).

Isn't it nice how text doesn't have accents?

I was always more into Simpsons than South Park- it often felt to me like Cartman got away with too much even for a satirical cartoon show. Even Homer or a less sympathetic jerkass like Peter Griffin is usually punished for serious indiscretions. It is kind of admirable though how SP was willing to take a dig at more left-wing absurdities Simpsons wasn't willing to attack (I am a big-time lefty and the show's writers themselves have admitted to being the same), though more out of a general lack of caring who they offended than any political message. One thing they seemed to have in common was a general desire to make people take a second look at any political, business or religious platform to see the hidden truths underneath before throwing in with them, that nothing is as good as it is originally presented to be. Not everything sucks, but critical thinking is important.


I think it's better to look at South Park as a show that while not having a coherent moral code does offer up an opinion on a topic which you can then choose to check up on yourself. It's like wikipedia, good for a starting off point, but don't believe everything you see there. Like the episode where KFC gets banned and medicinal marijuana is legalised does use a lot of the points the "legalise it" crowd use. If that episode makes you think about why marijuana is illegal and makes you think about your stance on it then good. If, however, your stance is weed should be legal, just watch South Park then that's bad.

I like the Boston accent. Not Bob's in particular, but just in general.


There are 2 "R"s in the word "retarded". Not an "H". Not a long string of "A"s.


NOT RetaHded.

That is all.

Bob, you make it sound like there's something wrong with sounding like the Scout!

Anyway, nice vid.

I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned, but it's something that I noticed, not only as a South Park fan from season 1 onwards, but also as a self-proclaimed "South Park Conservative" (translation: very centrist, with an occasional smidgeon of a right leaning)...South Park doesn't have its own philosophy because it is based around making fun of the silliness of other philosophies. It is almost pure satire.

Take global warming, for example. The serious AGW people take it to the point of a doomsday cult, rather than "we may have to make some adaptations in a warming world." So, you get an episode like "Manbearpig" or "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow." People turning Obama into a saviour and a divisive election campaign? "About Last Night..."

It's a great show, but if there is a life lesson in it, I don't know if you could take it any farther than "Get some f***ing perspective, already!"

Really? Republicans are that desperate for a political voice outside of certain far right talking heads? Really?

South Park has always came across as an equal opportunity bashfest. And it's narrative tends to swing from pants on head ridiculous to bludgeoning it's audience over the head with a particular moral of the moment.



I have to admit, I laughed out loud about Bob talking about sounding like Scout (and tbh, looking like Heavy, too!) I grew up in New York state, in the suburbs of NYC, so I have a northern accent, but not a "New York" accent. My Dad grew up in the Bronx, and his accent is very, very different from mine "Youse goin' out?"

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