Escapist Podcast: 024: Dr Who, Serious Sam 3 & Questions

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Doom, im not sure if it is a really one game to really represent gaming. It is kind of a big deal for the FPS. not sure i can put it over Half-life.

I've never watched Doctor Who, but everyone I know who does watch says its something I would like. Is there anywhere in particualr I should start watching?

Speaking as someone who has a small starscream collection, I totally get and agree with Susan about the first live action transformers movie being cute. The second one is unwatchable.

Justin, since you're someone who enjoys foreign war epics, I have a few suggestions for you from Polish cinema:

"With Fire and Sword" is an amazing movie; it's absolutely huge in scale for a foreign film (the most expensive Polish film ever made at the time), and I also think they did an amazing job of characterization.

Incidentally, Greg Tito did a preview of a "With Fire and Sword" game earlier this year under the Mount & Blade brand. Also incidentally, you can find this preview at!

Also, I haven't had a chance to see them yet, but I've heard nothing but praise for Andrzej Wadja's "War Trilogy": A Generation, Kanal, and Ashes and Diamonds.

Ah timesplitters 2 <3
My brother and I used to play one hit kill monkey brick death matches, incredibly fun! :D

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