No Right Answer: Firefly vs. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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The 8th Doctor Who?

The BBC were going to make an 8th Doctor, but gave it to Fox to make a tele-movie/pilot and we all know how that turned out.

That video needed much more Summer Glau.
This threads needs much more Summer Glau.
Everything needs more Summer Glau.

Also... who aired Dollhouse and The Cape? Two more shows that got short thrift, that Summer Glau was a part of. It's like she's cursed or something.

Kyle, that spit-take saved your arse from an internet fury that hath never been beholden before. You nearly lost that one?! How?

Aw, Dan, you have won in my heart. You always do.

Loop Stricken:
That video needed much more Summer Glau.
This threads needs much more Summer Glau.

If you want this thread to be locked, there are other ways to do it.

As for getting "No Right Answer" cancelled, other than the thing about comparing cancelling a show to rape, I don't see why.

This was my favorite episode I've seen yet. Can we have Dan sub in for people once in a while from now on? Because he's REALLY funny.

Arrested Development and Firefly tie in this case. Arrested Development was a funny sort of satire sitcom... thing that was worth every minute, and Firefly, well, the math is: Cool Dude (Nathan Fillion) + SPACE + Good writing, episodes, etc. = awesome show.

Why, Fox? WHY! Why did they have to die!?!? You were evil enough with your news network, but you had to carry it over to your prime time TV!? Nooooooooooooooo!...

Also, future topic for debate: Best Science Fiction Dystopia: Gattaca or In Time?

Dark Angel. That shouldn't have been killed off either.


It should have been 3 series long to tie the first 2 together.

I enjoyed this episode. Dan is a refreshing change from Chris, more mellow, and I wouldn't mind him stepping in for a few more episodes. Either while Chris is still sick or allowing Kyle to sit back while he debates Chris. Like if there is a topic that he would like to debate on, I would encourage him to partake. Someone even suggested a three way debate which could be interesting for a special episode.

Also, the ending was great. Chris walking in nonchalantly and asking about the topic while giving a third possible answer. Dan and Kyle's responses made me laugh. To be fair, there are about a dozen possible answers to this question.

Kyle got a spit-take! In a similar situation, I'm sure I'd manage to make myself laugh, just like Dan did.

The Random One:
Aw, Dan, you have won in my heart. You always do.

What a wonderful screengrab. "Hmmmmmm..."

Absolutely loved the ending. Pretty much the whole time, I was thinking why they didn't include Arrested Development.

This was the first debate where I felt that the series title truly applied. If I was given the power to resurrect one of these series, I don't think that I could possibly chose.
Also, Dan did an excellent job!

Everytime I hear about Firefly I have to repress my nerd rage, Not at Fox, but at fans. I was there watching Friday nights. Where were the rest of you before the DVDs came out? It never really got much development beyond the standard "mysterious" characters, both of whom we've gotten backstory on in subsequant projects (though I found Sheppard's backstory kind of dull and unremarkable).

SCC, let's be honest, it only survived it's original season because the writer's guild strike left it one of the few scripted shows on TV for a while. The second season was uneven, but it seemed to have successfuly set up an interesting idea of a "pro-human" machine faction. Very painful cliffhanger.

Of course if you want to talk screwed over, let's get into another Nathon Fillion series: Drive. I mean it wasn't that great, but 3 episodes? Talk about not giving something a fair chance. Yet somehow Terra Nova survives despite being dull as dirt.

So what happened when this came up yesterday and then disappeared?

Anyway, the last reaction had me laughing madly. "Oh, it's Arrested Development right?" "OH NOOOOOO!".

I'd go with The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Cromartie was a terrifying presence.

. And I don't mind drama in my action shows. I embrace it, actually. It really was a show that was getting better and better all the time.

I'd put it even above Arrested Development. Though I loved AD, it got sloppy towards the end. That whole storyline with Charlize Theron was pretty bad.

Also, I'm quite giggly myself. I would spit-take constantly if I were around you guys.

While I haven't actually seen Firefly, I've heard great things about the show and was sad to see it get jobbed like it did.

However, if it wasn't for Firefly's untimely departure, Nathan Fillion may not have been able to do "Castle." It's one of my favorite shows and I doubt it would be as good as it is without him in the titular role.

Also, I forgot to mention one thing. Chris, you gave me your illness through the internet, and it is horrible.


Loved the ending. And Dan did a great job for his first time... keep that in mind, ladies.

But yes, be it Arrested Development, the Tick, Firefly, Terminator, Futurama, etc, etc, we can all agree Fox kills amazing things.

I don't get it. Are you trying to say that Dan is good in bed, or that ladies should expect good things from first timers?

Trying to imply the former. I guess I'm doing a poor job of internet wingman since I need to explain myself haha

I love me some Summer Glau, but I'm beginning to think that she's the kiss of death for TV shows. I mean, okay, The Cape was awful. But Firefly, Terminator:TSCC, Dollhouse, The 4400...she was on all of them. They all got cancelled after 1 or 2 seasons.

But back to what we're supposed to be talking about. FOX really doesn't give fledgling shows a chance to grow, and some of the best stories NEED that time. Characters need to be established and developed so the stakes can be high when they're threatened. The story needs the time to get past exposition and the hook so the action can build. And do not even get me started on putting these shows in the Friday night death slot.

Also, this show is awesome. I love this and Drinking Games (and I am feeling the loss. Has it been cancelled? How ironic). I think Dan did a great job for his first time. I'm going to guess that the lack of sleep from having a baby is what made him giggly. I can forgive that. Anyway, keep up the great work, guys!

Loop Stricken:
That video needed much more Summer Glau.
This threads needs much more Summer Glau.
Everything needs more Summer Glau.

Also... who aired Dollhouse and The Cape? Two more shows that got short thrift, that Summer Glau was a part of. It's like she's cursed or something.

Oops. Slightly ninja'd.

Dollhouse was Fox as well. The Cape was NBC.

The ending was great and I proceeded to cry when reminded about the injustice towards Joss Whedon and Firefly.

Screw you Fox.

Wait are you serious?

Firstly, how are Firefly and TSCC even in the same sentence? Firefly was actually a good show, TSCC was not. So Firefly wins by default.

Secondly, why not choose an actual amazing Fox-cancelled to go up against Firefly. Like say.... Arrested Development. Unless it HAD to be sci-fi, or are you guys really that stereotypical? >.>

edit: Ididnotwatchthisbeforeicommented

I hate it when that Fox executive argues that showing Firefox out of order had no effect. Like Hell! I remember catching the first episode, after missing the first few minutes, and watching them rob a train. And I turned it off. Why? Because I didn't know the characters, didn't know the universe, and out of context it looked stupid. I mean, a sci-fi show where people still used trains? It seemed like they were just stuffing western cliches into a show where they didn't belong.

It was only when I watched the show on netflix that I got hooked. I know if I had seen the pilot first, seen Mal fighting his hopeless war, and all about the doctor and his sister I would have turned in every week. That is why Fox sucks!

That hot girl?

You mean Shirley Manson?

Mmmm ...

That was a truly fantastic ending guys!

At least Arrested Development is getting a new mini series and a movie *Fingers crossed*

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