Meatbag and Co: Late Night Delivery

Late Night Delivery

Those pizza delivery boys are very filling.

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This one worked better then the last two. Maybe you guys should try to focus more on the Minecraft stuff in this Minecraft series. However, this was definitely a good step. Keep it up :D

Thanks man!

The "What do you think they're talking about" line reminded me of the start of Red Vs. Blue lol

The zombies were so funny! But the last line was the funniest.

For being a pretty verbal opponent of the first two, I rather enjoyed this one. It felt much shorter without being too long or too short. Just a good length. I wasn't really exactly sure of why it was better. But I think Mr.Mattress has the right idea. We all (well most of us) love Minecraft for what it is, not what it isn't. Focusing more on the Mindcraftian (new word?) aspects of the world could work quite well.

Pretty good, though Episode two is still my favorite. Zombies are silly.

So far the zombies are the only funny things in this series. Make them the stars!

I love this series, I've enjoyed every episode so far and it's the only series, besides LRR stuff, that makes me laugh out loud rather than just smirk.

I do have to ask though, why is the human called depressed in the description? He doesn't seem all that depressed.

i dunno, if your only friend in the world was a dumb robot, i'd be depressed too :P

The zombies were great, would love to see more of them. Also, the shorter length is way better, I liked the previous episodes so far, but they tended to drag on too long. Internet videos shouldnt really be too much over 3/4 minutes unless they are ESPECIALLY good.

Getting better, I'd still say that you need an introduction of another character or even better a handful of them who act a lot wackier to set up the situations for the main two to be sarcastic about.

Okay, it's getting better I'll give it that, and we've used a Meatbag reference, so I'll keep watching.

I admit I was sorta confused with this series initially, but after this episode, I rewatched the episodes here. I like the humor, but I know it's not for everyone. I think the zombies delivery of their lines made me laugh more than they should. There was something about the mumbles along with the subtitles that was funny to me.
I also noticed that there is an attention to detail. It was subtle, so I'd missed it on earlier viewings, but the skin is changed on the characters to create facial expressions that last for a shot. I started to appreciate the work going into the sets as well.
I'm interested in this group's interpretation of other mobs in minecraft. I wasn't expecting zombies to be subtitled. I hope that there are new episodes that make the creators laugh, and that an audience can be found at the Escapist.

Well, this is an improvement. Those zombies should appear more often, they were actually pretty funny. Now I'm waiting for the creepers to start talking.

well, this is a pleasant surprise.

Hey, free pizza! This show is going well but I too would like to see more Minecraft based episodes like have a goal to dig for certain things. Great job!


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