Miracle of Sound: Joker's Song (Batman: Arkham City)

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"We are two of a kind"

I see want you did there...

Aw, all the clever things I spotted have already been mentioned by my fellow nerds (Killing Joke + Mind of the Bat references, Nightmare Before Christmas vibe etc)...

By now I've come to expect great lyrics from you, and they certainly don't disappoint here (I especially like the first verse)... But what really deserves praise upon praise in this case is your singing. Dude, changing your voice to resemble Hamill's Joker like that is already impressive - but keeping it that way through an entire song with erratic vocal shifts? I have no words to properly describe my admiration for this accomplishment.
You. Effing. Rule. :D

A lovely song this was.
One of my favorites of yours.

That song was awesome! Sounded just like the real Joker.

Amazing, simply amazing. You've overdone yourself on this one methinks. <3

That sounded superb, loved it. Somehow quite relaxing, tho dealing with Joker shouldn`t be so. But still, awesome.
Makes me want to play the game.


I do wish this game gave a better end to Mark Hamill's Joker than it did...

I hope DC gets the balls to do the Killing Joke in some form, that is the only thing that would bring Hamill to go one more round against the Bat.

This is incredible. The lyrics are brilliant. The music fits Joker perfectly. I did not expect it to be this good.

Incredible...Knocked it of the park again! I started listening thinking, "Hey this is kinda nice." Then that chorus kicked in and blew me away. Immediately restarted the song with the speakers turned up so my roommate could hear it. Absolutely brilliant and another one to buy when it comes out. Keep up the great work!

That was brilliant, the song is a perfect personification of the Jokers relationship with Batman. Or, from the Jokers eyes anyway.

One bad day is all it takes eh?
Never a bad day with Miracle of Sound.

Love the tune!
Love the vocals!
Love the lyrics!

Well done, sir. The musical trifecta.

P.S. 'bout time it's out, though. Make me wait all damn day, why don't you?!

Killing Joke reference!!

That actually blew me away... Wasn't expecting you to sound like that at all, but the vocals really *are* Joker!!
Well done, man, what an achievement singing like that. Kinda reminded me of Danny Elfman's singing in Nightmare Before Christmas- and I mean that as the very highest of compliments :D

Still listening to it, it's fantastic!

Brilliant, Miracle. :)
You creeped my mom out while I was listening to it, so that's made it a double must-buy song!
Just...fantastic. Thank you for this!

this song would fit marvellously in with Nightmare Before Christmas.
Anything that sounds like Danny Elfman is awesome to me -- good job Gavin!

I was REALLY worried when i read the title because i thought "this is one he HAS to get right". The Arkham asylum song has stould as my favorite so when i saw this i was SO worried.

Then i clicked play and heard the circus music and i KNEW, "he knows what he's doing" and all that worry went away. Needless to say around the first or second chorus i found myself clapping on impulse because i liked it so much.

Great job Gavin! Cheers all around from my friends i showed this too.

Question though, did you do the laugh yourself?

I ask because it sounds very close to the real thing and if you did go out of your way to do it yourself i would imagine it was hard to get it right.

OT: This is one where i can really tell you tried to make a song that fit the game and character even if it might not apeal to a broud audience. And That was a GOOD CHOICE haha.

Fantastic. Now I must read The Killing Joke and The Dark Knight Returns again. That's the second good impression I have heard you do this week. Golem from your Dark Souls vid is really good also. Is there no end to your talents? You jammy bastard! ;)

Double post....Wooops..../whistles.

This song is incredible and I think you really nailed the feel of the Joker, the laugh and the cough at the end was a nice touch.

When the song started I was instantly reminded of the scene in the Batman movie with Jack Nicholson where he was dancing with Vicki Vale in the cathedral. I really loved this one!

Once again, Gavin. BRAVO! Very nice, very nice indeed. WHY ARE YOUR SONGS NOT ON BAND CAMP SOONER? D:

Great job with the voice, as well as the layering of the 'different' singers.

I was a little worried at the beginning, because that theme creeps me out, but I loved the waltz-like theme and the instrumental work.

With the "cape and his cave line" I started to hum the 'and his cat' but the meow and mancal took me by surprise. Also, I like how it drives the point that Batman can't kill Joker.

But, there were too many references to bats. I feel like the walking rodent population is under appreciated. Oh, and you don't change your style enough. To anyone who didn't read his latest column, this is a reference, made in jest

Miracle, you just keep getting better.

Thats a really good joker impersonation. did it take you a long time to get it or did it just come naturally?

And good song too. I think this will probably become one of the top ones, like Sovngarde Song.

Holy shit, yes. That was amazing. Like people said, this could've been straight from the soundtrack for Batman: The Musical, quality and all.

Now hopefully Rocksteady, DC, or someone will get word of this.

If I have any criticism, it's that the higher voice track should be the louder one in the second chorus. I know you were building up to that in the last, but you nailed the second verse, which really hypes up that chorus.

No words can express how awesome this was, Gav. You nailed Jokers insanity, made it sound very close to a Nigthmare Before Christmas song, which is always a plus.....and that's all I can say. there is just too much awesome packed in this song to put into words. At this point I don't believe it's possible for you to make a bad song.

Holy bananas, Batman! It's amazing how you managed to capture the mood of Batman-Joker relationship. And the voice. You Joker voice is amazing (not Mark Hammill amazing but still quite awesome). The joke is on those who kept saying that you always sound the same in all your songs ;) Did you do the crazy Joker laugh yourself too?

Also loved a callback to Mind of the Bat =) Nice one.

Edit: Noticed that you started Dark Souls let's play recently. Does that mean that we will be getting a Dark Souls song some time in the future?)


Seriously, when does your new album come out again?

Really liked it, I didn't think it was as good as the Arkham Asylum one though.

EDIT: After giving it a second listen I'd have to say that this is a lot better than I first gave it credit for. Great work.

Dude, did I just listen to a song from the new Disney Batman film?

You have well and truly out-done yourself. I could go into a huge amount of detail of how it captured the feel of the game, the Joker and his relationship with Batman, and being incredibly catchy, but it's unnecessary. The song speaks for itself.

So yeah, thanks for making my day.

All I can say that other people haven't already said is... *holds up a ten* for the Joker Voice! w00t!! Rock on Gav!

Dang, that was fantastic. I had to double check the credits because I didn't think it was you for a second. You really nailed the voice. And I really like how at certain points, it felt like it was on the brink of insanity but didn't quite get there.

And I am loving the Nightmare Before Christmas feel. I love that movie.

Hey, that was really good.

I couldn't say why, but it strongly reminded me of a disney villain song.

Which I guess is actually very appropriate.

My gods, Gav, you've outdone yourself again! I need new adjectives to describe how awesome that was. You've perfectly captured this most memorable of duets, and how better to do so than a dance meant for two? Wonderfully done, man.

is it bad that i laughed the exact same way as joker after he said "meow"?

I hope it's OK if I say that it's easy to imagine Mark Hammill singing this in character.

I must say, if they inserted this song into the game, i would classify Arkham city as a musical :D

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