Meatbag and Co: Horror Stories

Horror Stories

The best part of camping are stories told around the campfire.

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Now THAT's a plot twist!

ROFL whore-r house!


You guys are awesome.

Yay. Recurring characters, awesome jokes, AND a plot twist. I wonder what's next...

that story at the end was so good I had to back and listen to it a few times

Another good step forward! Especially since I did not like the last episode at all. Hopefully your guy's show will just keep on getting better :D Maybe you'll be the next "Apocalypse Lane" of the Escapist!

That story actually worked because it was so fast paced that it messes people up when they here it and they cant keep up with it but they know its bad xD awesome

What is it with the Escapist with shows that start mediocre but eventually get great? (Jimquisition, Doomsday Arcade, De-Rez, etc.)

Q: "Is it going to be boring?"

A: Yes. Very.

Keep trying.......

I sort of thought the last episode was better than this one, but these guys are starting to get the right formula for a good show.

this was pretty good

good continueing on your slow rise to a good show

I, uhm.. maybe it's cause I haven't watched the others but.. Well, I just don't see what's so impressive about this. It certainly had decent music, and the voice acting was well done. But the story.. well, there really wasn't one (just like real horror films) and by the end of it I was having to ask myself why I even watched it. Just like real horror films!

Eh, I applaud you guys for trying, and I did like those minecraft skins. I guess this just isn't the kind of show I can get into.

That one was quite good. Nice, fast-paced humor. You're certainly improving. I hope you guys can get the fanbase up before the season ends now, because I'm becoming quite attached to this show.


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