Meatbag and Co: Recklaw Jones

Recklaw Jones

Apparently, he's gonna save us all.

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Man that Snake joke got old fast

Just wanted to let you know that I'm still watching this. Might be just me though...

^ Oh, and that guy ^

How is the conclusion going to be next week, when the world blew up this week?

I dont mind this series, but i kinda wish it was longer in episode time length, I suppose. I know he and the escapist dont get along well, but Rob Moran did a really good minecraft series where it wasjust a single player thing through one of the really early mods when the game was still in beta.

With all due respect, I think this series isn't reaching it's full potential.
I still watch it though, it sometimes takes a while for a show to hit its stride.

Oh... Conclusion next week? Hrm.

Aw, it's almost over? Already?

oh, don't you pull a Game Dogs on me!


yeah, i'd like to see this series continue if it's all the same. i mean, you just introduced "the chick" archetype, that's supposed to stretch a series out for at least a second season

I will say, if they are getting canceled, they at least seem to know. That lets them put together a 'final' episode. That's better then most series get on the internet. I don't think that is what is actually happening. I think it's just another story point.

I think this show can still get places and be good. We have seen some genuinely funny stuff from them but it has been woefully inconsistent and pacing has always been a problem IMO. I can call myself a fan, but I have defiantly seen worse.

Maybe I was just in a good mood but I was laughing all through this episode. Loved the parrot speak jokes. ("Sexy buttons?") It's a shame that this series only has one more episode to go...

Well, that was a short series!

it wasn't so bad, even though people complained about it it just needs.. more content and less awkward silences

This was a good episode :D Did not expect the punchline

I was really starting to enjoy this, I hope the "conclusion" is a joke and it continues anyway.


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