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Coming to theaters this summer, Timecop 2: Future Tense.

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If you could have done an episode with a skeleton and flying off on a dragon with bitches, this show probably would have lasted longer.

Well, it's been interesting and I definitely think I'll be following you guys on your YouTube channel, but I'm not terribly surprised that this only lasted a season. That was quite the ending though, nicely done.

Aw, no more? :(
I liked the show, it went up and down a bit, but there were a few good moments. Good last episode. Will probably check out your channel.

Cool finale, how come it ended so quickly?

Thanks for the fun show!

Too bad it's over before you folks hit your stride with it; I was just starting to feel like you were getting a handle on how the show would go. I liked watching people adventure in minecraft.

The ending felt a bit Seinfeldi-ish, prov=bably because the joke of "Wait, didn't we have this conversation before?" was ripped straight from the ending of Seinfeld.

I would love to see more, but at least it didn't overstay its welcome.

Well, that was a lame ending to a show that had a lot of potential.

What... what was that at the start?!?

I honestly don't know what to say. I am sad to see this series go, but I haven't stopped smiling for like... an hour.

Well done, gentlemen, well done!

I think you have a subscriber now.

Wait, is it actually over? That was really odd...

Well if it is over, thanks for giving us your best. It did indeed have it's moments. As for the last episode, it started slow but the retrospective talk at the end was pretty funny. I for one love self-deprecating humor.

If it isn't actually over. Good luck on future episodes, had some good and some iffy. But you can't please everyone.

Cool finale, how come it ended so quickly?

I assume that nobody was watching it. Actually, the reason I came into this thread was to see if this had gotten an audience.

Apparently not.

That ending was awesome! The commentary and self awareness was funny and as weird as the time cop thing was it was quite funny warped sense of time travel makes it a bit strange and the question is will timecop(one who showed up on time using time travel) come to help timecop!?!?! Will he unravel the whole finale !!?!?!?

Finally, a small series on the Escapist that actually finished its run with a planned conclusion!!
Well done guys (:

Well, at least you can now leave without it being all weird. Quite a few shows ended abruptly, including Lisa Foiles Top 5 and Pro Gamer Gauntlet.

Then again, I doubt those two shows got very much love.

Then again 2, I don't know if this show got very much love, with its peculiar sense of humor.

That's it? I want to see the Skeleton King and the Dragon...

That's it? I want to see the Skeleton King and the Dragon...


This was probably the funniest one yet. "Let's just say you didn't get that promotion"

I really like these MOAR PLEASE, NOW! Thanks!!!

I really like these MOAR PLEASE, NOW! Thanks!!!

Not likely, it seems people before us say that the series been canceled. Although I would like to know where they got this information from.


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