The Big Picture: Future Assembly

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Does anyone else think it's funny that immediately after Bob pulls out the 'The 90's sucked' picture yet again he says "It became an overused, endlessly repeating crutch"? No? Just me? Okay then.

Well, oddly enough, I just happened to be scanning this topic to see if anybody had pointed it out (just in case I had to do so myself).

Personally, I though the 90s were actually pretty damn awesome.

Also, to you, and also Bob (regarding the Moses/Indy thing), it's never just you. Not necessarily saying it's me, just that it is at leats one other person...:)

No you're not the only one Bob, I squeei-ed a little when you said that.

Going to see it on Thursday, I feel for you my American friends.

I don't agree with Bob that this will be a big thing...or that it's likely to be, does he think it's likely? I'm not sure...I think it would be nice and quite cool, it's implied in the odd films here and there but usually only as an afterthought or with cameos, I would have no problem seeing it well done...

I just...don't expect Hollywood to do it well. Perhaps I'm being cynical but I always envisage their attempts to replicate a successful instance as being sub par and on the cheap. Invariably then it's obvious what they're trying to do and kind of annoying. If film makers did this really well, even subtly, I'd enjoy it, even if we're just talking the little nods all the time. Full blown integration would be great for many ideas, though certainly not all but it would need to be done well and I get the feeling a lot of directors would be ham fisted about it.

I want the robots to win at the end of Terminator, so that it can segue into the Matrix. And the aliens at the end of Sings should have been Aliens... WHAT A TWI/------------->/severed head.

inb4 the ark is revealed to be from space aliens.
That's the kinda backfire we could get from crossovers.

April 26, I get to see the first of my most anticipated movie list of the year.

I pray that this movie lives up to the hype.

Seeing The Avengers in a few hours. Go Australia! I'll be sure to come back and spoil the whole thing for you when it's over.

Comes out today in Australia!!!!

I noticed that Bob left out naming videogames as a form of distributed media, which I find to be a bit of an oversight in a discussion about geek culture and its "Big Picture". Do you actually play any videogames, Bob? Are you r-e-a-l-l-y a geek? Videogames...are...w-e-i-r-d, too!

I loved that little reference to For Better or For Worse. Going to see the Avengers this weekend.

I am from New Zealand. I watched The Avengers roughly 12 hours ago. It was good.

Fair warning! There is stuff at the end of the credits. If you want it to mean anything at all do some basic research into Avengers villains. Tried to make this as unspoileresque as possible.

I love the idea and I disagree with any who say it would alienate viewers. As its been mentioned Clerks/Mallrats/ChasingAmy/Dogma/JayAndSilentBobStrikeBack/clerks2 aka the View Askiewneverse is a brilliant example of how 6 very thematically different films can share many unifying threads and only one of them kinda choked on its own self referencing (Jay and Bob) which IMHO is perfectly natural.

Like the Avengers, that was the big one intended to tie them all together. It can be done and it can be done well.

This is the media giving us a chance to prove it doesn't have dumb itself down to entertain us and I hope it succeeds...all though I fear what would happen if Ryan Renolds gets tapped again for a certain character in a JLA movie.

Haha yes the few times in Australia where we get a movie before the US I'm going to see it tonight wwwwwwwhhhhhhooooooo

I think Hollywood already has a big enough problem with derivative sequels, prequels and remakes without adding crossovers to the mix.

Besides, outside of a superhero movie it doesn't make any sense. Superman and Batman together would be awesome, whereas the Indiana Jones Ark in the 10 Commandments is at the very least groan-worthy.

The Space Janitor ad is starting to get on my proverbial tits.
I'm on your site already! (and have watched SP) So what more do you want me to do!!? grr

OH MY GOD I KNOW!!!! I tried to show escapist content to some of my friends but not one was able to keep enough interest through the space janitor ad to actually want to watch the real feature. it is an ANTI ad I wish escapist janitors would clean up.

Interesting, I'd definitely be interested in this idea. Play your cards right and you could create entire worlds over the course of several movies.

P.S: I thought that Ark idea was pretty clever.

Can't wait to see batman and this movie :D


30+ seconds unskippable add is starting to get on my nerves... don't say join the publishers club and dont say me telling you to don't say it makes you say it.

OT: Interesting idea about continuity in movies but then we'll get to se the same old actors more frequently because you know they are going to get the roles not newcomers.

That's what AdBlock is for.

edit this post NOW! If you don't want a warning! Don't endorse adblocking addons/programs if you want to keep a clean slate!

its funny cause i can go and watch the movie today lol, australia is a good place :P

And of course living in rural Australia I have to wait even longer to see it...

... Fuck.

I do find the concept of inter-film continuity intriguing, however, I have zero interest in watching a 10 commandments movie Indian Jones ark or no.


I guess it isn't common knowledge enough, but Tarantino has had a shared continuity in every film he's written. There's the obvious example of the Vega brothers, but also more obscure ones like the fact that Eli Roth's character in Basterds (Donowitz) is supposed to be the ancestor to the film producer in True Romance. Also in Out of Sight, Michael Keaton played the same character that he played in Jackie Brown, but that was since they were from same series of books.

Weird how I didn't realize that considering I saw Deathproof the other day and they mentioned "Big Kahuna Burger." Don't forget Kevin Smith and "Moobie."

Yeah, I was surprised Bob didn't mention Kevin Smith, although I guess his continuous Jersey-verse stems from comic book inspiration anyways.

Bob, adjust your speaker volume please? Apparently you didn't hear half the Internet (including me) shouting H3LL YEAH when you made the Ark continuity suggestion.

But I think there's an IP problem with crossovers. Oh wait, it's not IP that's the problem, it's the IP LAWYERS that are the problem. Sorry for the mixup.

lol, i live in hong kong and the avengers will be in cinemas tomorrow. and from the looks of it, there are many shows on that day.

to the indiana jones part, yeah, why not. sounds alright. lol.

Bob, that was a really, really stupid idea, and it feels like I should be criticizing you for talking about idiotic and dumb a premise would be to tie Indiana Jones to the actual Bible.

... So why is it that I still keeping thinking that such an idea would be absolutely brilliant?

In all honesty, movie continuity opens up a path for possibly better movie plots as movies are tied to one another and a 'universe' is built with some kind of domestic terrorist force that many protagonists from different parts of the American (because apparently foreign action heroes don't sell well in summer blockbusters) world fighting against and maybe come together in some sort of big, 'Avenger-esque' crossover, forcing the writers to actually pay some damn attention to what they're writing. At the same time, though, shameless plugging ahoy. We can only see whether or not the Avengers will cause this, though.

Actually, when you consider spin-offs in television the idea of a shared universe is not that far fetched. There is a Cracked article that talks about it more, like how "The Wire" and "The X-Files" take place in the same universe along with "Homicide Life on the Street" and the "Law and Order Franchise".

There was also that time "Boston Public" and "The Practice" crossed over, even though they were on separate networks at the time. Or how TGIF would have cross overs of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch", "Boy Meets World", and the dozen or so shitty gimmick shows that revolved through their line up over the years.

Dwayne MacDuffie, god rest his soul, is also frequently credited with the "St. Elsewhere" idea of shared continuity, in that all television shows take place in the mind of one autistic child looking at a snow globe.

Here is the Cracked thing:

Soooo, I've already seen The Avengers because it came out in Australia last night...

As long as the film industry doesn't abuse having a decent shared continuity for films like Bob said, I think this would be pretty neat.

I think the arc thing would be an amazing easter egg at best.

But, I do hope the Avengers works. It could bring some new things to movies.

Bob, you could have used more examples when talking about superhero movie history. I don't normally have this problem and I feel like you're normally good with examples, but I kind of got lost around the middle.

Sucks for you BoB, I am seeing the Avengers in exactly 50 mins from now (Australia FTW)

The part where Bob is all like having that Spielberg movie end with the same Ark as from Indiana Jones, that would be FUCKING AWESOME! Just Saiyan.

Live in Australia, saw the movie last night at the midnight session. ;P And oh god yes.

When did bob make that video, is it possible that Yahtzee (Aus) would get to see it before him?

If so... LOL

I hate to be le European snob, but I think MovieBob is overrating the significance of comic books.

I'm about to date myself here, but what about Friends, and then Joey?

Yeah, it's not a movie, but the same concept is there, except in reverse.

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