79: In 3-D

Will computer games ever truly breach the third dimension?

In 3-D

Interesting article, but disappointing to see the negative use of the word "pussy" in the first sentence. I doubt you'd publish an article describe the technology as "totally gay", so why fall back on a similarly offensive playground-level prejudice?

Shame on you, The Escapist - for a magazine that has made a real effort to examine and counter some of the sexism around games, you've let yourselves down with this. Please remember that you have a lot of readers for whom a pussy is a part of their bodies, not an insult.

CC: The Editor.

From the author:

A little etymology lesson: Believe it or not, "pussy" was originally an informal term for a small kitten. That original usage gave rise to the slang term meaning (according to the American Heritage Dictionary) "a man regarded as weak, timid, or unmanly." The slang usage meaning "vulva" is later, though apparently more pervasive on Mkt's playground.
-- Allen Varney

As an artist who often makes stereographic still work, I've always wanted my games to one day be in 3D.

One possible drawback would be that once we have fully stereoscopic games we will realize exactly how much visual information in our game environments, objects and characters are implied by flat textural images mapped onto polygonal surfaces. In a way it will be a big step backwards: in 3D, Halo 2 would suddenly look much like Marathon 1 (but with depth.)

Hm. Why no mention of the Virtual Boy?

Regarding the 'pussy' thing, my only question is why is the first two letters of 'pussy' boldfaced in the article? Weird.

Smelly Cat. (It's silly and I know that.)

I feel its also worth adding, that I on the whole will agree with the first post, I think pussy has gotten overused much like gay has, and that the sentiment trying to be put forth, one of the tame kitten as opposed to 3D's lion, isn't clear with the current wording.

Allen: Thanks for taking the time to clarify that. However, the word "pussy" is so often used in a derogatory way towards women that it didn't even cross my mind that you were going for a different image - as TomBeraha said, your wording certainly doesn't make it clear. As for the derogatory usage being more pervasive "on my playground", I seriously doubt that you are unaware of the sexist connotations of this word in the modern world. If I were to refer to someone as a "pussy", nobody would assume I was comparing him to a cat. Where the word came from is irrelevant - its modern usage is. The words "queer" and "bitch" also have harmless origins, but I would hope that, as a jounalist, you would use those words with a little more caution.

Why are we discussing the word pussy more than 3D games? I agree with David. It would be a double edged sword. Fun to play, truly immersive, yet kind of ugly. Its not as if when games become truly 3D the graphics will be current gen quality. It'd probably be like the Virtual Boy, which never gave me nausea just boredom, in relation to the consoles available at the time as far looks.


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