Trailers: SimCity - E3 Trailer

SimCity - E3 Trailer

Oh, going to riot and complain about conditions well let's see how you like Godzilla.

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I actually really miss the old Sim games, like SimSafari and SimThemePark and SimPark, those were SO much fun to play. Please Maxi, bring those kinds of games back.

Game of the Year 2013. Best in Show E3 2012. Finally, a good reason to install Origin. This trailer serves to reaffirm what I was already sure of: SimCity will be amazing.

P.S. Thanks

Yes, finally!

8 years of waiting, over.

I hope there's a quick save feature.
What griped me about 4 was that it would randomly crash and then I'd lose everything.

This is something sweet to look forward to, but I hope they release it on Steam because Origin is a waste of space.


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