Trailers: Ninja Ranch!

Ninja Ranch!

As a ninja your farming skills are suspect.

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It looks pretty shitty to be honest

What the fuck was that?

Quiet Stranger:
It looks pretty shitty to be honest

The mechanics seem somewhat intriguing (if I get the rules of the game from what I saw) but I think I would have to resist the urge to not beat the shit out of stereotypical Japanese Sensei to not have any fun.

PS: Oh, and the captcha as me to describe "Holiday Inn" with any word I liked. I said "prostitute."

OH... Good.

A game titled 'Ninja Ranch', whose style and presentation mostly borrow from Chinese themes.
(Seriously. Pandas, a man dressed in a Chinese mandarin style, phrases reminiscent of confucianism...)

Because Japan and China are completely interchangeable right? >_<

Why is David Lo-Pan telling me how to run a farm?

If this game asks if you have green eyes, trust me, SAY NO!


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