81: Read Any Good Games Lately?

"Licensed games attempt to capture the feeling of the property - some, like Lord of the Rings, are designed to have you retrace the adventures in board game form. See if you can avoid the Nazgul the way Frodo did! They have to bring across the humor or the desperation or the excitement of the book. Others attempt to give you an original story based in the world, like Arkham Horror. You don't go through the plots of the stories, but you are a character in Arkham dealing with Lovecraftian monsters. You could encounter Cthulhu, the color out of space and the Dunwich Horror all in one game (but I wouldn't recommend it)."

Read Any Good Games Lately?

I'm one of the other 5 that enjoyed Hudwon Hawk!! Although last time I watched the DVD, I began noticing more of its shortcomings..

No. 3 right here.
(haven't watched it in years, though)

Totally enjoyed Hudson Hawk and am not afraid to admit it.


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