The Big Picture: Batman Revisited, Part 2

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Probably too much to hope that we can't just pretend the Schumacher stuff never happened.

What I liked about the recent film version of Phantom of the Opera is that - being a Weber musical - it's SUPPOSED to be grandiose and colorful and bombastic with overwrought characters.

Batman does not need to punch glow-in-the-dark biker gangs, and Forever just cemented the notion that all villains just needed to be Nicholson's joker with a different backstory and, amazingly, LESS nuance in their performance.


You should write the next few Batman films. Please. I have been fed up with seeing less and less of Bruce Wayne in those films, and with Batman simply using violence without any eral thinking behind it.

I was actually hoping Nolan would choose the Riddler. He could be somewhat of a cyber criminal, hacking and corrupting things to his advantage, leaving hints and virtual question marks, etc. But your Penguin idea is nice as well, if not better.

I loved forever. I really enjoyed it, I thought it was fun.

Batman has killed several people -

It's fair to say that "today's batman has a code against killing," but when Batman Began (no pun intended), not so much. So for Bob to say Burton didn't get Batman because he had Batman killing people, I have to strongly disagree. I'd say "Burton was merely paying homage to the original iteration of Batman." You know, like how he was free to reinterpret Catwoman and Penguin. I think they call it "taking creative liberty." It wasn't as if the rest of the movie was true to the Characters and then POW! Killer Batman. So why the objection to Burton making Batman a killer in light of the other core changes that he made - penguin not being a member of the 1% with sophisticated taste for example.

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