Escape to the Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man

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Ouch...I'll wait for the DVD release.

I think I'm gonna skip the next couple of these reviews, Spider Man was not only good but pretty great. Better then the first one of the last trilogy for sure. It wasn't perfect but it wasn't boring or poorly acted or poorly written.
Maybe its not perfect , but its worth a look.

I never knew that Bob did movie reviews on Tuesday... I guess that's good to know.

Well, at least the tie-in movie video game is decent...

The worst thing is that one of friends is super pumped for this movie and now she's gonna be all disappointed.

Have you seen Garfield's ass in that suit? No she won't be.

I saw this movie at the midnight showing last night (which was awesome simply because it was the first midnight showing I've ever been too, I hope I get to go to more) and I am a huge fan of Spider Man. I have loved Spider Man since the first time I turned on the TV and saw my favorite superhero in tights. And I have to say I loved this movie. Andrew Garfield did a great job as the nerdy awkward Peter Parker and I liked the idea of having Gwen Stacy instead of Mary Jane Watson. The movie looked great and I thought that the Lizard was a good choice in villain. He looked downright freaky is what I liked about him. I loved the movie plain and simple and shall be getting it on DVD. (Also Stan Lee's cameo was the funniest I ever saw thus far.)

No J. Jonah Jameson?

I was expecting this movie to be really bad, "what it on DVD while drunk" levels of bad. And yet somehow everything new I learn about it lowers my expectations more. But no J. Jonah Jameson?


Looking through these comments is just pathetic. Most people here are deciding not to see the movie because of Bob's pointless fanboy rage. Mos reviews call it a solid film, even Roger Ebert enjoyed it. I've seen the movie and it is NO-WHERE near as bad as Bob is saying. It's no The Dark Knight but it's a overall a solid film.

I figured this would would suck, sadly. Thanks for the advance warning, Bob. Should've listened to you when you said not to see Green Lantern.

okay then, thats another movie I wont go see
I wonder if the Avengers is still playing... hmmmmmm...

never planned to see it and now i'll make sure not to.

Also why do all your tuesday reviews have movies that suck?

Ouch. I was really hoping this movie wasn't going to suck as hard as everyone thought it was going to, but now I'm definitely not seeing it after hearing this.

C'mon guys, form you own opinions!

I actually love you for this post.

It always gets to me when I see people basically posting "Oh Bob you're so right! Not that I've seen the movie or anything like that but it's you so of course you're right!"

The nerve of some people, eh? Following the advice of a professional critic, ITS MADNESS I TELL YE! MAAAAADNESS! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

Can some1 spoil me that scene that he mentions where they "tried" to do the "infamous train scene of Spiderman 2" for us to give a shit about?

Full disclosure: I was hyped to see the movie for ages. I'm on a Spiderman binge currently so I had high hopes for the movie when I went in.

I liked it apart from a few minor points that aren't worth mentioning. As much as I like the Raimi films they are a little cheesy and it was nice to see that this one added a little more realism and showed Peter's progression into his powers. I'm puzzled at Bob's comments about Uncle Ben's manner of death, I thought it was actually more powerful because of the tweaked circumstances.

Imagine how eff'ing cool it would be if at some point during the final act of the Avengers, one of them stumbles upon a Chitauri knocked senseless and hanging from a web? That would have been the better Spider-Man than this and he wouldn't have even been in it.

Oh come on now Bob, the film isn't that bad. It's not very bad at all. I'll admit, some of what you said was right on; the crane scene at the end is contrived (but still could've been cute if it hadn't been so overdone), the Lizard's face looks ridiculously unconvincing, and Curt Connors himself is more or less a copy of Norman Osborne. Still, It isn't nearly as bad as you make it out to be.

I think a good interpretation of this review is to list the things Bob says are terrible, randomly pick about 80% of them, then replace "terrible" with "not bad, but could've been a lot better".

You know what I've learned from watching Bob review movies? That he is completely incapable of judging a movie on its own merits, and with almost 100% accuracy if he hates a movie, it's actually good. Put down your fanboyism and try to enjoy the movie for what it is, and nothing else.

I've heard from others who are deeply invested in the Spider Man world that the origin story in TAS is actually the most faithful one to the comics yet seen on film. So where is all this hate about ignoring the source material as it pertains to the origin story coming from?

Seriously, stop being so emo and butthurt about the movie not living up to your hopes and dreams, especially when you went into it already convince that it was going to be bad. This act of yours is getting old and irritating. If you can't review a movie objectively, then why are you calling yourself a movie critic at all?


I completely agree with all of the above; I especially want to point out the "tugging heartstrings" that was mentioned. This movie made me realize that I never gave a shit about the characters in the Raimi films. In the Raimi films the characters were all just blandly written. And while the actors in that trilogy were good (well in Spiderman 2) the characters that they portrayed were stuck in their 1960 comic book stereotypes. This new movie has both great actors and interesting characters, and I actually found myself upset at a few parts due to the conflicts both physically and mentally surrounding them. And I do like the Raimi trilogy don't get me wrong, but this movie simply just blew them out of the water.

This movie has its issues, but no where near to the rampant degree expressed in the review. This new modernized movie fixes a lot of problems of the old and brings the trilogy into the 21st century for real this time. It is for this same reason that they rebooted the comics in the late 90s and Ultimate Spiderman was born.

And I hear a lot about stuff that was left out especially noted is JJJ, but you know there is going to be a sequel right?

And the point of the movie ripping off the Batman what? The Nolan movies have helped pushed comic films into a era of realism; what is wrong with embracing it?

At the end of the day though judge for yourself; just don't take Bob so seriously sometimes.

All of this, especially the bits about Ultimate Spider-Man, I've been reading it lately and I love it so much. Amazing feels like an adaptation of that, while the old movies feel like an adaptation of 60's books.

So a few comments:

1) Why yes, the crane thing was ridiculously stupid

2) What did they change about Ben's death? The key points I see are (a) the last thing Peter said to him was an insult (b) Peter could have stopped the killer but didn't. What was missing?

3) I really enjoyed the movie. Really did. I didn't think the acting, screenplay, or visuals (other than the Lizard) were too bad. I'm not going to call bias, cause that's stupid. From the first trailer, you thought this looked bad and I thought it looked good. When the movie came out, you didn't like it and I did. That's not bias; that's having individualistic taste.

But I will say this: Bob, if this movie does well, don't be depressed that its because film studios are tricking people into seeing a lazy Spider-Man movie. It will do well because a lot of people liked it. Whether you condemn the process that led to its creation or not, the result satisfied a lot of people. Green Lantern bombed because everyone hated it. If this does well, its because you are in the minority (which is fine; personally I hate X-2, but whatever), but the rest of us have a right to enjoy are movie and hope it performs well in the box office.

I didn't hate it as much as you did. Still, you had good points.

However, I'd argue that the only big coincidence is that Gwen works for Connors.

All the other stuff fits well together; Peter's parents were involved with the research, that leads to Peter getting his powers, the same stuff leads to Connors becoming the Lizard. And Osborn is behind it all. It would be a far bigger coincidence if that all happened independently.

I agree with how they handled Connors/Lizard, he is my favourite Spidey-villain, and the movie did seem to hint he'd be more like himself in the (possible) sequels...

BTW, I think this movie was heavily influenced by the Ultimate Spider-Man comics...

And I couldn't tell if the CGI on Lizard was bad or not, because the 3D makes everything look fake. I hate 3D.

The Avengers cinematography was worse.

Funny how "just because" storytelling gets a pass there, but not here.

Sounds like this is one I'll have to see impaired if at all.

Is it weird that when I hear Bob go on a fanboy rant I want to see the movie more?
Not because I think he's wrong - more like a train-wreck fantasy i.e. Can it really be that bad?

Cos of his Green Lantern review I did wait til video being seeing that, and I have to say he was right. I don't read comic books so there was no fanboy level rage from me, but I could see that there was a better movie underneath what we were given, and was seriously disappointed.

So I'll give Bob the benefit of the doubt and wait til video for this one.

Oh, the hypocrisy of people. And Im talking about viewers here. Bob is so perfect when your opinions agree, but the second he disses something you people like, it becomes bias, fan rage and all the other nonsense. Watch the video again and count how many bad things he has pointed out in this movie. Things that make this movie what it is. Yet people choose to ignore them because something they liked was critiqued in the very ruthless manner. There are legitimately bad things in this movie (and around it) so why are you defending them? I dont get it! You can like the movie yet recognize the low quality of it. But calling Bob biased after he points out a vast array of things gone bad is just dishonest!



There's a difference between the objective opinion of the author of a review, and a situation where the reviewer went into a film hating it right off the bat and refusing to give it even the slightest shred of objective consideration.

This is clearly a case of the latter.

Yet I don't think that is the case. Hell he probably went into it thinking it would be bad and it met or exceeded those expectations (in the worst way imaginable it seems). He probably went into it knowing more than the average viewer, since it is his job, but I cannot say he went into it not giving it a chance. That is your opinion.

And sir I think your bias against Moviebob is deplorable. Not even giving him a chance. You probably went into the review hating it right of the bat and refusing to parse the slightest shred of objective information from it. I expected an "objective opinion" from you.

Poking fun aside, I think opinions about art or entertainment are by their very nature subjective not objective, but I obviously don't have such a problem with it as you do. Maybe it was just the way it was presented that put you off. I don't know.

Well, I loved it.

So...everyone ignored the dangling plot threads that are just left for no reason? Or the fact that the main character is completely unlikable? Why are so many people LOVING this movie like its a cinematic masterpiece? Like its the greatest movie of all time?

It was a very decent popcorn flick, but I don't understand why so many people are ignoring the MANY flaws of the movie like...

Now, I did like a lot in the movie as well, any of the action scenes between Spiderman and the Lizard are awesome. And some of the web slinging scenes were nice, but the movie as a whole just fell apart. Like I said, it is good as a popcorn flick but, why are people LOVING this movie? It's not great nor as bad as moviebob says, but still, why are people praising this film? I found myself bored between action scenes where all the plot holes appeared.


The Avengers cinematography was worse.

Funny how "just because" storytelling gets a pass there, but not here.

The "just because" storytelling gets a "pass" (personally I do not agree with you on the "just because") because the movie is fun enough that I am not thinking about the problems of the movie until later. In the Amazing Spiderman, my mind begins to drift towards the many plot holes of the film because the movie itself has to few good moments between awkward, boring, or contrived scenes.

(, i need to calm down...sorry if this offends..although it really shouldn't...)

Wow. Bob, that was overreacting a lot. The movie was a average movie and you managed to blow it up because they "screwed up" your beloved franchise. Do you remember nothing from the Phantom Menace review?

On a more critical side, I had some complaints: JJJ was sorely needed. Connors/Lizzard didn't make much for a big villain as he was a bit too ridiculous to be taken seriously and they kept showing him up front all the time instead of building any atmosphere about him. The romance scenes had a bit of chemistry, but they ultimately ended in stuttering competitions. The crane part was amazingly cheesy and stupid, but definitely not as much as Emo Tobey McGuire. It was annoying that they didn't resolve the plot with the guy who murdered Uncle Ben.

Incoming spoiler-filled rant on why the evil plot was clumsy:

On a positive note, the actors were great. The two leads were much more welcome than the last two, and the comic scenes with Garfield accidentally destroying everything were hilarious. I actually would love a sequel due to the story already having been set up (in EXCRUCIATING detail) in the first one, meaning the second one won't have to deal with all the B.S. surrounding the mythos everyone can already recite in their hearts by now. Also, Emma Stone's hot, so that's a plus.

Overall, 7/10. Nothing to fuss about, nothing to whine about, and nothing to praise about. An afternoon filling light show that at least is trying instead of letting Sam Raimi come back to ruin the franchise in one final blow.

PS: If they pull out the Clone Saga on us, I will hold a Columbia exec hostage until they get other plans.

im still thinking if i should watch it. the movie will come out by the end of the month in hong kong. im more exited about the new batman movie. thats a must watch for me.
but if i have nothing better to do, i might give spider man a try.

I had a feeling this was gonna suck, it all started with the Silver Slippers when they first began to film the Amazing Spiderman. Many thanks for the review, and I'll ensure I avoid this one.

I quite enjoyed the movie. But maybe that's because i'm an accountant.

I didn't hate it as much as you did. Still, you had good points.

However, I'd argue that the only big coincidence is that Gwen works for Connors.

All the other stuff fits well together; Peter's parents were involved with the research, that leads to Peter getting his powers, the same stuff leads to Connors becoming the Lizard. And Osborn is behind it all. It would be a far bigger coincidence if that all happened independently.

I agree with how they handled Connors/Lizard, he is my favourite Spidey-villain, and the movie did seem to hint he'd be more like himself in the (possible) sequels...

BTW, I think this movie was heavily influenced by the Ultimate Spider-Man comics...

And I couldn't tell if the CGI on Lizard was bad or not, because the 3D makes everything look fake. I hate 3D.

I missed the credits scene, but at the end, he seemed to be remoseful for his actions. In the sequel, I'd love to see him show up, boost himself with a "Refined" formula (hopefully one that gives him a better form, preferably with a more lizard-like face) and help out Spidey. " I did some horrible things. It's time I started to repent!" *inject, then charge forward Hulk in Avengers style, punching villain/OP mook in the face*

All I can hear while listening to Bob is all the times he was so daggum sure this movie was going to suck from day one. I can really hear the "I hate this because I've decided to" in every sentence.

Seriously, half of those "just so happens" coincidences were part of the introduction of Venom into the Ultimate universe, and Bendis made that awesome. A scientist who performs experiments of questionable safety and ethics works for Oscorp? How little sense that makes!

Um... Wow.

I'm certainly not in any huge hurry to see this one; what I've seen in the previews looked iffy, I'm lucky to catch a couple of movies a month, and there are more intriguing possibilities both now and in the near future.

That said, the movie is running at 71% on Rotten Tomatoes right now, and while Your Mileage May Vary may be the motto of our age, I can't help but wonder if MB's fondness for and intimate knowledge of Spider-Man's backstory is necessarily acting as informed perspective in this case rather than baggage.

You know, it would really help your cause if you didn't sound this mad BEFORE you even saw the movie. You just seemed so upset that the franchise was being rebooted and that Toby wasn't Spiderman anymore. And before you talk about cheap looking, maybe you should revisit the First spiderman movie. Did you recall the scene where the green goblin kills those people on the rooftop? It looked like the set to a highschool play. Come on man...
So by all means hate on this new movie, but don't call it cheap looking considering what your defending by comparison. Aside from some awesome CGI in movie 2, the original trilogy was some of the cheapest looking movies I've ever seen in a theater.

I do agree that the lizard design looks like crap though. Without a muzzle he just looks like killer Croc from batman... or a green Locust from Gears of War. That's about as bad as they could have possibly designed him.

Hey, it's still better than Watchmen

Kumagawa Misogi:

Why Movie Bob is WRONG AGAIN he liked Scott Pilgrim which to say aweful is not enough and Sucker Punch ergh. Bob has little taste.

You do know that pointing out that someone has a difference in opinion with the norm doesn't make that someone's opinion invalid.

And don't knock Scott Pilgrim. That's a great film and anyone who loves it as much as I do is in my good book.

Jesus, the majority of the people in this thread are friggin' sheep. "Oh no! A person on the Internet said its bad. That means I don't see it, right? Right? ...Line?"

I still plan to see it for myself, because that's what matters at the end of the day. If I find it to be good? Fine. If its bad? Whatever. Not like it'll be the first bad movie I've ever seen in my life.

This review is very biased. Movie Bob hated the idea of a Spider Man reboot since they first announced it. He went in to the theater already hating the movie without giving it a chance, of course he's gonna write an awful review.

This video is pretty much just Movie Bob ranting and seeing red the whole time.

If you go into a theater with a bad attitude, then you're probably gonna leave with one too.

Disappointing review, I thought the film was good, not amazing, and it sure as hell did not suck.


Completely agree with you on this one, Bob. If you want to see a good spiderman movie, rewatch spiderman 2

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