Trailers: James Bond: 007 Legends - Trailer

James Bond: 007 Legends - Trailer

Now you too can be part of Her Majesty's Secret Service.

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I'm speechless. I'm literally speechless. It's like Activision, not content with forcing the true Goldeneye xbla remake down so they can make their horrible COD clone version of it, have decided to try and pass off a love story between Diana Rigg and Daniel Craig?

What the ever loving shit?

Do they think they can pull any old garbage like putting yet another helicopter crash in a trailer, whack the bond theme over it, call it a job well done and live with themselves!!?

Get the hell out of my Bond games, Activision!




Does EVERY shooter have to look like CoD now. Yes, CoD is a good game. It doesn't have to be EVERY GAME!

This is just... so blatant it's sad.


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