The Big Picture: The Prophesy of Freakazoid

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Freakazoid was such a major influence on me. I watched it when it aired on cartoon Network when I was just 5 or so then rewatching it over and over again at various points in my life. Last time I watched it all was a couple of weeks ago. I loved that and the Tick as a kid then as I got older I got into Deadpool in my teens.

Y'know, the moment he said "I know we're running long, but I want to talk about my Freakazoid villian", I knew we'd get the Candlejack joke. Geez, original much? Come

Oh Bob. Bob, Bob, Bob. I love you man. Every week you make me laugh. This one was one of my favorites. You get it Bob. You get how Candlejack would show u

Actually, I think the internet was more influential in various circles than we realize. It has not really changed at all given the demographic of the internet seems the same as it was before.

Ah, Freakazoid.

I loved that show so much when I was growing up, and I missed watching them since they were taken off the air. So much awesome in them.

And Candlejack IS such a pain in the fu

The re runs of the show on Cartoon Network here on Argentina made my youth alot more fun. My grampa also loved the show.

By the way, after all this years, i STILL dont know who the fuck is that hairy long-necked midget that constantly appears on the show (and the stinger of the video)

Proof that 'back in the day', while I was busy getting laid and socializing with real people, Bob was busy watching shit cartoons at home.

I get our major failings for not understand each other now.

The Tick, Earthworm Jim, Freakazoid.

MAN, I miss the mid-90s!

Oh, THAT'S what happened when he turned into Freakazoid? I always kinda assumed they weren't trying to make any sort of sense and we were just supposed to accept it.


I love that the Candlejack episode predates the Sopranos Final Episode in doing the exact same thing and is entire better than

OT: I've never actually watched Freakazoid! as a kid. I had the WB, but I didn't realize it existed until Pokemon appeared on it, and since I was a little kid and my taste in good cartoons never kicked in (Rocko's Modern Life is like the only funny thing from my childhood that I can mildly recall, and I didn't watch any Animaniacs, or again, Any WB programming), I'm not concrete enough on Freakazoid to consider buying it on DVD.

That being said, it sounds like it would be right up my alley as an adult.

Congrats also on the 100th episode. Please do an episode on the Tick. The Tick, Deadpool and Freakazoid sound like the hero squad we so desperately need.

Richard Norley:
The Tick, Earthworm Jim, Freakazoid.

MAN, I miss the mid-90s!

How could I forget Earthworm Jim! He was a better video game character than a cartoon (Never saw an episode of EWJ, but my sister did).

Off topic: Did anybody know Bubsy The Bobcat had a cartoon?

I guess me and my friends were the odd ones out in this case. I remember trying to watch the show and thinking it was just horrible in every concievable aspect. We didnt find it funny, entertaining, or fun in any way. Having just tried to watch a few episodes again in my adult life, I think its still horrible

Although its possible that I just didnt "get it". Ive never been into most shows based around randomness because I tend to prefer strong narratives and relatible characters which Freakazoid was not


I love how Candlejack brings this community togeth

Congratulations on 100 episodes Bob. You could not have picked a better topic for your centennial, considering I never realized how prophetic Freakazoid would wind up, and I was one of the fans when it played.



I'm just gonna leave this here.

Congratulations on your 100th episode and here's to 100 more!

I never really watched Freakazoid, but I was a big fan of Animaniacs. I might have to rectify that.

Bob, a friend of mine linked me to your show for this specific episode because he knows of my deep and abiding love for Freakazoid!
Watching this video reminded me of the "Island of Dr. Mystico" episode (with cameos by Tim Curry and Leonard Maltin) Your narration reminded me of Leonard Maltin's introduction to that episode.

I also love that the final episode had Norm Abram as himself. How many kids cartoon shows have Norm Abram? I only know of one.

Also, that show had some pretty irreverent moments. In one Lord Bravery short he says to his mother-in-law "Most people your age die. Why won't you?" Another thing you don't really expect from a kid's show.

I could go on forever about Freakazoid! but I think I've done enough. Thank you for the Weena Mercator reference. (Bonus points if you can name two other places that Weena Mercator has appeared in the credits.) Find Emmit Nervend one time in this response.

The whole time I've been typing this I've been trying to decide if I wanted to end it like everybody else by referencing... you know who. I think I'd rather be kidnapped by Orangu-men...

AAAAAHHHHH! Get your hands off me you hairy apes!

Freakazoid was a bit before my time (In a sense) so I ended up growing with the reruns. Still a great show, though I can't say I remember Candlejack and his anti

*Looks at all the people disappearing off the thread*

I know I knew FZ existed but I can't remember liking it much as a kid. I get the feeling it will be a bit like Adventure Time is to me now, a little too random for me to get behind, but I'm going to check it out again anyways and try to give it a fair chance.


Freakazoid itself hooked with my growing computer geek persona, and even if I didn't know what they were referencing, the jokes were incredibly funny to me.

This is what Reboot was to me. I didn't get it at all but loved it. I'm still not as computer literate as I should be, but I understand sooo much more now that the show is great on a whole other level.

Also Congratulations on another long running series Bob. Please tell me there was cake to celebrate!

A great ep to put freakazoid on, that show was great, even if I didn't get it back then I recall enjoying it's madness.

Well sorry you won't be making anymore vids till someone finds his hidden lair.

Huh? What do you mean who? Candleja-

Awesome! I haven't seen a Candlejack reference in

This thread is going to need a LOT of rope.

Also: Freakazoid: The Movie, staring Jim Carrey!

You were 18 years too late.

You know, now that I've thought about it a little more, Freakazoid may have been ahead of its time, at least in that people didn't get the connection between being powered by the Internet and being a looney, but it was also very much a product of its time. The premise of a superhero who gets his powers by zapping himself into "cyberspace" is a very '90s thing, as you point out at the beginning. It would have been well past passé by the time the general public was familiar with Internet culture. It wouldn't even work as a parody, because the thing it's parodying would fall in the window of too-old-to-be-current, too-new-to-be-retro. Plus, once Internet memes became mainstream enough for anyone but niche audiences to get the joke, they'd be mainstream enough that you couldn't really parody the phenomenon so indirectly. He'd have to be some guy who goes around making direct references to specific memes all the time. And then everyone would hate him.

Maybe I'm overthinking this.

The upside is, between nostalgia for the source material itself, a better familiarity with the gimmick, the popularity of superhero movies and a general lack of parodies of them, and the fact that dated origin stories fall under the grandfather clause, the time is ripe for a Freakazoid movie. It would have to take some liberties with the concept, like actually be a parody of superhero films rather than just 90 minutes of random crap happening, but I think it could work.

I dunno if this is a good or a bad thing, but it just hit me when Bob was saying that this show has a cult following: Does "has a cult following" or "is a cult hit" mean anything anymore? Seriously, everything has a cult following now. The only things that don't have cult followings, are the things that have main stream followings, which are just cult followings that reach a large enough size.
Just thinking out loud.

You and your cliffhangers. You're worse than J.J. Abrams!

I didn't really like this show as a kid, and I probably still wouldn't like it.
Sorry, I just hate annoying characters.

And yet, you watch Jimquisition. It just doesn't add up.

Well I sure hope somebody picks up that phone at the end because I sure as hell called it!
And that was quite the episode. Yet another series I desperately need to watch one of these days =I

Freakazoid was, and still is my favorite show of all time. It outlines my entire childhood, and possibly moldly me into the man-child thing i am today. And i swear, the candlejack meme will

That is one eye opener of a episode. Keep up the good stuff!

Oh, yeah. Candlejack. He's one of my fav-.. Damn it!! Someone get Batm-

Sgt. Cosgrove's response to Bob derailing his own thread into a meme spewing moshpit:

Shame it only lasted 2 seasons, though I'm sure that if it lasted at least one more year it would've found a way to incorporate an AYB reference.

A world at last united by instant digital communication transcending all borders and spatial concepts. Every piece of knowledge accumulated from the beginning of human history up to that very moment in the immediate present available to everyone at the push of a button. With no boundaries of time or space to impede us, the human mind would expand to untold dimensions and human culture could enter a new age of technology driven intellectual enlightenment.

I find it hard to believe that throughout that entire diatribe about the seemingly limitless capacity of the internet as both a means of instantaneous interpersonal communication and a collection of all of humanity's stored knowledge, Bob neglected to mention that it turned out at least half of it was porn. Well, I suppose the acknowledgement of Rule 34 makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy at least...

*goes off to buy the DVDs*

What's with the candlejack joke?

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