The Big Picture: The Prophesy of Freakazoid

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Maybe it's not that Freakazoid was really all that prophetic. Maybe it's just that Internet culture is so shallow and insubstantial that a show consisting of nothing but randomness and running gags could seem to be about it. I mean, look at this thread. 5 pages consisting essentially of the same joke over and over again interspersed with, "That thing from my childhood was great!"

MovieBob, you screwed up. You have to say candle jack's full name bef

Brilliant episode. Until the ending.


100 Episodes? wuuuut! I'm pretty sure I've watched every one.

I was a huge fan of Freakazoid as a Kid, and yes I did sing along to the theme tune.

Let this be a warning folks, Don't attempt to download the whole internet to your brain; only download the good stuff.

...What qualifies as good stuff is up for interpretation, me personally, I would cram myself with The stuff I'm Gonna Mark with Spoilers. Cause There's a freaking lot. Although I wish I could combine it all into one thing.

Don't click unless you can stand plenty of images flooding the page.

A bowl! I found a bowl! Good for me!

Haven't watched a MovieBob anything in quite a while. Still, this title caught my attention, and I have to say, this was an excellent ep. ^_^
Seriously though guys, the Candlejack meme is old. Can't we finally just let it g

Good episode. Dancing rodents on #100.

Sadly I didn't watch Freakazoid so I didn't get the CJ reference, but maybe I'll check out the show in the future now that I have some perspective.

I wonder how many people are going to rag on bob, maybe next big picture he will do things correctly and say candlejacks na

The nineties were awesome for Warner Brothers' animation departments. They got to bask in their classic figures' signature humour and to twist it around for new audiences and purposes. They also did some obviously memorable stuff with DC Comics' canon.

I loved Histeria, for instance, but it's kind of funny how most of the episodes stuck to one-note factoids about the figures they covered. I remember the Taft/Shaft number, for instance, and how the whole joke centered on how fat and lazy he'd been. No mention of his own busted trusts or his work in the Philippines because, hey, kids aren't gonna pay attention to that. It ain't workable comedic material.

Apart from that, the WB cartoons of that era made my early weekdays before the bus ride to school and my Saturday mornings pretty damn memorable.

All I'm hoping is Bob's eventually going to cover Earthworm Jim. That character was awesome back in the day, both as a cartoon character and as a game protagonist. I kept hoping for a Freakazoid/EWJ double-team, as a kid.

Freakaziod had the single best method of torture i've every seen

one i still threaten to employ to this day :D


Freakazoid was my 90's TV watching staple of entertainment before it got taken off the air. I got the DVD's when they were available and I treasure them to this day and hope one day my child will enjoy watching it as much as I continue to.

I don't remember if you covered Ronin Warriors (Samurai Troopers) yet but if you did I need to re-watch that episode of The Big Picture and I'm hoping in the future you cover classics like;

Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors
Bionic Six
Fantastic Max - C'mon, you know you watched it too...whoever is reading this.
Mighty Max

and a personal 90s favorite of mine Bots Master which was on early in the morning before 5am was known to me and was very cool.

It was a good show. Didn't hurt the fact it got a good sub in Brazil.

Loved the episode with Relax-O-Vision and the one with Candlej

Y'know, even though I'll admit that the candlejack joke is overplayed, it's even worse when people cut off in mid-utterance of the name. He only shows up if you say the FULL name. Kinda like how Beetlejuice only showed up if you said his name three times, not two and a half.

How is it possible to "run long" on a web video? There's infinite bits, and therefore infinite time on the internet. There's no need to stick to a set length, as you are not bound by the constraints of broadcast TV.


Yep, saw the ending coming a mile off. I mean you, can't talk about Freakazoid without going into Candlejack. Of course, what I love about that character is

PAY ATTENTION EVERYONE. THIS is how you properly do the "Candlejack" joke. You NEVER cut it off in the middle of his name, or he could never get you to begin with! Also Bob, congrats on your 10

Yeah, I remember watching the show when I was like 5 or something and I was genuinely scared of candlejack, I mean it rea

Thank you Bob! I remember this show as a kid, but I definitely did not appreciate it as much as Animaniacs or Tiny Toons. Considering just how relevant that show is now, I think buying the DVDs is in order.

Y'know, even though I'll admit that the candlejack joke is overplayed, it's even worse when people cut off in mid-utterance of the name. He only shows up if you say the FULL name. Kinda like how Beetlejuice only showed up if you said his name three times, not two and a half.

I just prefer to pretend that some people aren't as good at typing, so they sound out every word before they type it, thus giving him time to grab them.

I've always thought it was very polite of Candle Jack to hit send after grabbing people, th

you're welcome

I love that episode where The Lobe kidnapped Norm Abrahm (voiced by Norm himself) to build a giant wooden horn ...for some reason.

"there is no more important safety rule than to wear these (points) safety glasses"

speaking of kidnappings, whoever is kidnapping our fellow escapist

Ugh... this show is just as annoying and stupid as it was when I was a kid.

I've always hated it.

::Notices ReBoot screencap::

I rewatched all of ReBoot a few months ago; kicks more ass as an adult than it did as a kid, though the first season is weak & has annoying sound effects. Thankfully they stopped that shit at season 2 & each season thereafter was more & more mature.

Great, now I'm going to have the theme songs to Freakazoid & Tasmania stuck in my head all week.

Ah, it seems like every cartoon Spielberg & Timm touched turned to gold back in the 90s.

Freakazoid; because there wasn't much of an internet to troll on back then.

I'd never heard of freakazoid until this. Then I watched the first series on youtube.

And now my life has been greatly improved.

Ugh... this show is just as annoying and stupid as it was when I was a kid.

I've always hated it.


a Candlejack joke? seriously that was never fun-

"and he was awesome"

Yes, yes he was.

I remember many a Saturday morning, in the time slot when my friends were enjoying "The Tick," I would revel in the insanity of "Freakazoid!" Before the official DVDs were available, I had bootlegs. I have to say that the show is even more entertaining to me as an adult than an early teen, but that's one thing that was great about the show, the humor transcended generations. A couple years ago, I was showing the DVDs to my younger brother, and my father (who usually doesn't care for cartoon humor) walked in, and got stuck watching and was cracking up with us. And the show continues to entertain; just last week, my wife and I were introducing some friends to the show. Yes, "Freakazoid!" truly is awesome. If you've never seen it, then what are you waiting for!!! Go grab the DVDs, and get yourself a mint or a fat-free frozen yogurt* with your favorite cop buddy and watch the show!

*muffins or scones are acceptable alternatives

[one minor nitpick on the video: the title should be "The Prohecy of Freakazoid"; "prophecy" (rhymes with "sea") is the noun, to "prophesy" (rhymes with "sigh") is the verb, the action of making a prophecy]

Wait... "that didn't happen"? Honestly, I actually think it DID happen, just... erm, now that we have achieved all those things, they seem less epic in hindsight.

Or, actually, put more precisely: The digital apotheosis IS complete and utter insanity.

"No! I am not the wienie! You are the wienie!"

I loved Ricardo Montalbon's appearances on that show.

Even though this show must have been around when I was a kid, I never saw it or if I did it never stuck with me like others did.

That being said I'm glad they have re released it as it does seem a lot more fitting with the current generations.

(what did that ASCII code at the begining mean?

I didn't see an answer within the next page, so here it is. That sequence was the random string of characters, followed by delete, that turned Dexter into Freakazoid. It was a known issue with the line of CPUs that Dexter ended up with, but because it was such a low chance of anyone typing all that in, the company ignored it. Dexter's cat took a walk on his keyboard chasing a moth, which lead to his transformation.

Inb4 Candlejack takes over the thread. Oh, wait, he already

Wanna know something weird? I went to school with Tom Rueggar's kids. I almost backed into his mailbox once when I was learning to drive. Ah, childhood.

Really great episode about one of my favorite old shows. Too bad you messed up the Candlejack joke, and now that's all anyone can fo

It's a great point, something you'd never think of unless it was pointed out.

Also Bob, this how you do a Candlejack j-

I just want to say well done for the first 100.

About Bob's point, I get the feeling that this was a "Beverly Hillbillies" sort of thing, namely that the idea that Dexter Douglas downloaded the Internet into him and THAT'S what made him a maniac might have just been a coincidence and probably something Tom Ruegger, Paul Rugg, and the like probably never even thought of, and the whole "cyberspace" thing was just an arbitrary way of giving Freakazoid his powers. Still, this also counts as a "hilarious in hindsight" as well.

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