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XCOM: Eternal Service

No Really, What Do They Put In Those Cars?

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Grey Carter:
No Really, What Do They Put In Those Cars?

Michael Bay's special effects department

Scars Unseen:

Grey Carter:
No Really, What Do They Put In Those Cars?

Michael Bay's special effects department

off the edge of the map i bet there is adam and jamie from the mythbusters

"Honey! I named one of my characters after you, she's" *gets eaten my a Chrysalid* "Uh...right over there!"

I named one of my characters after myself. Corporal Zoe "Loco" M. is still in service, but it certainly makes fights nerve-racking.

I don't know about the COM bit, but it this game should come with Simon Cowell because it has a very high EX factor.

Yeah, I prefer calling them after celebrities
for example Chuck Norris was blown up with alien grenade, while Britney Spears got shot in the back by panicked teammate with heavy plasma :D

Also I reserve one spot for "myself"
Unfortunately "I" had no Psychic abilities :(

"My girlfriend thought it was pretty sweet that I named one of my XCOM troopers after her. Then she realized how terrible I am at XCOM."

Something like that yeah. She was happy when I said I named a character after her, but when I told her she died in the line of duty she was quite upset, and from now on I'm not allowed to make her anything but a sniper (although she actually died even after I made her a sniper).

I only play classic ironman so I grind through troops too fast to name them. I think in my current game I'm at ~60 casualties, maybe more. I suspect they ran out of space in the memorial, and the world governments are sending me convicted prisoners instead of soldiers....

If player behavior in XCOM was made canonical, then we'd officially have a psycho with a mother complex as the head commander.

I'd totally watch that if it were a movie.

Yea, that first time you lose one or more soldiers to a car is really something special...

"Well, this went extremely well, promotions all around. *End Turn* Just one more lousy sectoid an-- *explosion* -- ARGHLBLARGH! x3" -_-

It was after that fateful day that I made all my soldiers wear helmets, so as not to see their faces. It's better that way.

Yeah, I heard it's best not to name anyone until they get strong enough.
Like not naming a puppy until it's old enough so you know it's probably not going to die.
:/ Sorry for your loss. :( I heard Susan died too.(In someones game.)

Must be Hollywood cars, they explode at the slightest provocation.

This happened with my brother.

Me: "Dude, look, I named a soldier after you!"
Him: "Really? You can do that? That's pretty cool!
Me: "Yeah, about to take him on his first mission!"
Him: "Cool, let me know how it goes."

*three turns later*

Me: "Um... so, about your soldier. He kind of... died."
Him: "What? Already?! How?!"
Me: "Well, I kind of didn't expect those two Mutons to pelt him with grenades, and he kind of... yeah..."
Him: "So re-load the game!"
Me: "Yeah... I can't. See, it's an ironman game meaning there's no re-loads. So all deaths are permanent."
Him: "You suck."
Me: "I know."

I'm playing the game on hard, and I have yet to have a death and about 6 months in game time into it. I'm a defensive player :D.

One of the soldiers I got is a woman named Kerrigan, so I nicknamed her Hive Queen. Also got this massive Puerto Rican with a thick lip mustache who I have given the name "The Stache". Simply naming you soldiers is entertaining.

i wish i could just name my squad members after people i hate and watch them die but since i am a very defensive player and have my assault people all specced in the "not dying" tree i loose very few people, so far all the people i did loose i lost during terror missions because i those entrenching your entire team and having your snipers kill the crap out of everything is not a sound tactic

I dont change soldiers names.
I change their nicknames though.

Boomer is my nickname for my Heavy weapons guy.
One shot 10 Thin Men!

I've had a surprisingly easy time keeping my soldiers alive.

Normal difficulty, iron man mode, only two guys dead so far (not counting the three unavoidable losses in the tutorial). Although one of them was the heavy you get at the start. Got nommed by a Chysalid and had to be put down shortly thereafter. I wasn't too happy about that.

Also lost a few SHIVs, but I consider them expendable. They always get sent into suspicious rooms first.

Gonna try classic iron man next.

I've never really been into naming my XCOM soldiers, even though I'm a big fan of coming up with interesting names in other games when I have the choice. It adds more variety and realism when I see the names they come with and how they're influenced by the countries they come from. Rather than give them a personality myself, I let the gameplay dictate it more. I think I did give one of my original recruits the classic XCOM soldier hair, but after he died I never bothered with it again.

I had two British soldiers. One was called Price and the other Soap.

Because if they can stop evil Russians, then aliens will be a cake walk.

I never name soldiers I suck at coming up with names although I have been thinking of naming my commanders and Squaddie although probably only the really good ones.
If I do ever start naming it probably won't be friend and family but characters like naming my one captain captain Shepard I'm so clever.

I named a few soldiers after people I know. The only one still kicking is the one named after me, who coincidentally is the best agent I have. Reached colonel with 40+ kills. Probably because, while the rest were dying, he was in the back, sniping.

Screw this, I'll just stick with my Disgaea randomly generated names for my soldiers then.

Welcome to the squad, Formaldehyde

Someone has to say it. Eric looks pretty adorable in this strip for some reason.

EDIT: Erin, I mean.

Someone has to say it. Eric looks pretty adorable in this strip for some reason.

Why thank you. Though I suppose you ment Erin

Let us all have a moment of silence for the brave troops who have left us, Xcom old and new.

Kevin "Magnet" Jones
Yorgin "Von" Smorgin
Duke "Duke" Duker
Ed "Fireball" Mctavish

and let us not forget the hero of Excom who survived from my first squad to my last mission

Hans "The Immortal" Mathews

"Shouldn't have hid behind that car."

Also the squad shouldn't have panicked, started shooting each other, and refusing to move because someone stubbed their toe. But hey, XCOM is the best of the best !

Scars Unseen:

Grey Carter:
No Really, What Do They Put In Those Cars?

Michael Bay's special effects department

I totally just read that in Graham and Paul's unskippable voices.

Eric the Orange:

Someone has to say it. Eric looks pretty adorable in this strip for some reason.

Why thank you. Though I suppose you ment Erin

I did. My name is Eric too so I guess I'm used to typing it a lot. I'm sure you're adorable too though.

Just buying XCOM today :D

Thanks for the idea, i will keep one guy handy and replacable for running in and stunning an alien and getting killed.

But i've already made my decision that my most experienced soldier will be named Guile and getting the signature haircut.

I made myself in the game along with my friends we where Chaos Squad only 2 of us lived to the end of the war.... 2 died in a botched mission and the other one died in a blaze of glory being the chosen one

Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who does the "character creation reincarnation" thing. I just refuse to let my recreation of Sarah Kerrigan die.

This comic makes me think of something...

Imagine that you've got yourself a military corp. And you want to keep up moral. All you have to do is create a Legend among them.

... All one would have to do, is have one man, who seems like he never dies; even in the toughest of battles. But really, he's just being replaced with the next guy to walk along, who you dress up to look him. So One legendary man, is really a hundred.

Instant Legend.

And it becomes a legendarily funny story if anyone ever leaks the information.

It's like that theory about James Bond.

I don't really customize or rename but after the first set which all got it my Majors and Colonels will get the Guile hair. Although I recently lost the guy who survives the first mission if you have tutorial mode on. Rest in peace Jorge "Thunder" Marquez.

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