Escapist News Wrap: Elder Scrolls Online and PS3 Cracked Again

Elder Scrolls Online and PS3 Cracked Again

This week, new screenshots emerge for Elder Scrolls Online and the PS3 gets cracked again. Also on the science front, scientists create gas from air, a whale imitates a human voice and an EMP missile is successfully tested.

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I wonder what it's like to be hit by one of thoes EMPs.

I also kind of hope I don't ever find out...

We have had a lot more powerful EMPs for a long time this is just a different type.

Why should Sony care if I hack MY playstation, see what I did there, ITS MY PLAYSTATION I bought it off them, and If I want to run a different OS on it then I should be allowed, yest it should void the warranty and yes I will have trouble with running stuff on it. But it's my legally bought item and I should be allowed to hack it in any way I like. Sony have to stop being this big brother bullshit on something I bought and own and can do with as I wish. Stop sucking up you corporate stooge.

Better an emp than a nuke

The elder scrolls online will flop, they are wasting their money when they could be using it to make normal elder scrolls games bla bla bla. Seriously though in terms of probability they are spending massive amounts of money on the biggest risk ever in an age when most devs accountants think having an open world in their game at all is thinking outside the box and seems risky.

Also sony was going to get hacked, their next console will also be hacked
What they are really concerned about is having pirated games run on their system but now too bad for them. People will now be doing whatever they want on their device and there is no way to stop them.

knocked out computers in seven different buildings, including the video camera filming the test, all without causing any explosive damage.

This just means they need to get a wind-up film camera to record what happens to the other camera. :)

Good News wrap

tht empblast in mw2 is proof infinity ward are idiots they cant comprehend simple vacuum phsyics

That whale noise was just hilarious, personally... Speaking of which, Elder Scrolls as an MMO should be free.

The LV0 key is only for people who are still on 3.55 fw, if you are on higher than 3.55, you still can't install cfw without a flasher, and newer slim and super slim models have a LV0.2, so you can't even install cfw on those even if you have a flasher.

That's the second time a nuke scene from a Modern warfare game has been spoiled for me, the first time being the scene from MW1.

And yes, I know that makes me the biggest slowpoke of them all.

Ah the Level 0 key situation.

Actually I do own an old PS3 of what the blu-ray drive is broken. Kinda useless...with the broken Lv0 key it could be repurposed for well.. something.

Four bucks a gallon? OH NOES.

Over here petrol costs £6.46 per gallon. That's $10.37.

You guys need to stop whining about your petrol.


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