Feed Dump: Comfortably Uncomfortable

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Sure, blue Santa's a thing. Every december he awakens from his slumber and battles red Santa to the death. Did they not teach you this in kindergarten?

I just wanted you to know, my cat watched the entire video. He purred.

I thought this was relevant, as cats are units of internet power, and your series has increased by 1 GT (Ginger Tom standard unit).

The Random One:
The episode that started with a Jew joke and ramped up to animal molestation within the first minute. (That's how you write your Netflix blurb.)


And the blue Santa is the Russian folk figure Dedushka Moroz or "Grandfather Frost".

You'd think making Santa blue would turn him less communist, not more!

Santa's Socialist, not Communist. Nobody gets the same gift, they receive gifts relative to their parent's income.

Oh dear god: that was funny. I made the mistake of eating while watching. I need to be careful next time there may be no one around to give me the Heimlich!

I want Blue Santa featured in a sketch now. And poor Graham, no thing for you.


Don Reba:

You are welcome!

Nah, I want to see Ashton in High Stockings now!
Pixs or it didn't happen!
Also I now get myself a cup of milk ... but for drinking not pouring over me!

Only eleven months to go.

The magical BLUE SANTA visits all the good little jew boys and jew girls and leaves them one present a night for eight nights. He expects cookies each time. It's actually kinda a strain on the cookie budget.

I could easily tie this joke in with the milking news story, but I chose not to.

It sounds like "Honecker" when he says it, and that was the last leader of communist eastern Germany. Kind of confused me at the start...

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