Gold Bugged

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I mean just consider that Maya in ZDT, is basically some cowboy character, bordering on being some idealized Mary Sue. "I CAN GET BIN LADEN IF ONLY YOU BUREAUCRATS STOP GETTING IN MAH WAY!!!"

Hey Bob, do you see the possibility of the Oscars losing prestige and relevance among the audience by the clear dissonance between what the elderly voters chose and the informed audience actually like?

I feel like people have been saying this sort of thing for a while now. The Oscars are here for the foreseeable future

OT: I'm disappointed. One, Bob I couldn't disagree with you more, than your opinion of Silver Linings. Yes, the story is generic, but I thought both Cooper and Lawrence acted the hell out of that. I never really saw Lawrence as a manic-pixie dreamgirl either. To me, they both felt like real characters

Second, I'm disappointed that Moonrise Kingdom wasn't nominated for Best Picture, but Original Screenplay isn't bad either

The Globes is so much more enjoyable to watch. Ben got the Best Director nod when he wasn't even on the list for the academy. It hits that sweet spot between the Academy and Peoples Choice - which was disgusting this year as "the people" were represented by a bunch of Team Bella, Bieber-screaming tweens voting on their Iphones.

I think Ben Affleck may have found a real life scenario where he can say the words "Argo fuck yourself"

Nice to see the Academy Awards maintaining their standard of mediocrity.

How is this an outrage? Don't we have the same pattern every year? They're ALL oscar baits.

The politically correct oscar bait. (The one for which the little girl got nominated)
The socially relevant oscar bait. (Zero Dark Thirty)
The historical drama oscar bait. (Lincoln)
The brand new auteur's oscar bait. (Django)
The movie nobody saw oscar bait. (Silver Play-something)
The nice generic little oscar bait. (Argo)

The only movie I'm surprised didn't make the list was Cloud Atlas (as an epic concept oscar bait). TDKR? Dark Knight didn't make it, are you really surprised about TDKR? The Avengers? By-the-book hero movie. The Hobbit? An embarrassing experience. And in case the Academy would only nominate the last movie, like they did LOTR (even though Fellowship was the best of the three).

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