Top 5 Friday: Top 5 Reasons For Star Wars Battlefront 3

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'I'm going to be talking about a game you guys probably think I talk about way too much!'

...Who are you?

^^This^^ - An introduction would have been nice.

Susan Arendt:

Sorry about the flaming, Susan. I hope you recognize that people will only get this passionate about things they really love and it means that you and the gang are doing a great job!

Personally I didn't care for it, it wasn't very thought provoking and the sudo enthusiasm was grating. However The Escapist has THE BEST quality videos and articles on the internet so any new content has some big shoes to fill.

Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication.

To be honest I think the problem was that "Battlefront II" garnered very mixed reception. I've heard a lot of fanatical fans, but also a ton who say that they thought the game was both terrible, and most importantly pointless. I'm not sure how much money it would make when you consider liscencing concerns and everything else.

The power of the Star Wars liscence is also debatable, I look at ToR as an example of a game that should have raked in tons of cash if everything about the liscence is to be believed, but it didn't, indeed it's barely hanging on.

To be honest there are old Star Wars franchises I'd like to see more of. Another SINGLE PLAYER Old Republic RPG, An updated relaunch of Star Wars Galaxies, etc... but for one reason or another none of those are going to happen either. Knights Of The Old Republic II was a mess, and SoE is simply put cheap and doesn't want to put in the dev time or take care of their products, something starts failing they swing an axe at it instead of working on it and the problems and/or producing new content.

Rather than trying to resurrect Battlefront, which I don't think ever really had quite that big a following, or any of the other things I mention above for that matter, I think they should largely move on to other IPs.

If I was actually going to try and develop a "Star Wars" project, I'd probaby be looking towards MMORPG space, as much of a burn as ToR was (making it unlikely), I think the key to doing such a game "right" is to have both ground and space components in the same game, as well as taking a long term approach towards making money. I look towards the relative resurrection of "Star Trek Online" which went from nearly dead, to a Juggernaut once they got it fixed up, it having just won a big FTP award despite being 3 years old, and gotten big enough where we're now having queues form to login and enough players/ships to blot out the stars at times. I kind of suspect this was because despite the stumbling that the devs understood that the key to the property was to have both focus on the people and their adventures and the ships, in ToR they messed it up by having everything focused on the ground, with the ship combat being turned into a tunnel shooter mini-game. For any big science fiction MMO you need to have both (which Battlefront provided but only as a dedicated shooter ironically), and it kind of burns that before SWG went down it actually had the two interacting where you could fly your ships above the planets people were walking around on.... looking at this is the place science fiction MMORPGs need to pick up from, the person who does that is going to make a bundle.

I got swayed into this thinking Lisa Foiles was back. It's kind of disappointing, but these guy is alright, not bad at all. Not obnoxious is already a plus compared to the mass of game-related top content creators out there. It's odd that you mention that we should already know you talk too much about Battlefront II, but reading I guess it's something to do with previous videos on youtube. If this is going to be a regular thing here, then I suggest reducing references to earlier work not available on the escapist.I haven't seen the other guys in action, but Lasercorn, the eye-widening at times is kind of freaky. Just some random thought.

Ah, Lisa Foiles, I miss quirky, funny you.

I'll agree if it's PC exclusive.

This is why we don't need another Battlefront:

A game like that already exists as a mod and it's free.

Sure because a fan-mod of a 7 year old game looks and works better than anything a professional team with backing can do today.

You know what keep your Battlefront, the only Star wars game sequel I am interested in, is Republic Commando 2

Even if they make a Battlefront 3 we have to accept that they probably won't use the original trilogy but the prequels (and that may not even include the material from the two clone wars series) or even the new movies depending on the production time.

"They're making a new Star Wars movie and fans aren't even sure that they want that"- What sort of Star Wars fan would you be if you didn't want more movies? Probably not much of one at all. I mean the films (all of them) are the lifeblood of the Star Wars universe, as great as all the other ancillary stuff from the comics, books, games and TV shows may be, it all stems from the films whether directly or indirectly. Thus I think its fair to say most fans are actually looking forward to the new movies and very much wanting them and that your comment is both inaccurate and annoying and indeed your whole video presentation was rather innocuous and nauseating to watch and listen to. Quite a mistake clicking on that link for sure.

Yes please. A battlefront 3 game would crush any CoD game that would come out. You've got a well established and loved universe + a fun shooter compared to the same old game recycled every year + none of them are ever as good as CoD4.

This was one of my big hopes when Disney bought Lucas. That and a new X-Wing game.

I dont know who you people are...

Susan Arendt:




So Themis sold out. sad news.
Its hard to relax knowing that your favorite website has sold out to one of the worst companies out there. sorry, cant do that. First Jimquisition was miles better than ANYTHING smosh guys have ever put out (and yes ive been following thme on youtube) and evne then Jim grew a lot real fast.
Well, thanks for the information. ill go cry some now.

You'd have preferred it if we went out of business?

I honestly don't see what their problem is, the Escapist is thriving.

OT: Welcome to the escapist, not a bad video, could use some polish but that'll take time.

Wow, really? Ok. Sorry. Does not really matter how many times it gets pushed out, Unless it has Lisa, theres really no reason to try to do the top 5 thing again.

If done right, I think Battlefront 3 could tear many people away from TF2.

And I'm (mostly) OK with that.

1. Yes, not forgetting that it was half done when they cancelled it.
2. ... The Hell are these guys?


Welp, that was sorta pedestrian.


...Yeah. There is a reason the Escapists content providers unique perspectives or at least unique type of content with very distinct personalities. List 5 content is a dime a dozen.

True dat. It must be tough to find someone else who does Yahtzee/Stirling/Moviebob stuff that'll talk about things they don't already cover, though.

There's plenty, you just have to look hard enough.
Start by looking at the people that have worked with those content creators before, then find their colleagues etc. etc.

Contains Anthony Burch (writer for Borderlands 2) and his sister.
Found him by listening to old Podtoid, found that by visiting Destructoid, Found that from Jimquisition.

If you like shit which is on the internet, chances are there's more shit like it.

Whilst I don't like anything Smosh related with good reason (the above video reinforces that) I do agree Battlefront 3 would break the monotony somewhat. Hopefully if these guys have an established thing it surely can't be all bad, so lets give these new (unfortunately Lisa Foiles free) Top 5's a go eh?

These wern't really 5 reasons for the game to be made.
Better graphics is not a reason to make a game - it's just something we would expect from a big game.
The first point about disney gaining fans by making it, is pretty much the only point he made that would be a reason for the game to be made. The other point were just things that would be improved upon.

Come on guys, make some propper content.
If it stays at this kind of quality, I hope they dont stick around on escapist for long.

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