Movie Defense Force: Freddy vs. Jason

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I loved this movie! Not as much as some of Freddy's solos, but right up there. The movie was FUN, which allot of people forget is sometimes all you want from a movi. Same goes for last week's Waterworld. The first movie I think of though when talking about underrated films is Jim Carry's "Cable Guy" which I found to be a brilliant satire of modern TV culture, hope you'll do one about it (if you liked it, that is).

And everyone ever forgot the absence of ANY supernatural elements in the first Friday the 13th movie :/
The last 5 minute jump scare is imagined by the girl.
It is the strongest movie of the lot, as long as you ignore *every* sequel
*Raises flame shield
Come at me Jim! :P


I wanna see Daleks vs Xenomorphs now. =(

My problem with the film wasn't so much "this isn't the Freddy vs. Jason I've been waiting for," it was "why, precisely, did this movie need to be made?" I never really thought a matchup between a zombie (who presumably doesn't sleep) and a ghost (who can only kill you when you are asleep) would have been a natural pairing. Still I did enjoy the heck out of the movie when I eventually saw it. However, I do disagree with Jim about it being better than any of the films in either series. Nightmare was pretty lackluster overall, but I think that the 1st film as well as New Nightmare are better than FvJ. And I have a warm place in my heart for the Friday films, and like most of them better than FvJ (although I'm one of those aberrations that liked Part V, so I don't know how much my opinion counts for)

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