Gravity Crawls

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I have actually seen Gravity Falls and I was suprised that Disney Channel had something like it that made me laugh. It had the overt kiddy humor and the subtle adult humor and themes that make a truly great children's show. But knowing this is the same network that had A Dog With a Blog, I knew it wouldn't last. Seriously, who greenlit this shit?

I agree Gravity Falls is amazing.


I still have the VHS downstairs. Half Slime princesses ftw.

I stole a still of dancing Erin for my Twitter profile pic, hope you guys don't mind <3


*Vid Snipped*

Now I'll have this song in my head the whole day.

OMG I love Dragon Half! Best ED evah!

I have no idea what you just made me watch, but I think I hate you.

Edit: Dammit! And now it's stuck in my head, too! >_<

It took me a second it get it. Then I laughed.

Happiness Assassin:

Is still on air, in spite of Disney's best efforts. I wonder what they have against originality.

Slightly more on topic, that's a cute gif.

Is this comic implying that they set Erin on fire for wearing that?

No, the sweater is connected to an electric outlet and you can see some sparks flying from it. She managed to set herself on fire because of bad wiring.

Gravity Falls is pure awesome. The episode where they go looking for the creature in the lake makes me laugh no matter how many times I've seen it. I swear this cartoon makes my DVR worth every penny (although if it goes to DVD that would likely be a lot cheaper - but weekends aren't time for logic).

Ah, I see the moderators are in full swing.

'I like Gravity Falls' is acceptable.

'I like Dragon Half' Qualifies as a low content post and will get a warning.

I can only speculate which one they're looking for advertising dollars from.

I seriously just listened to Tarzan Boy by Baltimora in its entirety while just staring at the dancing Erin. Twas surreal.

More on topic, I've seen one episode of Gravity Falls, and I wanna see more.

Was there a strip where red hared woman forgave Erin? I remember her being mad at Erin when Erin was crazy.

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