No Right Answer: Worst Videogame Sidekick Ever

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I remember in Star Fox 64, I would shoot Slippy down as soon as I could. I also didn't realize he was dude until I played Star Fox Assault. Then I would shoot him in the face.

Tails is the man! The most I dislike about him is that I needed to have a second player for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 just for the special stages, as Miles always ran into the mines that I had just avoided. That and how they gave him a girly voice. Either way, Tails is awesome.


As many have pointed out, Dan is no authority on the animal kingdom as echidnas are real animals. And Knuckles not only is a cool and capable character on his own but also had a perfectly valid reason to exist. He was the guardian of the floating island and the master emerald.

Back on topic: Tails is certainly not the best sidekick but in no way is he the worst. If you just want to talk Soinic characters then how about Chip from Sonic Unleashed? If Tails can get on your nerves then even a minute of Chip is enough to make a person fellatio a gunbarrel.

To be fair, isn't Chip savable from scrappydom by virtue of being able to form a stone mech using temples from across the planet? (haven't played all the way through Sonic Unleashed, just from what I heard).

Well I don't think that is until like the very end, and really I wouldn't be able to make it past the intro let alone the whole game having to put up with the annoying runt.

Huh? Slippy VS Tails for worst video game sidekick in a series called "No Right Answer"? Why? There is a right answer, and that answer is Slippy. Slippy only exists to yell "FOX, GET THIS GUY OFF ME!" and fail at life, only becoming a useful character in Star Fox Command when the player control his every move, but also at the expense of making him no different than any other character in the game. He's just another pilot the player controls, no longer a unique character.

Tails didn't do much in Sonic 2 other than f*** up your special stages, but in Sonic 3 he can pick you up and fly you around. That one single useful act is more than Slippy has ever offered, which automatically makes him a better sidekick than Slippy. And yes, you do need player interaction for flying as well, but flying is something Sonic cannot do, so even despite the player intervention, Tails is still a unique character rather than just another Sonic. And that's just one game, too.

Two points in Slippy's favor
-Without him you can't tell how much health the bosses have
(assuming you haven't memorized the game after dozens of times beating it)
-Slippy isn't the only one that gets into trouble, Peppy dies, you loose those wonderful words of wisdom on how to do barrel rolls. Falco dies, uh... What did falco put on the table?

Yeah, too bad the boss health bars in the game are about as useless as how to do barrel rolls and Falco. Nearly every boss in the game goes down quick to max lasers. I think there's times I've had the boss nearly dead by the time Slippy even gets that health bar on screen, that's how useless they are.

verdant monkai:

I think we are looking at it from different perspectives.

I just know the games and I watched Sonic underground when I was a kid, I don't know about any of the comics or cartoons or any of that shit. I have played quite a few Sonic games and in them Tails hasn't saved the world at all he just helps Sonic.

I understand you have taken the time out to read up on Sonic's backstory, but I am just apporaching Tails from a video game perspective, where compared to Sonic he is rather crap.

You clearly don't know the games then. Tails does everything Sonic can but can also fly and swim. Yeah, Tails is real crap alright.

The only times Tails has actually been crap is when the game he's in is also crap.

Tails was crap in Sonic Adventure 2, because Sonic Adventure 2 was a crap game that turned 75% of the game into a mix of shooting levels and treasure hunting levels, and the few actual running levels were mostly about holding a button to go faster through linear grind rail sections where you aren't really even playing.

Tails was crap in Sonic '06 because it's f***ing Sonic '06 and every single thing about that game was crap.

But try to tell me that Tails was crap in Sonic 3 or Sonic Adventure and I'm going to laugh you right the hell out of here. (Well, not really, but I am going to laugh at you a lot)

Was I the only one that wanted them to talk about different side kicks rather than just the two? I mean, don't just do a compare and contrast of the two because there's an obvious winner that slippy is the worst of the pair. Bring in a whole bunch of side kicks and talk about their benefits and problems. Have a discussion rather than just talking at each other. Then again, I don't really watch No Right Answer, so I'm not sure if this is their norm.

Best sidekick: Companion Cube vs Dogmeat!

Worst Videogame Sidekick Ever

With videogame sidekicks being annoying at best, and game breakers at worst, Kyle and Dan try to figure out which sidekick should be kicked in the side.

Watch Video

4:38 Bunny Rabbot. 5:46 and he's a genius! He builds battling mechs! That's cool! Also,what are your thoughts on Shadow?

"Don't write a sidekick unless you need one"

I can think of one reason why a sidekick could be necessary... But it's a bad reason.

...The main character spends the entire game not talking to anyone because nobody is on their side, and thus their character is marginalized to silent protagonist.

Of course, like I said, bad reason. If you're at a point where you've got a silent protagonist, maybe that's what you need to go with.

Either that or some internal monologue.

I think Drakengard handled the silent protagonist aspect well by just making the main character an utter bloodthirsty psychopath.

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