Jimquisition: Bullshit in Sheep's Clothing

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When I first saw his episodes I dismissed Jim as a fat loud mouthed arrogant arse.
Now I realise that's a good thing. Here's to another 100 brilliant shows :D

Dear Jim, your show is quite entertaining. Although truthfully, I'm not sure you really need video because the audio is really the only important part.

I honestly think that people originally preferred Lisa Foiles to you because she's a lot better looking. Once you dig down into the content you're a lot more interesting.

Please don't take this as being against Lisa Foiles, I'm fairly neutral on her show. If you like it, watch it.

Hurray for 100 episodes.
But what's this, no mention of how Steam is DRM under a different name.

I started watching Jimquisition episodes several months ago and love it.
One of these days I need to go watch the early Jimquisition episodes because I cannot imagine them being that bad.

Glad you made it to 100 Jim and so on.

Will say ya I was one that hated it in the beginning but it was mostly because the usual trap of wanting to cut to yourself to do something "funny" every minute and then go back to trying to make a point. similar fates happen to a lot of shows that don't realize they shouldn't do that ;p

You need a cane. Fantastic as always, and congratulations on the success, but all I could think the whole time was that with that cap, you need some sort of cane.

Congrats on the milestone. I wish there was a badge for having so many 500+ comment posts on the site. You managed to snag me as a weekly watcher after only about 4 or 5 episodes, and dragged me back to Destructoid again as well.

Zachary Amaranth:

I've always loved co-op gaming, so all of this is especially painful to see happening
esp when local co-op gets cut

Titanic...innovative submarine indeed loll

Thankfully, you can still splitscreen Ao2 TDC.

If you want to.

Which you shouldn't.

No, seriously.

As a fan of both co-op gaming and of the prior Army of Two games (Yes, we exist. There are 7 of us), this game is pretty dreadful.

But you can splitscreen it if you want.

If you want to.

Which...You get the point.

I'm legitimately curious now, though. Jim brings this up regarding Ao2: The Devil's Cardigan, but this argument is one I would think applied to Saints Row the Third as well. Did Jim ever address this? Saints Row 3 may not have had boost jumps and vague homosexual camaraderie (unless you play as a chick, because the Boss always hits on Shaundi), but it was heavily built around co-op and advertised as a co-op experience. Why only bring it up now?

haha my old roommate and I played the first two Army of Two games, and we're planning play through the third for old time's sake lol

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