Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: A Tale of Two Poets

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To both these fine gentlemen:
We'd be not adverse
If every now and then
You'd treat us to more verse.

I wish people posting puns and captchas were half as clever as you.
The lack of creativity makes me want to spew.

Defeated Detective:

Yahtzee: Subtly mocking the PS4 with metaphors.

They should have a sitcom.

Actually, the common theme of his 3 poems(Diablo 3, SimCity and Xbox rumored always online function) is "Always Online DRM".

I apologise, fuck you NEW xbox.


I clicked on this by accident,

during the site header's fluctuations,

aiming for the newest Zero punctuation...

Never have I made a better miscalculation.

Well, that just made my Wednesday. More shows to watch! Yay!

I love you both. This was fantastic. <3

Entertaining and a treat to my ears.

I certainly hoped there will be more of this! Heh I guess this is the only time I ever watch a show with Jim in it.

Reminded me of this actually.

Improve the production quality. e.g fancy backgrounds :)

You guys are AMAZING. Never stop making these videos. Escapist, I hope you are paying them mountains of money.

I saw the link to the video and thought it was going to be dumb. Glad I was wrong.

I would love to see more of this every week, keep it up!

I approve of this addition to my Wednesday line up.

I'm sure these guys are going to have fun with this. XD

"A new series", oh god I hope this wasn't a one-off kind of thing. It was quite clever. And probably the first thing after Yahtzee's Wolfenstein review that makes people critique games and metre simultaneously.

I really liked this.

Small criticism. I felt that Yahzee's structure started to unravel itself in the last third of his poem. But I didn't mind to much as I liked the word content. It was just a shame from a rhythm point of view.

I will await next episode with many glee.

However Wednesdays feel bloated now with: Zero Punctuation, Feed Dump, Extra Credits and now this. Ah well, can't complain. Just means I need to set-aside about three quarters of an hour to watch them all.

Superb. Poetry recital is a different skill to poetry writing and they can do both. Jim needs to stop reading from a book. Admittedly, I need lots and lots and lots of practice to recite anything from memory, so I don't bother. I look forward to future episodes.

Do we thank God for this, as we do with the Jimquisition?

That was actually really really cool. I like poems :D

Quite enjoyable.

Lacks turtlenecks, tweed jackets and scarfs, though.

Someone, anyone, please mash this up with music...

Oh. My . God.

I've had an Account for Months now, and I haven't posted a single thing on the Forums. Always silent, watching.

But this. This! When i Read that Jim and Yahtzee are both in the same show AND THEY ARE DOING POETRY i was screaming like a little girl!

This. Was . Epic.

KAWAII This is soooooooooooooo awesome....I'm.....I'm so happy :D

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease continue doing this until you both are old men and even then don't stop until you die :P
Now then lets all celebrate by partying-cheers to Jim and Yahtzee for the great entertament-fun-smiles ^_^

Lacks turtlenecks, tweed jackets and scarfs, though.

Don't forget a chain to go with that turtleneck.

As entertaining as Jim and Yahtzee were, I can't help but wish it had a beat.

That was quite simply glorious. Yahtzee could be a poet, his writing and delivery were spot on. I wonder though, if they'll come up with enough fresh topics to make this lightning strike weekly.

Exquisite. Helped by the fact that I have a glass of wine in my hand, I can certainly get down to this being a frequent thing!

Very well done, this is an acceptable addition to my Wednesday morning routine. Coffee, Feed Dump, Zero Punctuation and now this. Morning complete.

Yahtzee was great. Pity Jim had to show up and ruin things, as is his wont.

Word glorious seems to be the theme here and rightly so. For me as well it was first word that came to my mind after seeing this.

As an OCD person who always pays attention to the numbers of how long things go, repetitiveness, and making sure it always hits the same notes at the same points (One two three FOUR, five six sev EIGHT, because seven has two syllables and that can ruin the exactitude of the pattern) I have to say... Jim did it well and a nice job with the poetry. Yahtzee though... he started off strong, but it wasn't long before he seemed to lose track, the rhymes not showing up where they should have, and sometimes not even showing up at all. Or if they did I didn't notice them.

But then, I'm crazy. Gyahay.

I know exactly how you feel. I work with music enough so that I have an inner metronome and now it lies busted in the corner of my brain. DAMMIT YAHTZEE!

I'm surprised Jim managed to resist rhyming "city" with "shitty".

Page one was all support, I imagine two and three are the same and I am sad. That fat animal has no place at the side of its betters and I am once more depressed that something jimmy gets his sweaty hands in manages to find purchases with the community

You should probably look into the emotional breakages that cause you to be sad that other people liked a thing another person did. I care about you, dawg.

I am excited for the PS4
but I still liked Yahtzee's poem.

Also does Jim have to talk about DRM or EA with every video? I know they're terrible but it's a dead horse at this point.

Oh well his was nice too.

This is great, this is grand, this is damn fine!
Yahtzee, Jim, if you want attention then know you both now have mine.

This show is fun, funny, and smart! I may dare say, it is a work of fine art.

I ask you, I pray, I beg for more.
Do more of these shows please! I promise, giving into an audience's demands won't make either of you a sleaze.

Well done, that was fun! :D

The british are coming, the british are coming !
Great show, please more.

Yahtzee: Sexy beard

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