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yeah, two seems to be a little old to still be crawling, i am the oldest of all my cousins and none of them were still crawling at two.
so i will just pretend the kid is like a year and a half because this looks really interesting

Also I'm pretty sure most two year old's are tall enough to open doors, unless they suffer from dwarfism or something. The fact that the kid starts out in a crib would, in my mind, likely put his age well below two as well. Unless it's all because of the kid's messed up dream, or something.

Eyes do not work that way! Good night!

while i like the idea of maybe playing a toddler in a videogame, im not entirely sure a horror story is the way to go with that

Wait I'm confused, how is this a horror game? There's no shooting?

As soon as I heard the lullaby melody I went "hang on, are these guys Norwegian?" and it turns out that yes, yes they are. Neat. It definitely looks interesting, but... I'm really wimpy when it comes to horror games. ^^;;

Wait I'm confused, how is this a horror game? There's no shooting?

Yes, I was also waiting 12 goddamn minutes for the kid to find the chainsaw machinegun so he could start pwning some monsters. Left disappointed... My current hypothesis is that this is just the intro and the game will quickly fast forward 30 years to when the kid has grown up to be a space marine on a quest to avenge his dead parents against the grandfather clockmonsters. And save the world of course. Because how can it be scary if the entire world is not at stake?

Looks alright, I think. I love these kinds of original concept horror games and it kinda gives me a bit of a Psychonauts feel without the platforming. But I will stick to my guns on not Kickstarting projects I'm not 100% sold on. I'll definitely grab a copy on release though.

I had fucked up dreams as a kid: my family was murdered by the big bad wolf with an angle grinder in front of me, I was being run over with taxis and another where my family had deserted me. As for this game it feels like amnesia/bioshock. This could be a good game. I think I'll help with the kickstarter.

Thank you so much for letting me know this exists Jim. I haven't been so interested in a game in a while and if you hadn't done this extra Jimquisition, I wouldn't have ever learned about this amazing game.

Between personal horror-film-esque experiences and the Stephen King like dreams I have, I don't play horror games. This is as close to a reason why I don't sleep much. A therapist asked me to describe my dreams at one point and I straight up lied my ass off because I didn't want to be committed. I'm not dangerous just because my dreams are somewhere between Lovecraft, Giger and King, hell its an adventure when I dare fall asleep.
thankful I am that life isn't governed by Wes Craven rules, else I'd be dead multiple times over.

Thanks for bringing attention to this game Jim, I have been waiting for this since I first heard of it several months ago. Should also mention that Krillbite have the game up on Steam Greenlight as well.


There are more videos there as well.

I am currently in the process of selling all my worldly possessions to make this game happen.

I thought it was cool, I'll probably get it on my new pc some day. Also Jim is pretty entertaining when he's playing video games. He should do some more of it then post it here.

Yeah, it was kinda boring. Is that light business a Valve thing? Surely other companies have done it.

:/ this looks like it's a good idea badly executed. It's too tame and visually drab. It would be better stylized as would many games that feel the need for realism. The 'zany zone' just looks like american McGees alice done badly.

In one word - underwhelming.

Find me a gem is the rough like 13th hour/7th guest. Truly inspired horror. I challenge you jim.

Jim I really do enjoy seeing you take the time to look at an indie project that is trying to do something fun and put it in a new light. I do worry however if this becomes to regular of a thing you may become inundated with a flood of requests by others to promote their material. This is a dangerous slope towards becoming a hollow shill my friend, and why shouldn't the anyone want you Jim Sterling who is quite possibly the most perfect example of a human being living or otherwise to be their spokesperson. When of course it is quite the opposite that is desired. The masses should be falling over themselves to promote you and your ideas for the games industry.

Thank The Flying Spaghetti Monster for you Jim Sterling

One of the artist's has a dev-art page by the name of griffsnuff.
Fantastic work, and a fantastic artist by my standard.

I hope to see this game in full bloom.

Markiplier is going to be all over this when it comes out, I'll bet.

I honestly had to go find just a strict game play vid.
Once the teddy bear started moving I could tell this was going to be genuinely creepy, and someone talking over it would ruin it completely.

That said, thank you Jim for showing this to me.
After watching the developer video on youtube, this is officially the first kickstarter game I could actually get excited about.

That was some Paranormal Activity type shit.

This felt like a visual novel and not a game. during the whole video i was wondering if this wouldnt be a satire actually.

That looked... kinda boring actually . Is this a visual novel ? Can the baby die? Best thing i can say is that it'S artsy i guess.

I like the concept and the uniqueness factor of this game but nothing makes me want to actually play it.

Of course the game is still in alpha.
Maybe it'll evolve from a curious lets play to a game I'd want to experience hands on.

I do like the immersion this thing had, even thou some people say the baby had a bit too developed moving skills, I do get it, but you're told to begin with that it is a dream. So if there's a teddy bear talking, I don't really see how his skills couldn't be a bit of an improvement.

I didn´t really like it, it just seems a bit boring and bland. First of all i´m not too excited about the puzzle mechanics, it just seems very uninteresting and the visual design is very predictable. It looks like what you would imagine if you thought of a horror game anno 2013. The biggest problem is that i´m tired of the current horror trends, i would really like to see something different, something fresh. Something that couldn´t be traced back to Hostel, Amnesia or Silent Hill, and why do every horror game go for the exact same tone? It just bores me, i´m a huge fan of horror, but i´ll pass, though it looks very competent, just not my style at all.

That poor teddy...what did he do to deserve almost being drowned in that washing machine?! XD

No plushy deserves that!

Also, nothing is scarier as a kid than having a nightmare of your own house. It's a place you should be safe in, and it turns on you.

Although my worst nightmares weren't of my house, and were scary as shit...

Fortunately, my dreams are now usually awesome and so over-saturated with video game logic that I rarely have any issues with anything in them. :P

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