Jimquisition: Xbox One out of Ten

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PS4 presentation made me nervous. The XBOX ONE presentation made me facepalm myself to ancient egypt. Good that I have all current gen consoles and a nice GTX680 in my custom built PC for Watch_Dogs....Don't forget about the SteamBox, the real one. We know nearly nothing but what we heard - it looks tech savvy!
>captcha: live your dream

I'm jealous of your GTX680. I had bragging rights for a couple of months with my HD7970. Still plays what I need for now.

So far the steam box is out of my league money wise. I do have a decent PC hooked up to a 42" LCD:
12 Gig 1600 RAM
GTS 250 (surprisingly good DX 10 card).

Steambox, they're talking like, $800. That a lot of money. But if prices fall in 1/2 w/i 2 years? Say it is about $300 in 3 years?

Very nice alternative to the Xbone. Thanks for bringing it up.


This is a problem I have with the new Xbox, trying to be everything in one, but not doing it in a way that makes it more appealing, it isn't faster or more efficient. The biggest kicker is paying a fee for used games, Gamestop claims it won't supply Xbones because of this and they are right, Gamestop has made much profit on used games and Microsoft is a big threat to that.

I have a 360, but my eyes are on the PS3 and possibly PC next generation, hopefully my Vita will get some use (aren't the PS4 and Vita supposed to go hand in hand?) My 3DS (right now, my favorite device) is getting plenty of use and I will be getting a Wii-U once some more games are out.

I was wondering would gamestop make that move.

Can't say im not sympathetic to gamestop on this. A whole retail outlet crops up to help you sell you games, and you treat them like the enemy.

Im xbox 360 as well, and im having a serious long look at the PS4 now

I will have to see more info on the console before I draw any major conclusions, but from what we have seen so far, I am leaning towards the PS4.

Edit: can i have a link please for the gamestop claim

Well, they didn't say they wouldn't strictly supply the console (my bad) More that they are worried about it.

PC? It's me. Look, I know we haven't exactly been drifting apart or anything - but can I say one thing?

I love you. I love you too, my dear iPhone. One of you is modular, the other offers bite-sized gaming with less patronizing bullshit. That said, I'm not letting Windows 8 in our house any time soon - that skank. I mean, I've seen the Classic Shell mod, but it still isn't much more than a band-aid stuck on a purulent boil Microsoft has the nerve to call an OS.

So - yeah. Windows 7 PC? I love you. Let's cuddle.

The PS4 reveal was a bit disappointing.
The Xbox One reveal, however, is downright INSULTING.

What demented, arrogant, loathsome, greedy, ignorant, clueless scumbags.

I just noticed Willem DaFoe was facepalming through the slow clap.

GIF please.

I haven't seen it posted yet, so here you go.


Mini DaFoe facepalming there is hilarious. I didn't even notice it at first.

Backwards compatibility; Why is this a bad thing? I don't even recall what Sony said when they nixed theirs from PS3. Something about it being inefficient? Too much of a burden on the highly advanced system? Not sure what the excuse was, but it was a feature dropped from the later generations of the unit. Not so for MS and Xbox (at least not completely) I know not about the rest of you, but new systems need games. But most times said release titles are few or just lacking in appeal. Thus I'll pick up one if not two of the initial products available. Still I like to play things from my previous library. Is having access to more games on your new system really that much of problem?
How would rental games work? Would they work at all? Is it like Jim said MS trying to cut out/down on used game sales? Digital downloading is doing that already. I own quite a few nonphysical games now thanks to Steam, Origin, etc. But I guess they want people to keep people from borrowing games as well. I let friends borrow my PS3 or 360 games when I'm not playing them (hell of a time getting them back)

What's really bugging me is how the systems are getting further and further from their intended purposes; playing games. Like someone stated people use mobile devices for everything, but make phone calls. It's silly for consoles to do the same. They were already dwarfed versions of PC, but trying to be multimedia device pushes them over that line. A line that they shouldn't cross only because there's cheaper and better units (PC) to be had. My desktop is made to do multiple things, but I choose my consoles to play games. That's it. I don't want a social network, I don't want a TV streaming device (I have a TV)I make friends online I add them to my list. We send messages back and forth, get a ding when they come online, that's fine. Both systems are trying too hard. Stick to what you do best. Don't try to put all the extras when the basics are lacking. Just like these recent "AAA" game releases; great graphics with little substance. Rather than making something people want they're making what they want you to buy.

I switched from my PS2 to the Xbox 360 as it had good exclusives and some damn good online features. Now i'm going to invest in a PC rig or if things look rosy a PS4. The BoneBox was the worst reveal in history of consoles and it alienated an entire market so quick Sony's stock jumped up 9%. Says it all really, hopefully GOG's library expands ever greater to keep me busy.

I love the current Xbox, but the new one seams like it wont really be a thing for gamers, for the first time in years, Im starting to lean toward Nintendo, its a strange, but wondrous feeling

I remember having a discussion with someone arguing about which market the WiiU could possibly fill and I suggested it as a "secondary" console to PC gamers who want the interesting exclusives since most multi-platform games comes to the PC anyway and it's almost always better on a decent PC than on a console.

Never has this possiblity ever been more probable.


I just noticed Willem DaFoe was facepalming through the slow clap.

GIF please.

I haven't seen it posted yet, so here you go.


Mini DaFoe facepalming there is hilarious. I didn't even notice it at first.

Holy shit, I didn't see that at first.
Thanks for bringing that to attention, it only makes the slow clapping (And XB1's failure) even more funnier. XD


For me, I'm probably going do the same thing as Jim. I'm going to keep my whole mind open about this new generation, but still my first opinion of the XB1 is ... well it just looks like it is trying TOO hard to be a media center instead of a gaming console. I'm not looking forward to this generation, they are moving too far from gaming.

But oh well ... instead of buying all these consoles and games, I can just get a better gaming PC and get all this crap on Steam. >.>
Least I can get mods and not pay for playing it online.

The slow clap was awesome.

was kinda expecting this Monday though, but hey :D Extra Jimquisition, praise be to Jim for that :D

least the used fee explains EA's sudden abandonment of online passes, knew there was another reason for that other then 'gamers didn't like it.

It's both funny and sad to see just how out of touch MS apparently is. Be it ignorance or just plain contempt for gamers I don't know. Apparently "needing time to respond to Sony" meant thinking of how they could make it as unappealing as possible in comparison.

It's both funny and sad to see just how out of touch MS apparently is. Be it ignorance or just plain contempt for gamers I don't know. Apparently "needing time to respond to Sony" meant thinking of how they could make it as unappealing as possible in comparison.

No, Gamers are just out of touch on what sells on mainstream and what mainstream consumers demand.

I seriously doubt very many "smart" hardcore gamers care about the 360 anymore with the rise of the pc and ps3 exclusives. The only people who seem to be interested are the ones who use it simply as a call of duty or halo box, and if you are a hardcore gamer and still have the 360 as your console as choice may I simply ask "why?"


Personally I prefer the controller and it was the first console i got this gen, but the main reason is my brother, sister and my few close friends all have 360's and it was really just easier to stick with it and lend and borrow games as they cant exactly afford all 3 consoles or every new game, so if im buying most titles anyway its just nice for me to be able to lend them a game they might like for a system we all have.

On the other topic i bought a WiiU after watching the xbone release info

X-box was never really aimed at my interests from the beginning, so this does not change my opinion in any way.

At the moment the PS4 may be my only console for the next generation. Could be worse and that there would be no consoles for me next generation. (But what about th WiiU) I don't like Nintendo games so I will not get a WiiU.


"Xbox is about to become the next Water Cooler."

For fucks sake, no matter how many times I read/listen to this line, I can't stop laughing.

10/10 video. Would like and share.

OT: Many people just are't able to comprehend how bad the reveal was. It was so bad that the console war idiots on /v/ stopped creating console wars and are laughing at MS. Seriously, Sony and Nintendo fans stopped fighting to laugh at MS. No one thought you could be THIS bad.

Well put, Jim. It seems like Microsoft desperately wants to be on the bleeding edge of technology they're practically slitting their wrists. I had to backtrack on your previous episode "Why the Wii U May Have Already "Won" Next-gen" when someone brought it up and, with the evidence piling up against Microsoft and assuming that the PS4 ends up being just as bad if not worse, Nintendo may be laughing all the way to the bank.

However, the reveal of the Xbone and its inability to wow the folks with anything and their constant stances on things like non-backwards compatibility made me think of a Game Overthinker episode MovieBob did that discusses the possibility of another video game crash.


If Microsoft and Sony continue to disappoint consumers and alienate fans, then we may be driving off the cliff sooner than we think.

I'm fully expecting the ps4 to be as equally shit as the xboxone.

I'm putting the money aside that I would spend on both consoles (i'm a ps3 AND xb360 owner, brand loyalty is for perverts) and building myself a monster gaming PC. When i'm not on my monster gaming PC i'll be buying up all the 360 and ps3 games I could not afford so far this gen when the prices bottom out as neither overpriced hunks of plastic that represent the next gen will be fully backwards compatible.

I'm so glad this is being made so easy for me.

The opening to this video is very similar to the opening of the Zero Punctuation for Aliens: Colonial Marines; anyone else notice that? I love it.

I watch sports in a bar or at a friend's. I don't play CoD. I also do not have a subscription to TV, and frankly I don't even like dogs. I play video and board games.

Clearly, as a gamer, I'm not their target demographic.

Just a side note, the entire group of people I play CoD with has more or less decided they're getting Ghosts for the 360. And that was before the reveal.

I wonder if even the CoD market is going to buy into the new generation.

Maybe we're not dudebro enough to be typical for their market, I don't know.

That was a beautiful rant. I agree with every word. As far as I'm concerned, it's Xbox None.

Well I do not care for the XBOX but it is kind of hard to avoid if you follow game news sites. And from what i have learned today is that the XBOX ONE will suck big time. They took all the worst DRM policies and focused on all the wrong things. From what i heard they basically want to sell really restricted PC with Microsoft version of steam on it. It looks really bad.

Glad i am a PC fanboy.

Miscrosoft's plot all along was to actually make the wiiU and PS4 look good by comparison... I can't imagine they had any other motive at all from what I saw.

CoD Dog

But Jim! THE EMOTION!!! That dog is EMOTION!! It craps EMOTION! It's feces Spell out EMOTION! Emotion Emotion Emotion Emotion.

Wow, for a rant that was incredibly well informed and rational. You put all my fears into a far more cogent argument. The PS4 looks uninspiring and the Xbox One just baffling in its extending of the middle finger to its existing fanbase. It's enough to draw me back into PC gaming, which is something I never thought I'd say again.

i wonder if sony is celebrating right now, nintendos console has very few games worth buying the console for and the new xbox is getting nothing but hate. seems like in this new generation, sony will either completely dominate the market, or console gamers will start swarming to PCs. but i wouldnt be surprised if things change. i feel like microsoft would be getting about a hundred times less criticism if they just dialed back their policy on used games. most gamers would probably still not be that excited, but at least they wouldnt be ready to burn the xbox one at the stake.

So everything the PC does and has been doing anyway. FOR YEARS !!! Its always been my one stop hub for entertainment. Streaming/Downloading shows and movies. Music, And games are far better on PC not only due to graphics but gameplay and life span, and the added community and mods. I mean look at Counter-Strike, over a decade old still going strong and full of mods and maps NOT CHARGED as DLC. Looks at TeamFortress 2. FREE UPDATES and game mods and maps.

Ive never had more reason to be happy and smug im a pc gamer where games are cheaper, better, and have a longer life span then untill the next sequal(slighty updated) game comes out.

PC FOR LIFE. Or Snes ^.^

All I can say is if E3 doesn't impress me, then I am just straight up switching to PC gaming only. No two ways about it; the next gen consoles are going to blow hard. That much is obvious.

Right now, unless Microsoft reveals that this was just a huge prank and reveals what the next Xbox is actually called and can do at E3 they can burn in hell.

Wow, what with this video and the news coming out that Xbone won't support SDTVs it really IS like they're pandering exclusively to wealthy people.

Everything about this release seems like the opposite of what I want. I like buying pre-owned games and feeling like I got a bargain. I like knowing I can play my console when the internet goes out. If I wanted an always-online machine that has multiple functions plus also games I'd buy a computer. Oh wait--I already have a computer.

Companies' vendetta against pre-owned games seems silly to me. I understand why they don't like them but buying pre-owned is an inevitability. It breaks down somewhat when you factor in digital downloads but regarding physical copies, you can't keep producing them forever. Eventually, all games will be pre-owned.

It not allowing resale of products. Is that not against the law in the EU?

I seem to remember that a couple of years back the EU passed a bill that required the Resale of digital products.

I may be wrong here but if the xbone doesn't allow that it could face problems in the European countries completely?

Thus eliminating some 500 million people... a very large market?

Well... I know what I'm doing next gen. Good thing I upgraded my PC.

I'm not buying the same game twice though (i.e. Skyrim), fuck all that. Even if the PC versions do have access to a fuckton of delicious looking mods.

Query: Hey someone: other than Steam, what's a good game site that has a decent catalog?

Was looking for your input Jim so thanks for doing a video about this.

I'll stick to my trusty PC that hasn't failed me yet and I congrats for the people that have decided to go the PS4 route instead of succumbing to Microsoft's bs.

Here is the entire problem summed up in a single sentence: Microsoft is screwing themselves over by trying to make a console that ISN'T focused on videogames.

Xbox One's showcase wasn't a reveal of a new console.

It's the ritualistic suicide of Microsoft's gaming division.

I don't want any of the new consoles. They all look awful to me. I'll continue with PC, since that seems to be what Microsoft and the others wants me to do. I'd rather buy a 3DS for next generation, if this is how it's going to continue. XD Though PS3 has a few cool exclusives which I haven't played yet.

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