Xbone Week #2

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Daystar Clarion:
How long has Microsoft been in the business of selling things to people?

You'd think they'd know how to not perforate their own rectums by now.

As a matter of fact, it looks like they're *equip sunglasses* x-BONED. YEEEEAAAAAAHHHH...

Back on topic: In my eyes Microsoft's plan to dodge questions is comparable to the plan of many major political figures campaigning for something. I feel a sort of pity for some of the people that designed the most talked about features of the Xbone for I'm willing to bet that some of them truly believe that their creation is innovative. I am referring to the additions of skype, facebook likes, netflix yada-yada-yada. I do not think that repackaging old (internet-time) programs into a supposedly worthwhile combo package is innovative.

Right now their product is worthless in my eyes until I receive more information. Until E3, my current understanding of Microsoft's intentions is to try to "step out of" the console war. It doesn't seem like they want to advertise it as a great gaming console, so I doubt the gaming aspect is at the top of their list of priorities. Who knows, perhaps the Xbone will become widely beloved for reasons OTHER THAN the fact that it can play video games. It isn't a crime to try to branch out, away from gaming consoles. It is incredibly annoying of Microsoft to mislead the gaming crowd, despite the possible fact that they are putting said crowd on the backseat of their priorities.


Always nice to see the head of the nail meeting the hammer.

Can't help but be reminded of the Rum Diaries, when they said the best way to raise taxes by 5% is to release rumours that taxes are going to be raised by 10%. Then when everybody freaks out you come in with the 'compromise' of 5%. Wonder if Microsoft is attempting something similar (but fucking up royally).

Good analogy.
Sony may even be smarter: waiting to see what the shitstorm looks like then saying "we're only going to raise 3%. I honestly think Sony had something similar in mind (they were very carefully wording things during their reveal) in terms of child harvesting but were waiting to see if MS would show their hand first. I just hope the public outcry is enough to make the platform developers realize they can't completely buttfuck the consumer like that.
I think George Carlin said it best; he usually did:

He did say it well. It is very worrying, watching this little game of Microsoft and Sony. There's a reason these companies have taken such dives recently, and I think it's a damn shame that they're gonna likely have to destroy their console divisions to figure out why.

I expect that we're going to get a lot more info at E3, and all the Microsoft minions have been instructed to keep their mouths shut until then.

Why is Walter White at the Microsoft press conference?

It is easy to blame the PR team for being incompetent.
But their job is to take feces and make the desirable and that is... well, very hard.

I am pretty sure the rumors are spot on.

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