GDC 2008: Dreamflyer - Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

GDC 2008: Dreamflyer - Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

Stationed in the Intel Lounge, three floors and another half mile away from Team Humidor's home base, was a gentleman named Rahul Lakhote, CEO of Flight Motion Simulators, and he was showing off the coolest gaming chair ever.

He calls it the Dreamflyer, and it's as close as you get to an F-16 cockpit into your living room.


Wrap it in a plastic casing, and it's a good arcade style piece of joy I'd say.
I'm a sucked for those machines, yet they seem to get less and less attention, probably because what we have at home is more and more "just as good", if not better.

Afterburner days... sometimes this industry grows too fast. :(

I don't know what to say. It looks amazing but it's probably $5-7000 Aus. At that price, it'll need a built in drink cooler and foot massage unit.

So you know, the Dreamflyer doesn't come with a drink cooler or foot massager :(
But, it only costs $2,800U.S.. If you want the tri-monitor bracket as well, it will add $199U.S. to the cost. It can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for $425U.S.

Since I recently jumped into video gaming as an industry I am wondering if this sort of home gaming with peripherals has been a long time coming? Or has Guitar Hero and Rock Band helped spur it on with all of their special tools for the game, proving that people are willing to spend mega-bucks to get squillimeters closer to the real thing.


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