150: Where Things are Hollow

Where Things are Hollow

"In addition to the reviews on Zero Punctuation, - which are viewed, on average, by about 1.5 million people - Croshaw also makes his own games, writes a monthly column at PC Gamer and has started doing contract work, theoretically a launching pad to making his own major-label games. 'Which is handy,' says Croshaw, 'because that's really what I want to do with my life.' All of which would never have happened without achieving fame on YouTube."

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Speaking of YouTube and Yahtzee...


Interesting timing. I just wrote about my experience with Yahtzee-craze in Melbourne at the weekend.

My Creepy Fan Anecdote returns. Yippee.

I'll go sit in the corner now.

if it wasn't for yahtzee- I wouldn't be at the horrid site - the man is fantastic

Yahtzee dragged my sorry ass into this site, but i love every moment of it

The thing is, if Yahtzee ever does write that novel, unless he uses a pseudonym, it'll be pretty popular by sheer dint of "that guy who does ZP wrote it".

Still, that's something to show the ex, huh? "Yeah, breaking up with you was tough at first, but because of that I became an international internet phenomenon, so it's all good."

I'm curious if yahtzee wears his hat in public. I live in melbourne and I don't think I'd pick him out of a crowd just based on his face and voice. If he was wearing that hat though, He'd be hard to miss.

The thing I hate about fame or 'internet phenomenoms' or whatever is how often the chosen few seem to do very little to justify their celebrity status.

Yahtzee however deserves his fame because he actually creates original, entertaining, highly-amusing work! Good on him I say. Long may he continue to slag off games I love and and games I hate!

In my experience, people grow less patient the older they get.

So maybe sooner rather than later would be an ideal time to write that book.

An interesting article that partly addresses a question I have pondered in the past, that being: Will internet popularity ever surpass 'regular' popularity and if so how far off is it?

In my experience, people grow less patient the older they get.

So maybe sooner rather than later would be an ideal time to write that book.

My experience is that people get less good at suffering fools as they get older, but their ability to concentrate certainly goes up. Also, good writing comes as a result of having a life rich with experiences. That's why most great novels, even those appreciated by teenagers, are written by older people.

Writing well is a matter of practice though, so one should never stop trying to write a complete novel, if that's what you one day hope to achieve. :)

The subject of the article is a good one and needs to be studied further. When you generally think of youtube and its users the first word that comes to mind is idiocy, but among the sea of failure, stupidity and downright malice there are a few tasty grains of quality, and that applies to almost any subject you can think of.

Gaming, being part of what's driving technology, does probably take up more space than usual. One interesting phenomenon is the LP (Let's Play) where people show off the entirety of a game, while adding their own brand of humor and style to it with commentary and editing. I'm sure there are tons of similar phenomenons in areas we can't even think of.

Oh, by the way. If you have never heard of LP I present to you these two stellar examples:

Documentary Style:http://lparchive.org/LetsPlay/Trespasser/
Humoristic Style:http://lparchive.org/LetsPlay/Battletoads/

I have to hand it to Yahtzee, I really do. I'm, about a year younger than him and a writer and a gamer too. I really admire how successful he is, I'd be happy if I'm ever half as well known for what I do. There's people who spend their whole lives trying and are never as renowned as he is.


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