Zero Punctuation: Painkiller

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Thanks! I bought Painkiller based on this review. Great game.

Aside: While I think the _idea_ of a shuriken and lightning gun is cool, I didn't use it much. The lightning worked well but the shuriken flew too slowly and did too little damage.

I'm so getting this game! But I wonder, are the expansions worth it? Cause there's either the game alone, Black Edition with the first expansion, or the Universe version with both expansions.

Where can I get the patches for this game?

Where can I get the patches for this game?

you need to put in your date of birth, by the way its an 18 game so I recomend putting 1953 has the year you was born, click the left hand link out of the three painkillers, click downloads and then click updates, the patches will then be present! :D

i watched this then played the demo, it is the most awesome shooter!! im gonna go buy it tomorrow or monday!!! and theres also an editor for in on the games website!!!

XD wow yahtzee... just wow ^^

I got the game with the same expectations but was pleasantly surprised ^^

by the by awesome show. you are my fix that gets me through my week.

This is just the kind of game that the Wii needs. A perfectly mindless shooter that lets you blow off some steam. No story needed. Heck, they could just make it for WiiWare. Then again, it's probably too violent for Nintendo's taste.

In all liklihood they would replace the shuriken/lightning gun with a plunger cannon. Then again... that might be kind of fun too...

I really loved this game.

There are rumours of a sequel in the works.

I bought the complete package just because of this review. It was also my first review I ever heard from Yahtzee. Oh, how I howled in laughter on the first time.

Even now, it still seems funny. The hilarity has waned over the ~10 times I've seen it, but I can't deny its aspects of funny. I thank the probably non-existant God for Yahtzee.

A gun that shoots shurikens and lighting is pretty bad ass indeed.

LOL, another good video! im gonna go any look at buying this this arvo for a full weekend of mindless killing! YAY!!!

Worshipping this review


Painkiller is only 10 bucks on Steam :O, time to murder tons of dudes!


I remember this game.
Had a good time with it.

The game is simple and fun, without any elements that break the flow.

He forgot to mention the soundtrack, which fits every level perfectly.

I'm surprised he didn't use the song "PAINKILLER" by Judas Priest.

He did admit "No More Heroes" was too obvious in the No More Heroes review, though.

i acctualy bought this game cause of yahtzee and it was DAAAAMMNNN fun

Congrats, Yahtzee, on you influencing a gun skin in Bulletstorm! Woot!

influencing a gun skin,
i just rewatched this and realised that the entire thing of Bulletstorm was inspired by this review.
From the big pretty levels, the lack of dirty brown in the graphics, the lack of long non playable cutscenes and the over-the-top ultraviolent, kill every motherfucker in the room and shoot off his gonads with exotic weaponry that is not a BFG.

And, true enough, only two years later People Can Fly DID create a gun that had t!ts and was on artwork on the gun, but still.

I just found this amusing fully animated version of hte Painkiller review on Youtube. I thought it was entertaining and well done. Just gonna leave it here in case anyone wishes to see it.

Speaking of Serious Sam as an antidote to realistic FPS parasites, it's 75% off on Steam this weekend.

wow, i haven't heard detachable penis since elementary school!

I apologize of this has been asked before (and for replying to a thread several years old) but which version of Painkiller is Yahtzee reviewing? I tried to get this on Steam... and there is Painkiller - Redemption, Black Edition, Overdose, Resurrection. No version withought a added name... help me out please? :)

i know i'm a little late in replying to this, but if you take the fact that he basicly said this game was the sh*t, i honestly have to say that monster tale (new game) is like this game in the sense that nobodies ever heard of it but the game is f*cking awsome. If i was allowed to, i would rant on for hours about this Monster Tale game, but i'm not, so i won't, but if your really interested just ask me

At ANY rate, great job Yahtzee (i think i spelled that right)

Incredible game

You know... Yatzee made me actually go and play Painkiller... And it kinda sucked.

The rhytm of the weapons is really weird, and the damage of everything but the namesake weapon itself is really lacking. Played through it until the suriken+lightning gun (that REALLY ANNOYING ICE LEVEL) and threw it away.

I guess my heart will forever be with Serious Sam, UT99 and Q2.

A very long time ago, I read a Dave Barry column where after hearing one song he sort of liked on a radio station his son had set as a favorite, the announcer said "I'm sorry folks, that was mainstream" and put on a song called "detachable penis." I didn't entirely believe him until now.

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