Zero Punctuation: LEGO Indy

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I love how most are bypassing the review thanks to the new intro. It doesn't bother me, personally, as long as I get to see the "review" part.

Heh, I really enjoyed this one. I love Lego Indy, and think the humour is adorable. Plus Indy himself is so cute. I guess Yahtzee doesn't go for cute. This review seemed more... energetic compared to the last couple, and though I've never disliked a review I do like this sudden burst of creative energy. Definitely agree with the ledge thing, I was co-oping with my sister and she wouldn't bloody move, I got very frustrated. Looking forward to the next, as usual.

Well it was a return to the sort of Zero Punctuation we want to see, but as for "Jumping the Shark," that had to have been last issue. ;)

I think that the new intro and outro are great! But it kind of gave up that made at home "doing it for the fun and not money" feel. But oh well.

Should have said in my first post but good call on the new Indy film... it sucks balls so badly words clearly cannot translate.

Hmmm....interesting intro change, but I prefered the old one, to be honest. And while I doubt I would ever play the game itself, letting you kill your own annoying teammates with no penalty is a definite bonus.

The new introduction would have worked... if it was what he started using in the beginning, but the music selections were always witty and completely appropriate to the subject matter.

And I'm still wondering why; of all of the games he's reviewed, he has NOT yet done a single RTS (I find this a bit odd seeing as he considers PC gamers the "master race," one would think he would review a game that makes full use of the PC's potential for awesomeness.)

I won't say much about the intro, except that I don't particularly like it, but I will add another complaint to the advertisement at the end of the new ZP's. I didn't realize that this one had another one of those "after the end" tidbits until I read it in this thread, since I now just stop watching at what I assume is the end due to the annoying ads.

Fucking Shortround...

Frankly I'm surprised he didn't mention Willie, who was much more annoying. Then again, nobody talks in the Lego games so maybe she's more tolerable.

Wtf theme song?
Expected: wittingly cock slapped people who mentions it?

*gasps* Credits that includes other human beings?!

I liked the somg selection too.

I'm not a fan of the music genre (but then, I say that about anything lacking cellos), and the intro and outros seem to sacrifice some of the minimalism that you're so well known and loved for. To be honest, even the reviews themselves are getting a bit too crowded, though that might just be me. I still love the wit and your irresistible charm, but this episode as a whole seems to take things down a notch (MAB!). Except for the movie review. That's still golden.

What is all this other video shit the Escapist is advertising? If it weren't such terrible garbage, they wouldn't need to advertise it on their only fucking successful weekly video. Give it up, god damn. Drawn by Pain? Wow, an incredibly retarded emo sounding name gives way to a terribly emo, shit pseudo-cartoon with some of the stupidest acting I've seen.

I enjoy making the series, so will sadly to your displeasure continue doing my best to make something that hopefully some people enjoy. If some do not - that's all good - I respect that completly.

Nice Job on the review Yahtzee. As always - enjoyed the f**k out of it.


Am I the only one finding these reviews less and less funny everyday?
The earlier reviews are still hilarious to this day, but I dunno about now. :/
*Waits for fanboys to toss beer bottles at me filled with pseudo-wit*

I'm not gonna win any awards for originality by saying this, but the intro is awful.... >_<


Please don't do this again...

Salad Is Murder:
Nice work Yahtzee, but I'm not crazy about the new intro style...I miss the music selections.

Seconded... I liked that, kinda random :P

'bratz hey kids lets all dress like french tarts'

cracked me up, so true... brilliant, as always.

Yahtzee has jumped the shark.

Now let's see how long he'll keep resembling funny with videos that are sandwiched inbetween pointless ads.

Really? Crappy warmed-over metal music? That's what you want as your intro songs?

I prefer the old style intro and outro of somehow-related-to-the-game songs.

Nice one, keep on like this. I'm sad about this new opening but I think i get used to it...
Well I had to.

Nice review. Not so hot on the music intro/outro. Was fond of the previous style. The music was clever and tailored to the game (etc), which was a nice touch. Copyright or no, the new bit just feels .. impersonal.

Jumping the shark? No.
Draining some of the homespun wit? Yes.

Samples of music up to 30 seconds are fair game under the fair use agreement, don't know if that helps any...

Fair use is a defense used when being sued by a company for copywrite infringement. The change will avoid any such suits from being filed and to me the change is justified even though I will miss the old format.

For anyone who couldn't quite understand some of the jestures in his review of the movie that was not made, my interpretation is as follows.

Yatzee, while contemplating the best way to take over the world, gets pleasently surprised by a trailer for the new Indy 4 film. Seeing this gives him a massive erection which drives him to spend an exhorbitant amount of money to see it in the theater. His general enthusiasm is quashed by extreme puzzlement at what he watched. Thus he thinks Lucas is tosser and gives a big fuck you to Mr. Franchisicide.

I imagine the format was changed perhaps because of the amount of advertising revenue Zero Punctuation makes The Escapist. And while I always liked the (occasionally) more subtle humour in the music choices, I'm here for the reviews.

Are we still complaining about the new intro?

Good. Because I'd like to rebut something Yahtzee said on his website:

I'd like to point out that if the reviews had had original music and an intro like that from the very beginning no-one would have cared.

While true, that's like saying that if your wife had been a man all along, you wouldn't be taking her sex change so hard.

terrrific job yahtzee this was a return to form for u in my opinion. i havent laughed this hard at one of your reviews in a while. but please please get some music. i understadn you dont want to rip off licensed stuff, so why not get some licensed music. this other shit is just that, shit.

The chosen intros and outros were smart, and the new one is just... mediocre.

I know i haven't been posting much up until recently but i watch all your reviews. Though i think the new opening is good, can't you add in a music selection with the new opening? To me the music selections u had set a tone for your review.

Escapist Mag: "Hey Yahtzee, listen, you rock too hard. our servers can't handle the kind of crazy traffic you get"

Yahtzee: "Thanks, you too"

Escapist Mag: "Right, so we need you to dumb down your reviews a bit. Stop using brilliantly selected musical choices that open and close the reviews appropriately and to put some stupid rock intro that has nothing to do with anything instead. you know, something that viewers have to suffer through to get to the review. and then a bit more suffering at the end. just to make them think twice, you know, if to view it or not."

Yahtzee: "Err."

*Yahtzee then proceeds to do the Indy Lego review*

Infinite enemies is too a cardinal sin...

Jack Spencer Jr:

While true, that's like saying that if your wife had been a man all along, you wouldn't be taking her sex change so hard.

It's only the same if you're a big enough twat to feel sexually attracted to Yahtzee's music selections.

Sweet jesus christ on a pogo stick.

Escapist, please sort out your video hosting. two days after the new ZP and it's 5 minutes for the damn thing to load.

People bitching about the intro, make your own damn music selections then. It was just another way for Yahtzee to show his exemplary universal knowledge of all things cool anyway. Life goes on, though a little sadder and shorter.

Yahtzee, way to bend over for the man, copyright's a bitch. I've got some soothing cream if you need it.

Jack Spencer Jr stfu

Poptart Fairy:
It's only the same if you're a big enough twat to feel sexually attracted to Yahtzee's music selections.

Wow. What snappy comebacks. Apparently putting fluoride in the drinking water was a bad idea.

Nice intro. Gonna comb your hair partly in front of your face and cut yourself next, Yahtzee?

Seriously, I can totally dig the way the intro looks, but the horribly clichéd standard generic emo nu-metal music just ruins it. Don't get me wrong, I fully agree that there should be a solid and recognizable intro that fits the episodes, but the music just doesn't fit in at all. It's like the Prince of Persia series, which got ruined by following that hype of putting standard nu-metal into games, totally destroying the atmosphere and individuality it had. Judging from his previous work Yahtzee'd agree on that.

I really liked the way Yahtzee used to grab some older classics for your intro's, and I have to say I'm sad to see it going down the drain of mainstream standard-issue bullshit. On second thought though, the ZP episodes have also been losing their edge a bit lately, feeling more like a grind of what he *has* to do, rather than what he'd *like* to be doing. Ah well, I hope it's just a temporary depression or whatever.

So yeah, all in all, good job on getting an intro together, but for Christ's sake use a worthy themesong.

I'll probably be spat on by some of the people here, but whatever. Remember that Yahtzee hates all kinds of fanboys, I have no doubt this includes his own.

When I saw (and heard) the new intro, I thought of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, i.e. how some marketing douchenozzle figured the Prince had to be badassed up with tattoos and a soundtrack by godsmack.

I think the new intro needs the animated yahtzee jumping from an exploding helicopter on a skateboard while decapitating a hooker.

Shit. Someone beat me to the PoP punch.

I think the new intro needs the animated yahtzee jumping from an exploding helicopter on a skateboard while decapitating a hooker.

Now that would be awesome.

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