Zero Punctuation: LEGO Indy

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Awesome man! the last two reviews have been exceptionally good. I agree with you on Lucas, I miss monkey island,grim fandango and sam and max. Yeah star wars was great an all but sheesh I am over the bloody games Lucas Arts keeps shitting out. Plus its not as if theres any real difference anymore, get a lightsaber, kill the empire, Pretty Retarded. If they have to make star wars games is it always nessasary to be a jedi?! Dark forces was awesome.

Oh Christ, are you people really that much of of a mindless consumer with cranial intrusion that you don't manage to press the stop button when the clip is over? "Oh no, there is one minute remaining, I have to watch it all and then follow the other lemmings over the next cliff after I posted another pointless Please-no-more-Ads-Whining."

That said, I like the intro and would totally buy Sitckle Bricks Babylon 5 as the mindless consumer with cranial intrusion I am.

Great stuff as usual!
and the mention of babylon 5 has memories rushing back to me. TO THE DVD SHELF!

Hehe, good stuff. It is a shame that copyright must plauge the ineternet!

Great review.

I like the new introduction, but the opening and closing music was a pretty cool staple of Zero Punctuation. But, I guess you can only steal copyrighted music for so long.

Yahtzee's gone corporate!

Leggo my Legos! Good review, as usual.

Adverts at the end. Still sucking.
New, unconnected, unwitty music. Sucking.

What's next week? Inserting blatant product placement? Zero Punctuation brought to you by Noahs Arcades?

I liked Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Why cant he review UT3 or NG2, you know, games with 2 letters and a number in them

A theme song now? Why cant he play the new intro with the licensed music

A very neat new intro, but we will all miss the music.

Another very good review, but was there any punishment for each death?

At the end as were giving your review for the movie, I swear I thought all you were going to do was say just one word like "bal**" or something. Your pantomiming was even better, congrats, I've not seen the movie yet but I've heard some pretty bad things.

Like the new opening and ending does make it look more professional, although it has taken away some of it charm, anyway I haven't laughed that hard for a long time. Awesome review, keep it up

Funny, from the time I loaded the Escapist main page to loading this page, fifteen coments were posted. Seven were posted during the minute of 0915 (pst) alone... God knows how many have been posted in the time I took carefully looking over these comments.

After recent reviews of games like Painkiller, GTAIV and MGS4, I wouldn't think Yahtzee would even be willing to play this game, let alone devote a review to it. But then again, he seems to revel in keeping us guessing. Way to go!

good review, but i too feel that old intro, having different intro music that tied into the review was enjoyable more so then the new guitar heavy intro. it just didn't have the same zero punctuation feel.

Very nice new title sequence, and a brilliantly funny review.

as much as i loved the old intro/outros. this new look is rather fan dabby tastic :D

Oh, nearly forgot: That is a box of Babylon 5's season 5. Which is basically Indiana Jones 4 for the series. I'm really not sure at the moment whether this is pure coincidence or a masterwork in subtlety you charismatic stallion.

To me i couldn't bleive i actualy had played it and since i literaly slit my wrists on marrio... it was meh to a anoying waste of a few hours of my life

Eh, Yahtzee jumped the shark with this one ...

... :) just kidding, actually I like that something new is being tried, even if minor. As with many other comments I saw in past threads I simply don't find the new videos as funny as the first ones; it has nothing to do with the quality, but rather than the style, while brilliant, is bound to get old after a while.

I hope Yahtzee will try to experiment and try new things also in the actual review, it would be a pity to let ZP became stale...

BTW, I don't think the last Indy was a complete failure, it cannot be compared with the first three movies, but was not a travesty like Phantom Menace. I went to see it with my expectations VERY low, and I was entertained. In spots. A little bit. Better than nothing I guess.

Gee it sure is GRIMDARK X-TREME theme music in here.

Other than that it was cool, felt a bit undecisive though.

The music sections will indeed be missed but overall a nice review.

I like the way you acknowledged people such as myself who criticise series that have jumped the shark... ZP is going strong.


I thought the intro was awesome, copy music was always a nice touch and would be missed.

Though apparently as first impression (I generally watch these things twice first) I couldn't help feel lost in a rant, many times and while trying to straighten that thought out I may have missed some good jokes, I dunno maybe hit the one video that just didn't rub my tummy the right way.

Oh and liked your movie review of the Crystal Skull, I'm in total agreement there.

Nice Yahtzee, can't wait for your hear you on the GenCo podcast. Didn't really like the new opening though.

BAWWWWWW @ new intro. At first, I was like "I hope he's being ironic", but then the comment at the end made me realise he's being serious. Oh well, I suppose it's better than him risking getting sued or being forced to take the reviews down. As for the actual review, it was one of the best ones yet. Kudos to him for not recognising crystal skull as an Indiana Jones film.

The intro was cool and CRYSTAL SKULL SUCKED...

I love the part in the new intro where all you see is huge "physics".

Bah even though the video won't load unless i refresh my page 50 odd times its still a pretty great review. And i like the new intros though i did like the funny song choices 'cos they did get me into the Kinks and other awesome bands.
And yeah crystal skull was well summed up in a few lewd hand gestures.

I presume some music companies finally objected to you daring to advertise their songs and bands to thousands of people for free.

Good review of a fun, if limited, game.

Alone In The Dark please! Man, I think that'll be ripped to shreds. Still, it'll be entertaining dismemberment.

I'm pretty sure "Giblets" is pronounced with a hard G. . . (like 'goose' as opposed to 'geocentric')

Delightful review, certainly less ascerbic than last week's rant (which wasn't a bad thing.)

I agree with the rabble of the masses, bring back the old intro songs.

Wow, I've been curious about lego indy for a while; it's about the gayest looking thing I have ever seen and I find that very charming.

I nearly pissed myself with the "DAS PIES" sign.

This is probably my 3rd favorite vid, after Clive Barker's Clive Barker's Jericho by Clive Barker, and the Halo 3 review.

And lol at the "Ok I'm done with that joke...WAIT I'VE GOT ANOTHER ONE!...Stickle Bricks Babylon 5"

I thought it was just as great as your other stuff, but the new intro was a bit odd.
btw LOL @ the movie review!

Okay, I love the new opening title. It is awesome! The review was great. I agree completely with whatever Yahtzee says for he is God. (And I haven't played most of the games he has reviewed. But the ones that I have play, my god he was right on the target!)

Was I the only one who almost died at the "Crystal Skull" review??? I miss the music though... But "These were the best 5 minutes of my week" -Russian Assassin

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