Zero Punctuation: Prince of Persia Retrospective

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its a good job i dont eat pudding often...
i stick to ice cream, then if you stick your dick in it at least you'll suffer frostbite while i go without dessert >_<
you have dolphines on your toilet paper? thats so cool! i used to have puppies on mine, before i started thinking that they were just using the andrex puppy to draw young people into nagging thier mums for it XD

another hilarious reveiw, and coming from me thats saying somethin.......... but oh well
i thought prince of persia (missspelled?) the two thrones was weird what with someof the akward timed parts (iE the giant...thing with the biga** axe, i nearly broke my controller everytime he punted me accross the room (after the 50th try)
oh and im new so hi everybody

so someone else saw that it was the fourth doctor ~SQUEAL~
hes mai favorite \(^o^)/

the hat and scarf are a dead give away

ok for the old doctors its close between four and five, but tom baker has such a great voice AND he had a robot dog and a hot barbarian chick companion
'nough said

(fangirl moment over noaw)

Damn I'm now left in an awkward position. I can either put my fingers in my ears and smack my head on a table until i am unaware of Yahtzee's top five list or i can disobey a figure, who for the life of me could just be an imaginary puppet......

My head hurts all i can remember is something about top 5 list so here is my... Yahtzee's games

1)Hello Kitty Roller Rescue
2)Barbie And The Magic Of Pegasus
4)Spider Man 2
5)SingStar Vol. 2

Take that you imaginary Creature!!!!!?VASDdaslpdv

Hey! A nice review, Yahtzee. I think I decifered (SP?) your blurred out games and unfortunately achieved disgusting list. Oh, and I just finished Six Days a Sacrifice. Very creepy D:
1. Portal
2. Baldurs' Gate 1
3. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
4. Spiderman 2
5. Fantasy World Dizzy

I believe that's what is blurred out. Nice job, great review.

I correct myself. Rather than Boulders' Gate, it could be Resident Evil 4.

Jesus Christ, has Gaia overtaken your fanbase Yahtzee?

Cool review, bro.

No-ones going to eat it because YOU STUCK YOUR DICK IN IT!!
Top notch :P

1. Portal
2. Silent Hill 2
3. PoP: SoT
4. Spiderman 2
5. Fantasy World Dizzy

Prince of Persia: SoT was and still is fucking AMAZING!
Definitely one of those games to keep for years to come :D

Huh... none of the blurred out games look like "Earthbound." Tsk tsk...

Am I the only person that thought this wasn't Yahtzee's best showing? That last line seemed really forced...

EDIT: Not that I or anyone else could do better, this just wasn't up to his standards.

Great retrospective, though It was more of a clarification. "Prince of Persia Sands of Time series is the best series of all time." You say off handedly before you have to back peddle and say "Well...ok, it could of been the best."

If that was the case ANY series could be the best if you fix it's problems...

Oh, and because nearly every post has been a list, I might as well:

PoP Sands of Time
Fantasy World Dizzy

In no particular order either...

jesus stop gussing his god damn top five its ovious it's on the first page

my ritten sucks

I enjoyed this retrospective, though I think that the PoP story was actually more planned out than most people give it credit for. The 2nd game was dark, yes, but it was supposed to be-the Empire Strikes Back of the series, basically- and while the feel was disjointed from the first game, (and they didn't give nearly enough backstory for it, in my opinion) it fit in the overall picture, which couldn't be understood at the time; the 3rd game wasn't out yet.

The REAL issue with the 2nd game was that there were glitches in that fucker that could prevent you from completing it, and that is damn near unforgivable. In addition, you had to find all the fucking hidden extra health/sand capsules to complete the game, and making 'bonuses' the only way to actually have enough endurance to fight the final boss is bad cheese, baby.

Plus they removed my favorite part of combat; the Flash hyperspeed moments! It was the only cool thing about the combat from PoP1.

Finally, they decided to place the emphasis on the enemies as your enemy, instead of your actual opponent throughout the game; the environment itself. Think about it; who wants to kill you more; the room you're in, or that random shadowy piece of crap you dispatch with your sword?

There still needed to be work on the combat aspects of the game, especially in the 3rd one, but the storyline was compelling...even as it fell to a few cliches. However, the focus on the environment as your opponent returned, and the combat was the same as the 2nd game (meaning, improved but you still did the same 2 motions for every hard boss: Leap, slow time, grab-stab jump away) so it's not like that involved skill, but it didn't matter; the storyline took the threads going back to the first game and tied them together as well as they could.

If anything, the series suffers from Matrix syndrome, where if they'd been able to realize all three games in one shot then it might've flowed a lot better, but at the end of PoP1 it's done, you're over and there doesn't need to be anything else. Since they could only do the first game, giving a Halo 2 style ending was out of the question (probably a mixed blessing)

am I the only one who thinks if yahtzee still had original intros every video this would be the best intro ever? Either that or the best outro.

Huh... none of the blurred out games look like "Earthbound." Tsk tsk...

Or Killer 7. Tsk tsk indeed.

You are all wrong, I have the correct list.

Deus Ex (If you actually chose Portal over Deus Ex, you win my utter disgust.)
Silent Hill 1
Sands of Time
Spider-Man 2
Fantasy World Dizzy

I have won the disgust.

I don't agree with all of the bits about the third one, I thought that it was near complete redemption. While Farah wasn't as likeable as in the first one, the prince's character was captured pretty well. Sands of time is still the best though. Pretty good episode.

Nice video.

I found the Doctor Who refrence the best part of the vid.
I'm such a nerd.

You are all wrong, I have the correct list.

Deus Ex (If you actually chose Portal over Deus Ex, you win my utter disgust.)
Silent Hill 1
Sands of Time
Spider-Man 2
Fantasy World Dizzy

I have won the disgust.

I'm not sure how you figured out it's Silent Hill 1 when the cover is clearly 2.
Not to mention that Yahtzee completely drooled over 2 in his Origins review, making it clear it was his favorite Silent Hill.

Portal, same deal. I mean, he said in this very review the words "Portal Perfection".

I found the Doctor Who refrence the best part of the vid.
I'm such a nerd.

Me too. that was really the only part that made me actually chuckle.

I wasn't expecting Yahtzee's fourth favorite game to be Spiderman 2. I would have thought it was Pain Killer. The color of the cover made me think Gears of Wars 2, but Yahtzee has never put faith in future games. Also, the Imp looks nothing like the Doctor. Where did the scarf come from?

Hey Yahtzee! Try comparing Any Prince of Persia with Soul Reaver: Defiance. Tell me why Defiance shouldn't be better when it has 2 playable characters ,A LOT OF WEAPONS, 2 parallel worlds and a story that would make POP look like the old Atari game 'ET'

The Prince of Persia move that is coming out stars jake Gyllenhaal (or however you spell it) as the Prince.

This just seems to be one big WTF, he's not even of the ethnicity that the prince is.

Right. But I think he'll do a better job than, say, Naveen Andrews. ;)

P.S. Keep up the not-top-5-related posts!

still been meaning to play these games, ive got sands of time , got it free with a pc years which couldn't play anything more advanced than thief: the dark project, and this was 2002..

i have windows on my unholy i-mac with boot camp (i know, the audacity!) but its all laggy and well, the controls suck, but aside from wow, warcraft 3, s.t.a.l.k.e.r and vampire the masquerade: bloodlines i dont play many pc games.

Nice retrospective, but a but superfluous: everyone knows that the Prince of Persia series ended with part one - none of the successors even so much as touch the classic original.

Gaming veteran and loving it :).

spider-man 2. huh. I'm guessing he didn't play it for PC. that particular version was very bad.

Aaah man I can't believe the Fantasy World Dizzy Wikipedia page. That's awesome

"Game reviewer and independent computer game designer Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, in his online video reviews for Zero Punctuation named the Commodore 64 version of Fantasy World Dizzy as the best game ever made. As to whether this was intended in an ironic manner, Croshaw himself stated at an ACMI Game On panel on July 10th, 2008 that he was half-serious but noted that nostalgia may have been a factor.[1] However, a recent Zero Punctuation short identifies Fantasy World Dizzy as Croshaw's 5th favourite game of all time (albeit in pixelated form"

someone in the world is mental and not in a good way

No Deus Ex? The old flames have died out, I see.
No HL2 = No more trips to Valve Mr.Y.

№4 is not VERY surprising, I remember the game beeing mentioned in one of the Austrailian Gamer podcasts.

Think I'll go and try that Dizzy game now.

I guess what we learned from this is to never stick your dick in pudding. Gah.

Speak for yourself.

You made a Tom Baker imp!! That has made my day :)

I actually think that this is the best review yet. My face hurts from laughing so hard, and I have the totally incontainable urge to go and play through the games again. And that, as they say (whoever "they" are; the wizards, I presume) is a result.

god i loved the original prince of persia games, though the skeletons with swords used to give me nightmares....

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