Zero Punctuation: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

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So, what was Yahtzee's opinion of this game?

Can't wait for the Silent Hill:Homecoming review.

Laughed harder than i have in along time, this is one of the best ones yet.

So, what was Yahtzee's opinion of this game?

Its got a lot wrong with it (What can you expect from a Ukrainian development team, its not like they have a billion dollars behind them like the tycoons) its tough and realistic, but its rewarding and fun.

@Alydr very well said!

what i meant about the traders is that they give way too little, even your own factions trader.
to raise any useable money you have to run 6 times back and forth with only loot (things you are not gonna sell are left in a stash to save weight). now you can buy your first nato-ammo gun. then you run 10 more times and you can upgrade it to reasonable accuracy.
this is not good gameplay, i believe this is what wow-players have to put up with...(i will never find out, cos i'll never play it)

at night, as long as you sneak, the enemy remains oblivious of your presence.
but once they've spotted you, it's like you have a big f-ing lightbulb on top of your head that no one can miss.

and the thing i liked most about SoC is the extremely creepy and terrifying indoor enviroments, with all the background sounds that scare the shit out of you. and overall all the cool stuff to discover and explore.
clear sky is more showing off open spaces design, and hell, they are REALLY nice, but there's no indoor enviroments, no secret labs conducting shady research to explore

@yahtzee no comment about the graphics???
the graphics of s-cs is at least on par with crysis
ofc you need a 4870x2 to max out the game with playable fps
which i believe is well within your budget, many times over

great review as always but i have to say the error bit had me worried for a second as i thought my comp was going bonkers

Great review. I think my dad was wondering what I was laughing so much at. I must say I enjoyed the original Stalker immensely, despite it starting off incredibly hard (a good thing) and ending up far too easy. I was tempted to get this but the consistently average reviews have put me off slightly.

Personally, I really like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (especially the first one), but I can understand why some people don't. I think this is one of the better videos in quite some time, I had to keep my laughter in check this time. The past few ones have been kind of boring, perhaps because I don't actually have those games. I can't wait for nest week's ZP!

While he got the story wrong (on purpose, most likely, but the story's kinda important for this game) 'twas a good review overall. Being a huge fan of the first game will ensure that I buy the second one. As for difficulty, well, yes. It's fucking hard, but that makes it all the more worthwhile. On the whole, STALKER is probably the best FPS game series out there. Hooray for not-always-100%-accurate-magic-weapons.

that was almost def the best review, i h8 registaring to sites but i had 2 just 2 say that


Yes but I can't to use any of them because every time I so much as walk outside the game crashes, or walk inside, or walk any where, or stand still. Supose it's my fault for having the sheer audacity to want to play the damn game.
Loved the first game but the bugs ultimately ruin this one.

Also best Review since Clive Barker's Cilve Barker's Jerico.

Don't you mean Clive Barker's Clive Barker's Jericho By Clive Barker? (joking...)
Back on topic, I most definitely agree that this is the best ZP review to date. I watched it a second time and still cracked up on the "...and whistled for a baboon." part. Then I took a closer look at the "error" boxes to find strange messages... Thanks, Yahtzee, for putting something in there for us obsessive types.

Stalker was one of those games I thought I'd get into immediately, but it completely lost me right off the bat, so I've got no desire for the sequel. I wish they'd just made it a real post apocalyptic RPG and not tried to create a little oasis of Hell in the middle of the modern world, since that really makes it feel forced. That's on top of the quirky, buggy gameplay and the bizarre difficulty setting.

Kudos to them for trying something unique, but they really should have gone at it from a different angle.

best yahtzee ever

And I'll tell you another thing another thing another thing -STATIC- and whistled for a baboon.

Omg I could NOT stop laughing.

There are so many posts so it it quite possible that this has been said before. But I found the scene with the invincible-refrigerator from the latest Indiana Jones film to be quite hilarious! :)

I didn't find it funny in the film, though.

Interesting side note, next week will mark the first time Yahtzee reviews the second game in a series.

LMAO sweet funny i wanted to get that but culdent be arsed

The first Stalker was better as it less bugs initially and had better atmosphere.

This is one of the better ZP's I've watched lately. It's a shame that he stopped having a different song with each review. Now my music collection has stopped growing.

"...and whistled for a baboon." classic.

lol. Well done on the Windows error, you had me reaching for my Ctrl-Alt-Del buttons :)

THAT WAS BRILLIANT!!! (the crashes). You should get the Nobel Prize for Video Literature.

Liked the random windows errors

yeah, quick save is bad, it can significantly warp your outlook on reality. For instance I had been play splinter cell 3 for a while and my dad and I had an argument, and I ended up saying something overly insulting. I then literally thought "I shouldn't have said that, I'll just reload a few seconds back and...oh wait this is reality." Morrowind on the otherhand felt much more like real life, because heaven forbid if you died it would take nearly half an hour to reload from you're last save point.

But then again for hard games like these, the quick save button is a far cry from the absolute sinister hard games of my childhood, the ones where it's really hard to get to a certain point, you end up fighting a miniboss who immediately kills you, you then spend all your time replaying said hard level, then once you meet the boss again you're under so much pressure to not die again that you get distract, die, and have to replay the level again in a fit of frustration.

Opening music still sucks.

One of the best things about Yathzee's reviews was and still is the custom music. Bring it back ffs -.-'

Please appreciate not hitting your head with a crowbar while I was in Sidney.

Edit: And now I'll listen to the old reviews for the awesome music choice.

havnt played it, tempted too now if it is that hard


Who is Michael Atkinson? Saw his name at the end of the show... Jw!

To elaborate on what was said earlier, Michael Atkinson is the Southern Australian Attorney General. You know all those games being banned in Australia? It's his fault, because he refuses to allow a MA18+ rating for videogames, and they need unanimous support before they can make that a law. Basically, picture Jack Thompson with power. I hate Atkinson, and I'm not even Australian. And apparently, he isn't very popular.

And more to the point, Michael Atkinson is the sole reason why Australia does not have an R rating for video games. Therefore Silent Hill Homecoming has effectively been banned in Australia, because it was too violent for an M (mature) rating. Yahtzee was just pointing out that he's got the game anyway, no matter what Michael Atkinson's mistaken beliefs are.

A clever, nice review. BTW Ive head of a mod called oblivion lost for stalker:SoC, that supposedly turns the game into what it should have been like in the first place. Check it out here:;91748

Wow, thanks for sharing! Should bring new life into the original STALKER for me. Not to sure if I'll bother with Clear Sky now, seams most reviews have similar opinions to Yahtzee's.

not plannign on playing the game, but love watching the review all sorts of funny

I have to admit, I laughed out loud in the office watching this one.

Hey, have you guys read the error messages? They're not exactly Windows-standard, if you know what I mean...

Still, bloody brilliant review Yahtzee!

I cant tell whether the review is a complaint or a compliment.

But as for the bugs, the recent patches fix a crapload of problems (although they sometimes slap a few more bugs on just for kicks).

i had just built a new computer and when it started skipping ipping ipping i thought it had cra-shed

I agree with him saying that most shooters your a "refridgerator". I played a little of Mercs 2 and I felt like a terminator on a rampage. When your car gets shot by a tank at point blank and you don't die, theres something wrong.

ZP never ceases to make me laugh don't stop reviewing man!

lol the end was as funny as hell and why no tutiorl levels

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