Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill Homecoming

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Anyone else notice how much slower than usual Yahtzee was talking? Atleast in the latter half of the video anyway. Maybe he got tired.

This review felt a lot more like the original Yahtzee that I came to know in the earlier reviews. I actually laughed loud and hard, and I thoroughly enjoyed the subtle wit and satire and the critique of the game. I prefer this Yahtzee, not the angry, copious-vulgar-explicative-spewing gamer-nerd that he was morphing into. This is not to say I don't appreciate his jaded contempt for the current trend in games(I've been playing video games for 29 years and have become just as jaded if not more so), but launching into foul-mouthed spastic-spew mode does not really win people over, in my opinion.

So his ass gets to stay where it I'm waiting for the review that makes him jam forks into his eyes.

So his ass gets to stay where it I'm waiting for the review that makes him jam forks into his eyes.

Which one was that?

wow, this is a good one, laughed though the whole thing, especially the t-shirt bit. Nice one yahtzee.


So his ass gets to stay where it I'm waiting for the review that makes him jam forks into his eyes.

Which one was that?

He said he would if he ever found a game as perfect as portal again. Im pritty certain this day isn't going to come any time soon.

meh silent hill is really dead and yahtzee your are completely right
plz review world of goo and make the next review worthwhile

I loved the end part, then again I've always loved your little in-game sketches. "Who are you?" "...Oh fuck off."

Eipok Kruden:
I wonder if he's gonna do a review of Dead Space. That would be awesome. Great review as always though. :)

I hope he does I'd like to see how he'd bash that one into a whithering, BLOODY mess.

An OK review, knew that you were gonna do this, Yahtzee.

Fable II next week, eh? I bought it, and it's already not living up to all the hype, but what else is new?

Please murder this game for me. You've already murdered the original Fable and I thought it was a pretty good game. You'll have some fun putting together the Fable II review, I can tell from the game already.

ya fans are some of the crappiest things that can happen because if a company makes somthing incredably good in the first place then there is some stupid un written rule were they make more but can't make it better hence forth all the crummy bastards just wine about "it could have been better" yeah and everybody KNOWS that the sequals or prequals to somthing is always better than the first i mean who doesn't o thats right the shit for shat fans thats who god its like you feed a picky little ass the most amazing food ever and when it wants the same thing only better all you can come up with is pile of credible shit

Lol he was never gonna like it, tis the way fanboys crumble ^^

Yo Yahtzee, I hope you watch X-Play, since your reviews used to be on that show, could you review; or I guess I could say "re-reveiw", some the games X-Play gives 5 out of 5 stars like Fable 2 and Dead Space. I know you said a complex opinion can't be explained numerically in the Mailbag Showdown of the SSBB review, but I still think those games deserve your attention.

lolz i loved the bit at the end ^-^
well they are a bit stupid :P

oh and incidentally i already have 2 ZP t-shirts, does that mean i have to buy another one? XD

"Who is this?"
"Oh fuck off!"
lol that was a good bit. ^^

Good stuff. I think you're dead on in your assessment of SH2, and, while I haven't played any of the series after 2, the fact that they seem to be shoehorning Pyramid Head into every game after it sounds pretty stupid to me.

I hate it how some franchise are milked for more money long after they've played themselves out (I'm looking at you, Nintendo). Every gaming company should have a placard in every office and cubicle reminding them of the great Fawlty Towers rule: "Quit while you're ahead. Always leave 'em wanting more." If not that, then at least leave well enough alone when all the loose ends have been tied up.

Knowing your love for survival horror...I really think you should review Dead Space. That game didn't necessarily REwork the way a survival horror is supposed to work...but it definetely will set a benchmark for what to expect from upcoming games. No HUD, bloody mess everywhere, smart creatures that don't run into your "survival combat knife" over and over again until they fall over? Yahtzee dont be a pessimistic douchebag about this. Will it make it to your upper echelon of gaming? Is it better than Portal? No sir. It's fun though, more than I can say about Silent Hill...

That's what happens when you give games to the Americans.

"Let's put loads of EXPLOSIONS in it!"
"No no, it's a survival horror"
"Yeah and let's put some hot babes in it!"

(Apologies to Americans everywhere).

Great review, I'm quite disappointed your arse is intact. :(
(Not for personal know...)

Oh god. The Silent Hill bit at the end had me rolling. The whole review was pretty damn funny but expected. For once I agree with everything you said. The game wasn't great, but not terrible and didn't do any injustice.

Play Dead Space Yahtzee. Its a hell of a lot better than Homecoming. Scary, but not necessarily hard, it had good combat mixed with good horror.

Nice episode. And if i picked up a telephone in a horror game and that tune played i would shit my pants, but that kind of mindfuckery is sadly gone from games.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

I think I'm one of people you call: "First time poster, long time watcher" ;)

I've been a strong fan of the Silent Hill series ever since the first game, and dreaded the idea of it becoming so mainstream that there was a possibility a trend of knock-offs could start leaking into the series.

I've not tried Homecoming yet because the UK has this strange fascination with delays upon delays. Their release dates are akin to the old Microsoft 'estimated time 'till...' boxes.

I promised myself not to watch this video because Yatzee is too accurate for his own good and that I may establish an opinion of the game before even playing always, I couldn't help myself :)

I'm glad to see that Silent Hill Homecoming wasn't 'that bad', as Silent Hill 2 creates such a tough benchmark that it's hard not to compare it to its offspring, even when you know that it's not meant to be like Silent Hill 2, (despite Double Helix's hell-bent policy on making it the slightly different twin to that game ^_~).

I'll retain my gut feeling that Silent Hill Homecoming is not that good; so I might get a nice surprise when it 'eventually' comes out.

Another great review, another great laugh, I know you'll do it anyway but please keep up the good work!

Oh and I would also like to say I still mark Silent Hill 4 onward as uncanon. Why? 4 had an amazing story but played like shit due to terrible design choice. I kinda consider it an okay game with a great story, but it feels like another series. Homecoming and Origins are just not canon for obvious reasons.

Oh and Heather was totally hot.

Agreed. It isn't quite the same .
Fable 2 is so freaking AWESOME!

lol, i love how in the "parallel universe" Yahtzee is smiling xD

Do you think Yahtzee actually liked the game? I'm not quite sure...

Good to see the return of the end-movie.

And I'll buy a t-shirt the moment you put the proper music back. Nyah.

HAAHA that was hilarious. Keep the great review's coming! I'm gonna buy a T-shirt for sure.

YES! I agree completely that "fans" are the bane of all video gaming things. Yahtzee, you are my hero! :D

Russian Redneck:
YES! I agree completely that "fans" are the bane of all video gaming things. Yahtzee, you are my hero! :D

Irony Alert...

Fable II next week, eh? I bought it, and it's already not living up to all the hype, but what else is new?

I think I've heard a smugness in your tone all the way from New Jersey and for that I hope he loves Fable 2.

Also, great review. And I wish I had the money to buy a Zero Punctuation T-shirt

"Who are you?"

Yeah, the end sketch was freakishly hillarious.

Strange, I was convinced you WEREN'T going to review this giving it being abit obvious as it was mentioned last week, though we would get trown of for a week or 2 maybe... sorry Ben...

I'll still play Silent Hill Homecoming... but by God we'll never get the SH2 treatment anytime soon if ever.

BTW: "Oh F**k off!" Classic.

Ah the ending, as good as the one with pain killer! :)

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