Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill Homecoming

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Great review again, I loved the ending you do them so insync with the actual characters movements sometimes I think that thats what its supposed to be.

I played and beat this game
This was my first silent hill game I thought it was pretty good I don't know everything about Silent Hill.

I really wanna play Silent hill 2

Pyramid Head did more than just one scene Yatzhee.

I thought the storyline was not bad but the voice acting could have been better.

"... I'm just upset, i just lost one of the three symbols needed to unlock my door this morning."

Why did you stop putting in those little clips at the end of your vids, They're great!

ahh the thing he said before the ending "fans are bla bla bla bla" felt so wierd hearing as it came everytime the video's ended... now it feels so wierd and familier to hear it again

This game kind of freaked me out, but only because the main character has the same name as me, so everytime someone adressed him in the game, It felt like they were adressing me personally which was REALLY creepy.

They should have a feature in horror games where you imput your name in and they somehow have the game put your name in the dialogue. although I guess it would probably pronounce it funny and cause a lot of people to put in names like assface or something (though that would be funny).

the ending was terrible.

Great review. That phone scene brought back memories.

I had a mouthful of coke when the 'I doubt he had Double-D's' and 'traumatised by a smoothie' came up. Congratulations, you are one of very few people to actually make me gush-laugh all over my computer screen.

Even if it is all now very sticky.

I think this game had potentional but it just didn't pace itself right. Also, adding nurses and P Head for fanservice seems a little desperate. They don't fit into anyones story like they did James.

After episode section almost had me busting a gut with laughter. Congratulations.

Excellent as always, but I don't understand the end sequence...

Wow, so... I re-watch this video and stumble around 1:28. Those deserted streets... are they in Pripyat? See, I probably played way too much of that game, but in Call of Pripyat there's this spot between apartment buildings with a lower structure with a gallery and windows and everything. In front of that place, the mercenaries and their mysterious employers meet for a chat (and the player is to assassinate their respective leaders). This photo Yahtzee used looks just like that place! And even if it isn't that specific spot, it certainly looks like a number of streets within their recreation of Pripyat. Quite a weird coincidence, but the developers of STALKER used actual photographs and city plans and whatnot to recreate the area around the power plant, including Pripyat itself. So I don't find it too difficult to imagine that they recreated that place for their game and Yahtzee found a picture of the same place (probably by googling for "deserted streets" or something), but I do find it a bit scary that I recognize that place immediately despite regularly getting lost on my way to work.

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