de-rez: The Adventures of Videogame Man

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Mindless, bizzare, and off-the-wall! While not as witty as some of your other works, this episode make up for it with sheer balls to the wall weirdness and the absolute rabid enthusiasm of the titular character's actor. Quite a pleasant surprise

With the vast amount of material you could have pulled from the video game world I was sad that it wasn't a good bit longer. However, short length aside, it was funny as hell.

One question remains... great de-rez or greatest de-rez?

This was really funny.

seeing as i didn't watch any of daniels story,i wasn't let down at all!
Bloody Brilliant.

A sack of badgers.

I love it!!!!!

nice :D

"I still have a few aces up my sleeve! Call Of Duty!"

*last standed b*tch!*

Very nice, but where is Daniel's story!

4 DeRez in 4 consecutive weeks. Thank you DeRez, thank you.

wonderfully random. The potato was my favorite part.


Again, good work by a parent.

THE MOST HILARIOUS ONE YET!! de rez should have many episodes of this because comparing real life to video game life is exactly what they do and in this one,and they did it bloody well!!


Fire Daemon:

Do you guys have any other guns but that AK. I think it's been in four movies now.

I think getting guns into Eire/Northern Ireland is difficult for some reason. In Blighty, it's even worse.

They've improved the visual/auditory effects on it though. Compare the Jack Thompson Movie to this one. Much better done here.

Had a few chuckle-worthy moments.

I think it could have used a few more moments of blank staring. For some reason, that seems to make everything better.


Thats my new epic weapon


That was alright, but I wanna see the next part of Daniel's Story.

One question remains... great de-rez or greatest de-rez?

Great. It's gonna take a lot to beat Team Fortress or Jack Thompson : The Movie.

It looks like the De-Rez boys are back to using dark humor.

Considering Daniel's Story was pure arse, I'm not at all disappointed. THIS, however, is the kind of humour and pacing I've been waiting for you guys to start using and lamented I'd ever see! If you keep doing this, I will once again be a fan.

Fox news man was hilarious

LoL at the Misleading editing potato and the spatula of deceit!
i want to see more fox news man.

Fox News man was pretty cool, although you were a little heavy-handed with the message.

"My work here!" *drives off*

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