Zero Punctuation: Guitar Hero World Tour

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I can understand why Ben brought up the fact that people are shy about singing in this game and others. It's not hard, it just takes some skill, and when your voice is on display, it can get VERY nerve-wracking. Granted, I'm not trained as a vocalist, but I still find singing to be more fun than the Guitar or Drums.

I was a tad disappointed by this game's soundtrack. I default to singing in any game like this, but I found only 18 songs I liked and never broke away from them, even after the Career mode was over.

The deus ex part is so hysterical. xD

The DeusEx spoof was awesome :D
Also... I actually wouldn't mind being the Vocalist, I love to sing ...when no one is around and preferably inside a sound-proofed room :*)

why was this thread revived yet again?

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